Chapter 74 : Intense weaknesses


"What do you mean uncle Sammy have a sister?"Amaar asked me as he sat down next to me on my bed

"Exactly what I'm saying"I said as I continued painting my feet nails with my pink nail polish"I meet her today at McKenzie's house and her parents and brother too"

"Parents? Brother?"

"Yes ,the people who have been taking care of her all this years"

"Oh, how old is she?"My brother asked as he looked through the many nail polishes I had that were stacked in my little makeup box

"I think Sammy said twenty six"

"And what's her name?"

"Nirmala is her name and I think her mother is Savita ,her father is Uday and the brother is Kunj"

That's what they said their names were when Sammy introduced them to Danelle's family earlier today. Everyone was so thrilled to meet them and I was too really but for some reason , I couldn't help it but feel like there was something weird about them ,all four of them. I wouldn't say what exactly but something was definitely dodgy about them. Or may
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Stella Buchling
Where's the rest of the chapters?

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