the secret that lies at the end putting them behind the bar

"Don't be a pain in my ass please" Enuice said putting her traveling bag at the roll where they all dropping their luggage.

Nora ignore her since she's not even in the mood to talk to anyone right now,the fact that her mom left the house this morning after she had gave her the piece of her mind and yet she left saying she can't do it anymore.

Her tears is breaking her heart and the fact that her Dad is not even begging her to stay breaks her heart the more, "Are you okay" Trevor asked jotting her out of her thought.

"I'm fine" She repiled sitting comfortably and that's when she detect that they are both sitting beside her, "she's lying about being okay" White said softly even though he's not going to pressure her to say something since he knows what it felt coming from home and feeling that way, he's been coping with her parents conflict like once forever and now he no longer butts in their conversation and just focus on himself.

They fight and wound themselves for all they care,he's
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