Chapter 10

Mason Andrews

Standing in front of the mirror in the restroom, I felt nervous as I stared at my reflection. Dipping my hand into my inner pocket, I brought out the jewelry box I hid neatly there, and opening it, it revealed the diamond ring laying neatly inside. I was finally going to propose to my girlfriend after a few years of being together now.

"Be confident, Mason. Be confident," I whispered to myself, trying to stop myself from being nervous, but I couldn't. Once I was calm, I headed back into the restaurant where we were both having a date.

"I'm sorry that took much time. I felt really pressed," I apologized to her when I got to our seats, and she nodded her head. Melissa Joel was the prettiest woman I've ever seen all my life. She was the woman that stole my heart at first sight three years ago, and all I ever wanted was to spend the rest of my life with her. She was the definition of perfection. Sexy curvy body, long raven hair, smooth skin, 5'5 ft tall, had a pair
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