54. Hidden


There was something wrong. I couldn’t feel Joanne anymore, and it made me restless. I tried to follow William’s tracks, but it was as if he vanished into thin air. Stopped before the entrance of a cave. There was nothing inside, not a mark or any evidence they went in.

So, now I was returning to the horrific scene I had left behind, hoping to find some clues as to where they went.

Maybe I should try to follow Laila’s tracks? Perhaps they had split up as well. That couldn’t be the case, William would never leave his pregnant mate behind, or maybe they were forced to split up.

Logan urged me to shift, but he had been too out of control to let out. I didn’t want him to kill anyone unnecessarily; it would take too much time. Time, we didn’t have.

Ignoring the dried blood and the scent of decaying bodies, I found Laila’s trail. They never split up, but there was something different. As if she purposely left some breadcrumbs

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