The Dragon Court

The Dragon Court

By:  Leona Archer  Ongoing
Language: English
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Raised in seclusion by humble caretakers, Caleb's life takes a tragic turn when he witnesses the murder of his adoptive father and, years later, the execution of his mother. Left with the responsibility of caring for his sister Alena, they live out a simple existence away from the prying eyes of the village. The tranquility is shattered when Alena is kidnapped, awakening Caleb's dormant powers that were hidden away by his witch mother. Teaming up with a mysterious ally, Julien, they embark on a perilous mission to rescue Alena. As they journey together, Julien seizes the opportunity to reveal Caleb's true lineage – he is the son of King Kalen Voss, also known as King Warborne. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Caleb joins forces with his Julien to fulfill a prophecy that promises to reunite the fractured people and eradicate the malevolence plaguing the land. Their quest leads them to the majestic city of Aurelia, where Caleb is initiated into the dragon army, discovering the secrets of controlling and enhancing his latent powers while keeping his royal bloodline concealed. As Caleb and Julien work in the shadows to overthrow the crown, Caleb finds unexpected love in Celeste, the king's daughter. Their passionate relationship activates a powerful mated bond, propelling them towards a destiny intertwined with the resurgence of a true dragon-king. With Celeste by his side, Caleb embraces his destiny to become the next ruler, standing on the precipice of uniting the people and vanquishing the looming evil that threatens the realm.

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1. The Wolf
Morning dew clung to the window, allowing the early morning light to refract a gentle glow across the room, illuminating the linen sheets. Caleb swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his hands instinctively reaching up to wipe the remnants of sleep clinging to his eyes. His muscles ached as he turned to face the shifting mass. There, nestled in a tangle of sheets, lay his sister, Alena. Her presence was a rare gift; in the early hours, Caleb usually found her lost in her own world, a creature of motion and energy. Yet here she was, the very picture of tranquility. Her hair was a chaotic weave of golden curls that caught the sun’s embrace, glowing with a lustrous sheen that framed her calm countenance. The light would turn the stands into a halo of burnished bronze, which was a stark contrast to the paleness of her features. Her long lashes feathered her cheeks and her lips parted slightly with every gentle breath she took. Caleb reached out to sweep a rebellious strand
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2. The Stranger
Once Caleb departed, Alena embraced the silence and stretched out the last remnants of sleep. She shuffled towards the dresser with her hands brushing against the smooth fabric of her nightgown before she pulled it over her head and tossed it onto the delicate heap of yesterday’s clothes that lay over the chair. In its place, Alena reached for a white cotton tunic that was soft against her skin, its fabric light and breathable, and paired it with leggings that comfortably hugged her hips. The simplicity of the outfit brought a smile to her face. When she turned to the mirror, light cast a warm glow across her brow igniting the amber flecks in her honey-brown eyes. Loose hair framed her face with disheveled waves and curls, so she reached for her hairbrush in response. Its bristles glided through the tangles with ease, each stroke smoothing out the rebellious locks. With practiced hands, she began to weave her hair into a neat braid. With her attire refreshed and hair finally secured o
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3. The Answers
Time passed in an indistinct haze before Caleb’s awareness gradually returned. He found himself in the dimly lit interior of their room, the crackling embers in the fireplace cast a warm glow through the open door and onto the ceiling. As he slowly regained consciousness, his eyes focused on the concerned features of Alena's face as she hovered above him. Her eyes locked onto his, portraying a mixture of worry and relief. Strands of loose curls continued to drape both sides of her face, drawing his eyes to the lines that formed between her brows. The tail of her braid cascaded messily over the shoulder of her sun-kissed blouse, the cotton fabric bearing faint traces of the forest's scent. The floor creaked beneath her, but her eyes remained fixed on Caleb’s with an unwavering concentration, never once breaking her vigilant watch. He couldn’t help but notice the roughness of her palms as she grasped his hand. "What happened? How did I get back?" Caleb struggled to sit up as the band
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4. Siltwood
-- Caleb – Alena walked into the bedroom with rolls of cloth and water, "I got some fresh bandages for your wounds." She remarked. Facing the mirror, I quickly wrapped my chest with the bandages already present, saying, "I won't be needing them. It's looking much better, and it's not bleeding anymore." In a hurry to pull my shirt over my head, I hoped Alena wouldn't notice the sloppy patch job and try to fix it herself. She eyed me suspiciously but didn't say anything as she stuffed the supplies into her bag. Donned in tan leather pants paired with a linen tunic featuring black buttons, she secured a familiar dagger to a harness against her ribs. Retrieving her jacket from the bed, she pulled it over her head. The jacket, embellished with simple brass buckles and elbow pads, had been a lavish purchase for her sixteenth birthday the previous year. The intent was to possess a garment to conceal her daggers when venturing into town, like today. Resting my hand on my chest,
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5. The Witch
In the bustling courtyard, a mix of civilians and soldiers created a chaotic scene, their murmurs and hurried movements adding to the tension in the air. Determinedly, I navigated through the throng, the air thick with fear and agitation, straining to catch a glimpse over the inquisitive onlookers. The distant echo of orders being barked and the metallic clank of armor amplify the sense of urgency.Suddenly, a desperate scream pierced through the crowd—a woman's cry, raw with fear and anguish. Enclosed by soldiers, a female figure emerges, her face hidden beneath disheveled strands of hair, and she is forcefully subdued in the soil. The harsh sunlight casting dramatic shadows on the unfolding tableau, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.Navigating through the throng, I advanced with a sense of urgency, feeling the scene's pulse quicken as I strived to grasp at the scene unfolding before me.I forcefully pushed through the front line of the chaotic cr
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6. The Amulet
-- Alena -- The bustling street unfolded like a lively tapestry, its edges adorned with stalls that stretched as far as the eye could see. On either side, vendors meticulously arranged their wares, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. The air buzzed with the animated chatter of buyers and sellers engaged in the age-old dance of commerce.Every stall seemed to boast its own unique charm, offering an eclectic array of goods that beckoned passersby. Vibrant fabrics billowed in the wind, catching the sunlight, while the scent of spices mingled with the aroma of freshly baked goods. A symphony of sounds surrounded me — the rhythmic clinking of metalware, the lively calls of vendors promoting their products, and the laughter of patrons haggling for the best deals.Amid the vibrant cacophony, a gentle yet persuasive voice rose above the rest like a melodic refrain. "This would look lovely on you, my dear." Intrigued, I turned to face the source,
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