Chapter 12: Tied Up

“King?” she whispered, turning around and there he was in all his glory.

She cried out as a heavy load lifted off her chest and she didn’t hesitate to run into his open arms.

“You scared me, King! Stop doing that!” she exclaimed, hitting his back.

He hissed in pain and she quickly let him go, examining his features.

“Did he hit you?” she asked though she already knew the answer. There were no new bruises on his face, just the old ones that were almost done healing but the scars… she would have to get something for that.

“Yeah” he muttered, “And then someone else.”


He woke up to see himself tied up, his hands and feet. He pulled against the ropes, they were too tight. He looked around the brightly lit room. It was someone’s bedroom, a male and recently used noticeable by the unmade bed and the clothes strewn around. He sighed, laying his head back on the floor.

He should never have agreed to hang out with Jack. He had agreed mainly because he didn’t want to be tempted to go ov
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