Dark Deception

Dark Deception

By:  Amethyst Storm  Completed
Language: English
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When Olivia Adams, a YouTuber was invited to VidCon, a social meeting event, by her idol Sam, she didn't miss it for the world! In fact, she was willing to travel all the way to Los Angeles on her own to meet him.Upon meeting Sam in person, she began to develop feelings for him unknowingly and was drawn to him by his charming looks. However, a tsunami of bad luck washed upon her when her past mistakes came back to haunt her, causing the person whom she loved to abandon her, mock her and throw her away from his life.One by one, Olivia started to loose everyone in her life including her family! She was left alone to fend for herself while people behind her back laid countless obstacles in her path to make her life miserable!Will Olivia come to know the truth behind these heartbreaking events and put a stop them? or will a new dare devil sneakily make his way into her life to make her even more miserable?

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42 Chapters
Meet The Cast!
Hey guys! Welcome to my book "Dark Deception"! I hope you love my book and continue to engage with it. I appreciate you guys so so much and I can't wait to connect with you all. Lily Collins as Olivia AdamsKen Kirby as Sam OscarLena Heady as Erica WayneDouglas Booth as Jack WilliamsShay Mitchell as Nikita DixionKerri Medders as Jessica ShawKat Graham as Ruby HillsTil Schweiger as Michael WayneAlex Landi as Dr.LiamVidyut Jamwal as Inspector Gaikwad (Note: All the characters in this book are fictional and in no way are connected to the real actors listed above. The actors are only given to you as a reference to the character's physical appearance!)
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Chapter 1: The Journey To LA
Olivia's pov:One day during a livestream where I was doing a mini QnA session, a fan asked me, "Which YouTuber would you like to meet?". I started thinking deeply and after a few seconds of brainstorming, I responded happily 'Sam'.I continued by saying that I wanted to meet Sam as he was my biggest inspiration and it was actually because of him that I started YouTube. His videos not only entertained me but also helped me during the dark phases of my life. I would be super happy to meet him.I responded to a few more questions before ending my livestream. It was such an amazing day of filming content for my channel. I shut the camera off as it was quite late and crashed on my bed.One morning, a week after the live stream, I woke up, feeling drowsy and tired as I slept quite late the previous night. I rubbed my eyes and immediately went to check my phone for any important business emails or messages. I know its a bad habit to check your
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Chapter 2: Bonding Time
The next day:Olivia's pov:I woke up after a great night of rest. I was super excited today as I was supposed to go to Sam's house to collab for his channel with him a
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Chapter 3: Friendship
Olivia's pov:After what seemed like forever, we finally reached Sam's home. I never knew LA traffic was this terrible! It kinda reminded me of traffic back home where my mom would crack lame jokes to pass the time. I deeply miss my family now thinking about it.
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Chapter 4: Nikita's Devious Plan
Nikita's pov:The bright morning sun shone upon my eyes while my alarm was screaming at me.I woke up still a little sleepy and stood near the window stretching my body while simultaneously cracking up a few bones. I headed to the b
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Chapter 5: Nikita's Despicable Act
Olivia's pov:"Woah Nikita is really doing a lot for everyone here especially for Erica! A party? Damn" Sam and I were roaming around the hotel for some time.He too was super confused, "I know! It's all kinda sudden, don't you thin
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Chapter 6: Unfulfilled Promises
Sam's pov:I was still far away from Jack but I had this weird feeling that something was not right. Silence engulfed the room as everyone in the hotel were fast asleepThe two of us stood in our respective places for a while.Taking
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Chapter 7: A Shocking Reveal
Grace's pov:Before I knew it, I saw the intruder walk into the living room again with my mother, brother and sister all tied up. They were resisting his grip but could not do so because of his massive strength. Their faces were co
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Chapter 8: Erica's Evil Intentions
Ruby's pov:Just as I mocked her with my sarcastic respect, she slammed her hand on the table out of anger, "How dare you!" but she immediately felt pain in her hand after hitting it so hard on the thick glass table. She started holding and gently massaging her hand to try to ease the pain. It was a site to see!
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Chapter 9: Plan Backfiring
Erica's pov:I stood at near the window, trying to calm myself. Olivia's name itself was enough to make my blood boil. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I rested my head against the frame of the window.Everything was calm a
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