Entangled with the Billionaire

Entangled with the Billionaire

By:  goddessdebbie305  Ongoing
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Scarlett Knowles, a single mother, finds herself entangled in a web of love, betrayal, and family drama when she crosses paths with the enigmatic billionaire, Cameron Grayson. Will she be able to navigate the complexities of their relationship and find true love amidst the chaos? *** “Let me at least buy you a drink?” he offered. She turned around to face him squarely, “Are you trying to get me in your bed?” she blurted out. She regretted the words as they left her mouth but there was no taking it back now. She held his gaze, even though she wanted to recoil in shame. Her resolve strengthened when she saw the reaction the words elicited out of him. He almost spat out his drink. The arrogance with which he approached her had depleted, he avoided her gaze. “I thought so…” she turned around and began nursing her drink. She signaled to the bartender for a refill. Suddenly, she felt hot air at the nape of her neck. “Yes, I was hoping to buy you a drink, to lure you to my bed and ruin you in ways you would approve of.” His deep baritone voice sent shivers down her spine. She sucked in her breath. Goosebumps spread all over her skin.

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94 Chapters
Prologue (1)
Her eyelids, lined by full, long lashes, fluttered open as she struggled to adjust to the lighting in the room. Golden sun rays seeped through the tall glass windows, casting a glow on her fair skin. Her luscious dark hair sprawled across her pillow. She let out a relaxed sigh and shut her eyes, relishing in the feel of the silk sheets against her bare skin and the caressing feeling of the soft blanket over her. It took her a moment to come to, her eyes took a long sweep of her surroundings. There was a fine chandelier hanging above her bed, the room was chill, and soft music filled the room. The only source of light was coming from the tall windows behind her. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her head, the banging in her head was the indication of the kind of night she had. She massaged her temples as it all came rushing to her.She sat up with a start, clutching the blanket over her. She looked around, this was not her bedroom, neither was it the hotel room Luke paid for, for the
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Prologue (2)
It was like his voice pulled her out of whatever trance she was in, she retraced her steps and ran out of the room. She could hear him call out to her, but she didn’t stop. Her emotions were all over the place. She could not make sense of it but she was certain of her need to put as much space between them as she possibly could. She jumped into a waiting cab and tapped him on his shoulder, urging him on. “Where to miss?” the driver asked. “Far away from here,” she replied. She peeked behind and thanked the heavens Luke was nowhere to be found. She spent the long ride analyzing their relationship, every bit of it. She realized; she had been the one overly compensating over the years. She had nurtured the suspicion for long but Luke was just so good at covering his tracks and any time she accused him, she was unable to prove anything and ended up apologizing for being insecure. This led her to ask the important question, why did he not cover his tracks this time, was he tired of hol
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The Affair (1)
Scarlett sat unmoving, in her stool, her heart was beating loudly in her chest. There was no time or place where it made sense to follow a random stranger in a foreign city to his place, yet, here she was considering that very option. She could not quite place her fingers on what it was. Was it her aching heart, hurt by her boyfriend’s betrayal or was it the alluring voice of the handsome stranger with a promise to do wicked things to her body. She shook her head, trying to fight back the images her head was conjuring, images of her naked under the onslaught of the stranger’s hands and tongue. And even though, she was yelling in her head that this was a bad idea. She found herself standing on her feet and walking up to him. He looked taken aback as she approached him, “Well…” His eyes widened in shock. He dipped his hand into his pocket, pulled out his wallet and took out a wad of cash and absent-mindedly handed it over to the bartender. She was surprised. She had guessed he was
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The Affair (2)
He closed the distance between them, with each step he took, the flames of her desire for him heightened. She loved the intensity of the emotions at play in his eyes as he held her gaze. There was unmistakably lust and desire. She felt a fresh pool of moisture settle in between her legs as he walked up to her. Not knowing what he wanted to do to her was doing her head in. When he was inches away from her, she held her breath and then he knelt in front of her. She was stunned as his hands slowly worked up the way to her inner thigh. She grabbed on to a chair nearby, not trusting herself to stand her own two feet without support. He ever so lightly brushed his fingers against her crotch. She bit down on her lower lip, stifling her gasp.He looked up at her, “Don’t fight it, I want to hear the sounds you make when I please you...” She exhaled. He slipped a finger inside her panties and rubbed against her slickness. “Are you always this wet?” he asked in a hoarse voice. She felt heat
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The Bizzare Job interview (1)
TWO YEARS LATER... Scarlett snoozed the alarm for the second time that morning, her sheets felt warm, all she wanted was to snuggle in her blankets and sail off to dreamland. The piercing cry of a baby, caused her to open her eyes with a start. Almost immediately, her mother rushed in, “Scar, you are letting the poor baby cry unattended to.” “Mom, he just woke up, like literally...” she sat up on her bed. Clarissa ignored her, she walked past her to the crib and lifted the baby and began soothing him. “I told you, if you cannot sleep with him in the same room at night. I will be more than happy to help…” She rubbed her face, “Mom, I was up with him all night.” “Do not mind your mother, my little prince. Grandma is here to help.” She rubbed his back soothingly. Then she turned around, “Scarlett, I can only mother one child at a time. Get out of bed and shower, remember you have that interview with that big finance firm.” Her eyes widened in recollection; she had almost forgotte
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I Love You, Mom.
Scarlett feigned sadness as she walked into the living room.Clarissa’s brows knitted in worry as she walked up to her with Levi on her hip, “How did it go Scarr?”She exhaled and plopped down on the sofa.Clarissa came up beside her and smoothed her hair, “It doesn’t matter how this interview went, this was just one out of the many you can...” “I got the job mum!” she cut in a cheery voice.“Holy shit!” Clarissa blurted out before she could stop herself.Scarlett’s eyes widened in alarm, “Mom!” she leaned forward and took Levi from her, showering him with kisses.Her hands went over her mouth. “You had me genuinely worried when you walked in with that long face…” she playfully swatted her arm.Scarlett leaned away from her, her eyes turned into slits as she burst into laughter. Clarissa pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. “I am so proud of you Scarr…”Her eyes crinkled at the corners as her lips curled into a smile. “Thank you, mom,”Later that evening, when Levi was fas
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The First Day
The next day Scarlett was in high spirits. She woke up just before the alarm rang, spent a few minutes with Levi. She danced and sang along to her favourite songs in the shower. She spent a few minutes styling her hair, when she put her dress and stared at her reflection in the mirror, she didn’t feel self-conscious. She felt beautiful and confident. Her overall appearance mirrored how she felt on the inside. She prepared breakfast and shared it with her mother. Even when she walked into Grayson’s, she had a radiant smile on her face. The Grayson’s floor was at the top floor of the magnificent building. It was a huge space with only a few offices, it was probably exclusively reserved for the CEO, she thought to herself.The walls of the hall were pristine white, white fine wood panelling. There were a few decorations, but they looked like it had been randomly picked out, with no specific theme in mind. There were plastic green plants in tall white vases and the
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The Grayson Girl
Her heels clacked noisily against the marble floors as she rushed into the Grayson building, she jumped into the elevators just before the door closed shut attracting stares from the people in the packed elevator. She had broken her punctuality streak and she had a good enough reason why. One, she stayed up all night attending to a sick Levi and slept through her morning alarm. Secondly, she had convinced herself it was alright seeing as there was hardly work for her to do at the office. Mr. Grayson was out on some sabbatical leave or whatever fancy name they called it. Lucious showed up occasionally at the office and that was it. In the first week, she didn’t mind but as the days rolled by it got awfully boring to sit alone in the large office. She clutched tightly to her bag, retreating until her back was against the wall. The elevators stopped and a few people got out, she exhaled thankful for the space. She had begun to spend time with the other em
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The Piercing Eyes of the Stranger.
Clarissa opened the door. “Do not tell me you are spending another weekend, holed up in your bedroom all by yourself…”Scarlett turned to her. “I have so much to do ma.”“You had a whole week, it is Friday night. I will watch Levi for you, you should be out there in the biggest city, having the time of your life!” she said excitedly.“I told you, I went in late to work today and because of that the drama king gave me truck-load of work to do and not to forget, I was supposed to be formally introduced to my boss today and I stood him up.” She explained.Clarissa shut the door and sat on the bed, “That is not your fault. Your boss has been absent for weeks, if he needed to see you, he should have informed you.”Scarlett looked at her with a smile on her face. “You are my mom, of course you are always going to have my back.”“But seriously, you need to get out there, there is a lot to do and I don’t want you wasting your youth
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The Lady on that night in Paris.
Cameron Grayson hated this part of his job, he hated the long boring meetings and preferred the more active part. However, as the face of the Grayson companies, he had to be present at important meetings and this was an important meeting. He glanced at the silver Rolex on his right wrist, it was 11:23 am, he turned his attention to the man in front of the large projector screen who was explaining something.“…the numbers are expected to hit…”He turned his attention to the foreign investors who were listening with rapt attention. They were sold, his job here was done. He drowned out the man’s voice and began drumming his fingers against the table. It was in that moment that the doors opened. He glanced at the two ladies that walked in but then something, or rather someone caught his attention. He stared in disbelief, his mind was definitely playing tricks on him, he blinked and rubbed his eyes, yet the image remained unchanged. It could not be, or could it? she was there, the lady
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