failed operation


Hardin car was in the middle and besides him is Ulan who is not really interested in what ever exchange they are doing she just wants to get back home now and talks to jacinthe, yeah the bastard released her already after she was asked to listen to history of talks which she's still debating if to take the offer or not, he's a private investigator but would it works?

She badly wants to put them all behind the bars even though she's going to have to arrest Hardin too they can always continue their love life once he's out of the prison of he still wants to and probably when she have talked to jacinthe.

"What do you mean by we can't get out of here?" Cody one of Hardin men asked.

"Just an inch after the car type,there is a small bottom there,if you zoom over it everywhere will explode," another guy explained.

"Mother fucker" Hardin muttered and wear his gloves,he hate this type of shit that's why he always tells them to make their information solid now that Fiona is gone it's now
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