He's curious what was the deal

Hardin packed the car in front of the company and the both step down heading inside, it's quiet busy the past two days and he's not been staying in the office that well.

Ulan phone rings and she halt bringing out her cellphone out and swipe the answer bottom when the name shows jacinthe.

"Sweetheart" She picked the call.

"Yeah baby,I think I have your baby here and you have to come here by yourself now since you refuse to come with me" She heard the voice tht stopped them earlier from the line.

"Fuck! Are you crazy?" She snort which made Hardin wonder what could be happening.

"Yeah I'm crazy and you just 15 minutes to get to the address I'm sending you after then I can't promise you what might happen" He said and hung up.

"What's the matter?" Hardin asked.

"Huh? Just go ahead I will call you" She said and grabbing the car key from his hand and rushed to the car pack.

Hardin wanted to follow her but deside against it, his dad is coming beside there's no where she's going that he can't
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