Falling For My Mate's Alpha

Falling For My Mate's Alpha

By:  Summers  Completed
Language: English
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Taken from her broken life, claimed by one that calls her mate. She falls for the one she should fear, for the one she should run away from. The Alpha. But how could she not, when the monster of her nightmares is her mate? Can she resist the mate bond and follow her heart? Or would she have no choice but to remain with the one that claimed her? Forbidden romance with some triggers and, of course, enough steamy hotness.

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Definitely UNPUTDOWNABLE kept me enthralled from go to whoa and the story was so different If you want a good read, I recommend you give this book a chance
2023-09-30 09:47:50
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Danielle Tyrrell
What a read, amazing, could not put it down and what a twist it was in the plot. A must read.
2023-09-27 08:53:51
user avatar
Sav Csad
great story, loved it
2023-09-27 05:35:24
default avatar
well written and an interesting story!
2023-04-22 01:54:36
user avatar
Nicola Sparkes
love this story!
2023-03-27 04:13:36
default avatar
Leah Cooley
So good!!!!! Can’t wait for more! Amazing author!
2023-03-24 10:18:07
user avatar
Lydia Herrera
This book is amazing. Honestly, all of Summer's books are. Have your wine and extra pair of panties ready when you read her books.
2023-03-24 03:17:37
user avatar
Sarah Stovall
It's such a great book so far from an amazing author! I love the strong female lead in this book!
2023-03-23 19:45:58
user avatar
Cindy Speering
Loving it so far can’t wait to read more.
2023-03-23 16:03:58
user avatar
Siri Mal
Recommending this book strong fl every ch is intense with a cliffhanger!
2023-03-23 20:51:17
60 Chapters
1. The beginning
“Are you ready?” Yasmin asked from a distance while I kept scrolling on my phone, trying to distract myself from what was coming tonight. “Always.” I gave her a wave and got a narrowed gaze in return. Usually, I don’t work these kinds of … ehm… events. However, they were down a dancer, and it was good money. I actually didn’t have a choice. I have been working at the same club as a dancer—aka stripper—for two years now. I never thought this would be my life. I had a loving family and finished my studies at Harvard, but everything came crashing down years ago. I lost everything that wretched night, and I couldn’t pull myself together after it. I kept having these anxiety attacks, or that was what my Doctor calls them. However, these attacks made it impossible to keep working at a law firm, and the drugs I had to take to numb the pain turned me into a zombie. It took me a while to get back on my feet, and this job gave me back my sanity. So yes, I needed this job, but I also loved
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2. Have a drink
“Kitty, I know… but please, just this once,” Yasmin pleaded, her hands pressed together, pouting her bottom lip.“I’m not doing that. Forget it.”She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “At least have a drink. He only wants to meet you.”I huffed, crossing my arms. She knows I don’t drink. Well, I haven’t for a while. “Fine,” I mumbled, shoving past her, and headed to the bar.I tried to put on my best game face when I walked past the tables, men eyeing me up and down with smirks plastered on their faces. Some grabbed their dicks, rubbing them while holding my gaze. Nothing surprises me anymore. I think I have seen it all. Timmy was waiting for me at the bar, handing me two drinks, and gestured to the dark corner where the mystery man hid. My breath hitched in the back of my throat, and goosebumps rose on my bare skin, every step slower than the one before, cautiously edging closer. “Here you go,” I said, placing his drink on the table in front of him. I scanned around, noti
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3. Two days
I groaned, hiding under the covers when I woke up by the loud banging on my front door. “Fucking hell,” I mumbled when the banging didn’t stop. With a sigh, I got up, grabbed my fluffy robe, and headed downstairs while the banging continued. “What is wrong with you!” I yelled, opening the door, staring at William. “Me, do you know what time it is? I thought you were dead!” I moved aside, letting him in with my eyebrows pinched together. “What time is it… what the hell are you talking about?” I closed the door and followed him to the living room but stopped when I saw the time. “Oh.” It was ten AM, and we were supposed to meet at eight. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how I overslept.” “You are always early, picking me up even though we agree that I pick you up, and now this. You scared the shit out of me, Jo.” He flopped on the couch, looking grumpy as hell. “I’m going to get dressed,” I said, but before I could turn, he jumped up, rushing to the hall. “Whose boots are th
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4. Handsome bastard
“Thank you, Alpha.” “Keep her safe. You’re blessed with a mate, don’t screw it up.” “I won’t, Alpha.” My ears perked, trying to listen in, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Alpha, mate… was I in some sort of cult? The door slowly opened, and I pretended I was still asleep while he got in beside me, tugging me closer. I held my breath, afraid for what came next, when his fingers wandered over my arm, making a warmth surge through me, one I didn’t need nor want. His fingers moved lower, and my eyes snapped open, rushing away, my chest heaving, fear crawling under my skin when Liam watched me lying on a bed. My eyes quickly scanned around, and I ran for the door. My fingers brushed over the handle before I was lifted in the air and tossed back on the bed. “Where do you think you are going, kitty,” he said. His eyes glimmered to another color, and goosebumps rose on my bare arms. “What do you want from me?” I sneered, trying to hide my fear from him, lif
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5. You want my lips on yours
I wanted to beat the shit out of him, but whatever he did to me, forcing me to submit, made me cautious. He stayed with me yesterday, not leaving my side, explaining everything about this cult, no pack. No idea what kind of voodoo he had going on, but I was careful with every move I made, dreading he was right because I could already feel it. The drugs I had taken over the years were fading, leaving my system completely. All these needs surfaced, making my head trickle. “I have meetings all morning. If you promise to be a good girl, you can wander around the pack.” Disgust rushed through me, but beneath it, the longing for his touch grew. I clenched my fist, trying to keep a hold on myself, fearing I might do something I thought I had overcome. “I will be good,” I said weakly, hating the sound of my voice. He moved closer, his fingers hooked under my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze up close. “I’m not the bad guy here, just give me a chance.” My brows furrowed together,
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6. Voodoo
Joanne-The cold breeze tickled my skin while I wandered deeper in the forest, not knowing where I was going. My lips curled into a smile when I noticed the marking on the ground. Was this what Liam was talking about? I moved as close as possible, following the markings with my gaze. This was definitely the border. I glanced around one last time, checking if there was someone watching, and lifted my leg over the markings, tapping my toe on the ground. I waited, listened, but nothing. My smile widened, and I stepped over the markings, scanning my surroundings. I hopped from side to side, laughing while nothing happened until I was out of breath. I shrugged my shoulders and continued my path outside the border. The air around me started the change, and I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched. The sound of water running lured me closer, and I briefly forgot about my rising anxiety. Jogging closer, my eyes widened, and I gasped. Kneeling, I let my fingers move through the w
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7. Attack
Liam gave me some books to read, telling me I should know the pack laws and other important stuff. How he said it made me realize I had no choice, and it made my despise for him grow. However, I couldn’t deny these growing feelings inside me. I knew it was the mate bond because these feelings weren’t healthy. If Liam was right, and I knew he was. I couldn’t stop it, I could already feel it. He only had to look at me in a certain way, and my insides melted. Every bit of hate I had towards him vanished as if it was never there. And all I wanted was his touch, to have him near. And for him to fuck me—Aachh, I hate myself. I knew he was mad, or better said, hurt by what happened today. However, he didn’t have to give me the silent treatment during dinner and rush out to get away from me when we were done. I sighed, leaning back on the couch and flipping through some pages. Somehow, I couldn’t focus enough to read it, so I only glanced at the pictures. I hoped that the wolf from to
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8. Emotions
-Joanne- I groaned and tried to move my aching body while I lay on the cold hard floor. I struggled to open my eyes and scampered up, holding onto the doorpost, fearing I might fall again if my legs wouldn’t stop trembling. I straightened myself as best as possible and took a deep breath. I immediately whimpered, feeling the bruises on my ribs. I lifted my shirt, and tears brimmed my eyes when my skin had purple bruises covering my ribs and hips. “Anxiety attacks my ass,” I sighed in defeat. I had shown my therapist these bruises many times before, but she still didn’t believe me there was something else going on. She believed I did this to myself, but how? I limped to the shower, needing the hot water to soothe my body. Pulling my lips behind my teeth to stop myself from crying, I undressed, stepped under the scorching hot shower, and sighed. I had no idea what time it was or how long I stood in the shower, but slowly, very slowly, the pain beneath my skin faded enough for me
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9. Training
I joined the warm-up with Conner, Liam, and some other pack members, but it was hard to focus when I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched—the same I had by the river bed. My lips curled, and I tried to hide it as quickly as possible, not wanting anyone to notice and ask me a question I couldn’t answer. It seemed I had surprised Liam when I managed to keep up with everything that was tossed my way, but how could he not be? He hasn’t asked me a single thing, never tried to explain how this world worked—only kept throwing at my face that I was his and nothing more. They all paired up, and now it was time to shine. I thought Liam would stay with me, but he darted off with his friends. It would have been nice of him to introduce me, but no, that wasn’t in that thick head of his. “Just you and me,” Conner teased, moving past me, purposely brushing his arm against mine. I watched him closely, knowing why he did that. “If you want to ask something, just spit it out.” I sighed,
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10. Gamma
My legs wouldn’t stop shaking after another round, waiting for what came next. “Gamma.” Was called out, and Liam strode closer. My heart swelled when I saw the emotions flowing through his gaze, finally something other than disgust—he was proud. My hand slowly moved down where I had hidden my ace because I knew Liam wouldn’t let me win. My eyes drifted to his wrist, noticing the red line from the bracelet. The silver was burning his skin. He waited, moving around me, wanting me to make the first move, but I wouldn’t. However, I knew I had to step closer. I could only win this if he couldn’t use his full reach. Still, I remained on the spot, following his steps, until my gaze landed on the man behind Conner. Tall, dark, and handsome was an understatement, and I couldn’t peel my eyes away from him. There was something there, luring me closer, but why? His clenched jaw, the fire in his eyes, the anger….the pain behind it. The pain I recognized. He tilted his head up slightly, showi
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