Three month later,

Ulan sit in her office working on her system, Luci sit right beside her doing same and Blaine is also not far from them, he's been transferred to their department now.

Micheal have been given a promotion and she rejected hers cause this is just what she want catching those bastard herself not sitting behind a table and giving out order, it's not her thing and she must confess that she missed Micheal at the crime scene but one of this days he usually get's there first.

Three month ago, on the 30th of November 2006 the court sentence Mr Das Daniel to death sentence, Hardin is sentence to life imprisonment with hard labor, Enuice was also sentence to life imprisonment,life were lost when the building blow up and Nora is still living her life base on drugs even though she have become a star and she was glad she snap that picture with her that day.

She took her advice and stand tall, she's proud of how she turn out great with the little advice she gave to her even though
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