58. Together


This was a dream. It had to be. We were finally one. Our souls bonded. Nothing could keep us apart anymore.

Every small bit of doubt I had inside me had faded away. The fear that snaked around my heart, was gone. The loss of control over Logan had simmered. Only one thing remained—love.

With every steady heartbeat, I could sense it expand, but not only that. Something else.

As she lay here in my arms, on the soft ground covered in leaves in my arms, I could sense how she was healing, how every scar inside her, and even the ones painted on her inner thighs, was healing.

Her wolf was scratching to the surface, coiling inside her. Strengthening Joanne in every way possible.

Her scent was changing. A new one joined the sweetness. A scent only a wolf carried.

Joanne would finally have what she wanted and be whole again.

She stirred slightly in my arms, and I waited for her eyes to flutter open, eager to see her wolf.

Logan edged to the surface, and I smiled. He was nervous.

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