Fentanyl E001: The Mysterious Experiment  (Book 1)

Fentanyl E001: The Mysterious Experiment (Book 1)

By:  Exanimumxx  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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Nisha Eumerriah Normandeou, woman who wanted nothing but peace. However, that dream suddenly disappears when she found out she was one of the successful experiments called Fentanyl. After being isolated, as she steps into Ottawa Green University, one of the luxurious university, she will gradually discover everything. Until the massacre began without knowing what the reason was. And when she saw the corpses, she discovered to herself that dead bodies were one of her weaknesses. The question is, can she handle being one if her weakness is related to dealing with a corpse? Will they find the mastermind of the trouble in the city called Ottawa? And can she control the demon that infiltrates her mind?

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awesome girl
I love everything about this story. From it's plots to the characters. The book cover too is mind blowing. Keep it up, Author!
2020-09-22 03:00:43
12 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Location: GreenhillsTime: 12:35 AM There are ten men in a round table. In just one look, you can see that they are having a meeting to discuss the most important thing. They are busy scanning the papers in their hands when someone's heels interupted them. Their eyes flew at the door. There is the woman standing beautifully with devilish look. She has long curly hair. Round eyes that really fit her. A pointed nose, thin lips and she has a smooth skin. She's just wearing a plain blue dress and a make-up on her face.  Men took off their eyes at her. Pretending to be busy with the papers, but they can't help but to keep on glancing at her from time to time.  Narinig nila ang takong ng sapatos na papunta sa harap nila. T
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Chapter 2
Ottawa Green University: A luxurious university stood before her eyes. She examines the surroundings as she roams around the university. She doesn't know why her father enrolled her in this school — Ottawa Green University. She's turning 18 next year. She has been standing there for almost an hour and from a distance, someone was watching her attentively. She's just wearing jeans and a white t-shirt paired with flat sandals. She looks stunning and her short hair swayed by the wind. She have a thick eyebrows, a pink thin lips and her narrow eyes was busy scanning the surrounding.  Ottawa Green University connects to the Greenhills. Sa likod ng paaralan ay matatagpuan ang isang malaking gusali na mayroong mga patay na hayop at tao.
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Chapter 3
Ottawa Green University: Nisha's Point of View I was just looking straightly on the ceiling. I am not used to this room but I have to, because when my Dad enrolled me here, I know that everything will change instantly. I need to be careful with my actions. That Nathalie is so weird, yet I can feel that she's kind. This is the first time that I got accompanied by someone whom I didn't know for years or not even related to my family.  I sighed while letting myself drowned by the thoughts. I don't know how this situation will flow but I shouldn't be a failure. I can still remember how my Dad ignored me when I felt wounded. Sometimes, I can say that I am so weird. I can see different images in my mind, yet they are so blurry
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Chapter 4
Ottawa Green University: Nisha's Point of View Everyone was silent for a moment because of my statement. I can remember how my Dad treat me. He only sees me as a weapon. He gave me food, the best shelter, decent clothes and everything, except for a love that I was longing from a father. There are times where I asked him about my real parents but instead of giving me answers, he just hurted me. I became like this because of my parents that I have today. I know, I will never be brave if I didn't overcome those struggles and pains.  "Oh okay. So, next is me," Nathalie suddenly spoke. Tinitigan ko siya at nakikita ko sa kaniyang mga mata ang awa na pinaka-ayoko sa lahat. Ayoko yung kinaawaan ako. I'm fragile
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Chapter 5
Ottawa Green UniversityTime: 12:00 AMNisha's Point of ViewNagising ako dahil sa isang ingay. No— I heard people talking. I can feel they are two people. I don't know if how can I hear them. The feeling is different. They are whispering, I know that, but I can still hear them. I check the time, and it is still 12 A.M. I don't know what's with this feeling but they are dragging me to get up and go outside.I sat on the bed as I rubbed my eyes. I stood up to get a jacket. I wear it immediately. I suddenly hugged myself because of the coldness. I can still hear them, but I can't hear what they are talking about. I opened the door slowly trying to not disturb Nathalie with her beauty rest. I turned my head to the main door and took a deep breath. I don't know what awaits for me there but curiosity was eating me earlier and here I
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Chapter 6
                                   Nisha's Point of View"Young lady? Wake up," I slowly opened my sight and I saw a pair of eyes. I can see how worried he is by the look of it. I looked at him for about 3 minutes and decided to look away and get up. I feel dizzy and I don't have any idea what really happened to me. But I heard a voice yesterday? I don't know if when that happened but his words are really clear-"Time will come that we will meet." That was the voice said before I passed out. And I know that he's guy. His voice is somewhat familiar to my ears but I cannot recognize where did I heard that kind of voice. I roamed around and I startled because of what I saw. A lot of dead bodies. The place is full of bloo
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Chapter 7
Nisha's Point of ViewWe've been walking for almost one hour. It irritates me but I didn't complain anything. Patuloy lang na naglalakad si Shawn na nakapamulsa. Parang hindi napagod ang isa. Nasa isang masukal na gubat kami at tahimik lang din akong nakasunod kahit panay ang buntong hininga ko. Are we really going to the Greenhills? I'm still not there, yet I am facing already my own death by walking."Chill. Malapit na tayo," he said. Patuloy lang siyang naglalakad kaya wala akong nagawa kundi ang magtiis. This is hell. I didn't see wild animals in this forest and that made me peculiar. Yeah, I'm always curious even in just small things. But this scene is making me suspect anything. Even if they take good care this forest, there will still be wild animals that was surrounded in this area. But the reality, by the look of this forest, they didn't take good care of it, not
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Chapter 8
Greenhills LocationTime: 1 P.M "How is it?" Malamig na tanong ng isang matanda na nasa pitongpung taong gulang at kaharap nito ang isang lalaking nakaluhod. He felt disappointed because there's no lead for everything. Everything was messed up, and he's aware that all people surrounded by him is not loyal to him.  Fuck that Red-In-A01 Organization! Fuck him to destroyed everything two years ago! He frustratingly shouted in his mind. Yes, you read it right. There's another Organization. And they are willing to defeat the Peur Organization. Red-In-A01 Organization became silent after what they did two years ago. The mastermind of the new organization was still unknown until now and that makes
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Chapter 9
Nisha's Point of View"What happened to those people, Dad?" Naalimpungatan ako dahil sa isang pamilyar na boses. I can't open my eyes and the only thing that is left working are my ears. There's something inside me, telling me that I should pretend unconscious, plus I want to hear what they were talking about. I don't know what happened. Did I fell asleep?"They were seen in a laboratory. Not just in a simple lab. Isang laboratoryo kung saan doon din makikita ang tungkol sa Fentanyl. They do not know how dangerous it is. That Fentanyl became liquid and in just one touch, there's a possibility that you'll be a monster." Shawn's father stated. Napasinghap ako ng palihim dahil sa aking narinig. What the hell? Hindi ko inaakalang magiging ganoon ka-delikado ang Fentanyl na sinasabi nila. But a question popped up into my mind.
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Chapter 10
Nisha's Point of ViewDalawang araw ang nakalipas nang makalabas ako sa clinic. The class will start tomorrow. I don't know what's await for me. I feel nervous and I can sense that I need to be ready. What for? Until now, I'm still trying to digest everything and it's not easy. I never saw Rebecca, Dylan and Christopher again."Are you ready for tomorrow?" Nabaling ang paningin ko kay Nathalie. We are in the sala and watching some news from television. Nathalie also told me that there is no uniform in Ottawa Green.Maging ngayon ay bumabagabag pa rin sa akin ang nangyayari. I cannot do anything and I don't have any choice but to continue my life. I know that there are still more and I can't bear losing someone's life again. What should I do to avoid it? Shawn and Nathalie didn't leave in my side and I am so pleased for having them beside me. They are
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