59. Fight


Logan was eager to play, almost ignoring the task at hand as Joanne led the way. Just like we thought, the guards were too busy to notice us while we sneaked around. Heading toward the throne room.

The place looked the same as the memories that were shown, with the doors that shielded us from the throne room were into sight, I pulled Joanne behind me.

Not a word was spoken between us as I took over the lead. We were unsure what to expect, but the two guards at the doors had to be taken out first.

Lifting my hand, I let icy smoke spill from my fingers, crawling toward the two guards. It circled them and carefully moved up their legs over their clothes, ensuring they wouldn’t feel what was about to happen.

Simultaneously, the ice layered around their throats, and they struggled against it, allowing me to creep closer and make their kill swiftly and quietly.

Holding on to their bodies, laying them silently on the ground, I signaled for Joanne to come.

I knew she wanted to be the
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