56. Remember


Taking a shaky breath as Joanne stepped into the light with the same man who guided me here. She looked defeated, sad even. This fire inside her eyes had dimmed, and my body itched with this need to run toward her. To show myself, but I had one last thing to do first.

“Finlay, what are you waiting for?” Joanne asked as she stomped past him. So, Finlay was his name. He glared my way, but when Joanne huffed again, he turned to follow her.

She didn’t sense my presence, but the pull between us seemed dimmed. It pained me that I remained rooted on the spot.

“Isaac,” the same voice that spoke to Joanne flowed toward me, and my eyes snapped up.

Celine. Joanne was talking to Celine.

“What did you mean by that? Will I kill her?” Slowly, I revealed myself and stood before her. Now without her tricks, the ones she played in my mind when I was dead. Now we faced each other in our true forms, and I was waiting for that hue or that power gushing from her, but it didn’t come.

“I am only tryi
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