"Gosh!" Hardin groaned and put on the his phone touch light.

"Guess it power failure" Mr Kevinsky said.

"It not you can take your leave now before it get scary" he said firmly and stands on his feet.

"I will lead you out" he said and they both left the room.

Hardin was about returning too when the light when off she snapped a picture and gave it to the photographer to give it to someone.

She fold her arms trying to stay stable as she can't avoid to be notice or collide with anyone.

"I thought he arranged everything well guess he didn't actually" she thought and finally grip a counter for support

*Please we want everyone to vacate the hall as soon as possible we totally apologize if we can't see ourself right now but let just find our way outside it won't be save next minute, thanks*

"Blessed Lord how am I to get to Hardin now?" She whispered.

Before I knew what's happening I started hearing gun shot and everyone started running out.

"Should she just get out too? She thought but jolt
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