is it wrong to want to save myself

Nora walks down from her car and was suprised to meet her parent cars in front of the compound, it's rare exspecially when it's Friday and they mostly go on business trip against Monday.

She walks in slowly only to meet her mum in tears and her Dad just sitting with some cold face, "what's going on here...?" She asked slowly looking between them but they refuse to say a word.

She really don't know what to say next since they all just keep mute like they are not talking anytime soon it's just better to let them be, she wonder where their beloved son is,she thought taking the stairs, who knows he might have jilt them now.

"I warned you about this did I?" Mrs Malcolm said standing on her feet angrily and wipe her tears.

"Did I know he's was just some bastard?" He asked angrily too.

"Right now you even have the mind to get angry? Really? Just when we lost everything we worked all our life for?" She asked with frown plastered on her face.

"My boys will track him and his girlfriend down" He
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