Thrown out of the school

Chapter 9

Charity POV

"You have to expel that girl from the school. Do you know the damage she caused to my child?" I heard a feminine voice from the principal's office, and I needed not to be told that she would definitely be Xee's Mom. If only my Mom was alive, she would've been here for me.

"I'm sorry, ma'am..."

"Do you know how much I paid to get my girl here? Do you know how much I'm paying every damn semester? I've been supporting this school, and if one girl that got here through scholarship would be a problem to my daughter and the school can't do anything, then I would have to transfer my daughter from here," I heard the woman arguing with the principal, and I couldn't fight back the tears that threatened to leave my eyes as I allowed them to fall freely down my cheeks.

"She will be expelled, Mrs. Stewart," my heart dropped when I heard the principal's voice, and I knew that it was really over for me this time. After I was expelled from here, I wouldn't ever be admitted into
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