53. Did you know?

The look on her face said enough, she knew. She knew what William was to me. But how could she even accept it, she was pregnant. What did this mean for her?

“We shouldn’t talk about it here,” she whispered, her eyes fixed on William. It would have been so much easier if I could mind link with her.

“Just give me something Laila.”

Worry was edged on her as she turned toward me. “He. Knew. Everything.”

Not a second passed, and she continued to follow the others, but the way she said those words made me shiver and wonder what more William knew.

Isaac believed Laila had it in for me, but even now, it seemed she was trying to do the right thing. Maybe she didn’t have a choice. Wait, since when did I believe William was a bad guy? He wasn’t. He saved me, he stood by me, helped me where needed. He was more like a brother to me than my own brother was.

And all that made this feel even more like a betrayal. Why didn’t he tell me, or Isaac?

I had to get out of here, out of this situati
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