Met a stranger

Chapter 11

Charity POV

Since going home wasn't an option for me at the moment, I headed to the park where I will be able to clear my head and maybe go home later. As I walked to the Park, people kept throwing glances at me and some of them were making comments because of how horrible I looked. I should wash myself and change my clothes, but I couldn't even think of that.

'How does it feel? I told you to leave yourself' Those words replay in my head over and over again, how they were throwing insults at me, how they bullied me. Just the thought of it made me want to stop existing. For the first time in my whole years of existence, I was bullied and I couldn't even fight back, for the first time, they made me feel like a weakling, I couldn't fight for myself, and it felt so horrible.

"Is it my fault that I'm poor? Is it my fault that I was born like this? You wealthy people are horrible and disgusting," I yelled at the top of my voice as I stopped at the side of the road to catch my bre
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