60. Peace

I didn’t dare to close my eyes, to focused on the tiny human lying between Isaac and me. This little creature was alive and thriving. Her birth was something I wanted to scrub from memories, the same as I tried to erase the memory of how I held William’s skull in my hand.

However, the second I saw this little girl in Isaac’s arms, I knew in the core of my being she was ours.

We would love her as our own, cherish her and give her all she deserved and more.

She would have a full life. A father that would protect her against the world. A mother who would hold her hand when needed, and listen to everything she wanted to share.

She would never be alone.

An uncle that would probably spoil her too much. I smiled, blinking away the tears, thinking about Derek. He was broken after William. His soul was ripped apart, and guilt consumed him. And I feared I would lose him again.

He couldn’t even look at me the first weeks, too ashamed of his actions. He stepped down from the throne. The bone

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