I will help you

Chapter 12

Charity POV

Following the address whoever the person was sent to me, I scoffed when I got to the penthouse and found out that it was Chase I was going to meet. When I arrived, one of the several guards led me into the spacious living room, and as much as I wanted to take my time to admire the beauty of the penthouse, knowing that this was my enemy's house, I knew better to comport myself.

He soon came to the living room, dressed casually, and I wondered if he didn't go to school today, but that wasn't supposed to be my problem, right?

"You came? I didn't think you would show up," he uttered, sitting on the couch and crossing his legs, and I scoffed.

"If I knew you were the one that called me, I wouldn't have come down here. So, don't waste my time and go straight to the point. What do you want from me this time?" I asked rudely, looking down at him as I was standing on my feet.

"Come, you should take a seat. We aren't fighting, are we?" He sounded sarcastic and it was anno
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