Chapter 13: The Blue Man

“Hey! Are you okay!?”

He stood up, looking behind just in time to see the door slam shut then he looked to the direction where the female voice had come from. A woman likely in her late fourties and a girl, about his age, stood staring at him from the opposite lawn. He bent his head, throwing his hoodie cap over it and then he walked away quickly.


King watched Joan while she stared at him dumbly from the bed where she sat cross-legged while he leaned against her desk. Her head was tilted to the side a little, her lids blinking continuously. He had just finished narrating his tale to her. He had told her everything, everything but the note he found in his pocket and the person who had been trailing him on his way to her home.

Her blinking stopped and she straightened, her features going blank.

“I…” she started, pushing her braids back. He liked it when she did that.

“I don’t know what to say.” She spoke, “You just got yourself in big trouble.” She added, her eyes clouding with w
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