52. It is our way


It should have made me happy, sensing Isaac’s excitement, but it only irritated me. I was stuck here, hearing the same crap over and over again while Isaac was having fun.

I wondered what he was doing. Did he and William go to do something together? Or was it Logan whom I felt? Was he out hunting? Enjoying how the wind raked through his fur, that sense of peace and freedom.

I could only imagine; I didn’t know how it felt, but I would someday. I would have my wolf back and experience that sense of freedom. It was all I dreamt about, painting a picture in my mind of how my wolf would look.

The soft knock on my prison door made my thoughts come to a stop as I waited for whoever came to keep me company. Or better said, babysit.

I hoped it would be my brother again, but after our last conversation, he pretended I didn’t exist, like he had done the last six years.

“Are you ready?” Finlay asked, stepping closer to the bed I was lying on, not eager to move.

“For what?” My voice was a
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