55. Goddess


Did they know Celine was his mother? Did anyone know? They couldn’t, and if they did, they would bow down before him. So why weren’t they? Why was he made into the bad guy, or why did he lost it all those years ago?

“He was my second born son, my sweet boy.” Tears brimmed in her eyes as she sat down on some high rocks.


She huffed and shook her head. “William was my first and your first mate.”

Blinking away the rising confusion, I sat across from her. There wasn’t anywhere to go, but back, we reached the end of the passage, and it didn’t seem she was living here. “What happened and why do we keep coming back?”

“I don’t know exactly why you don’t remember, but your father knew everything. He figured it all out on his own, and then he was killed.” The sadness in her eyes, the loneliness that vibrated from her felt like my own, but her words didn’t make sense.

“No, my parents were killed by Liam because I am human, or he thought I was.”

Her lips remained sealed, and I r
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