57. Time


My body trembled, my nerves spiking. I didn’t see a way out, not without Isaac. I wanted him here, and the thought of never having him with me again stole my breath.

“Did it work?” Finlay asked for the tenth time.

“Shut it, Finlay. I have shit to figure out!”

My throat constricted, panic erupted inside me, and I was losing it. Hard.

I didn’t want to go back, knowing what awaited me, I didn’t have a way to defeat William, nor did I have a way to convince Derek of William’s betrayal. His filthy tricks, his lies, and the pain he had inflicted on us all.

I had to…

Everything stopped; time seemed to slow down as I heard the crunches of leaves behind me. The sound of cautioned strides closed in, and I recognized them.

Tears fell when I closed my eyes, and I didn’t dare to turn, fearing it was all a figment of my imagination.

“Little bird,” he taunted, and I fought the smile that wanted to curl. Of course, he would tease me now. Choose this heart wrecking moment to make a joke.

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