Finding Love into Your Eyes

Finding Love into Your Eyes

By:  Gabriella Tan  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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"I love you so much. I don't care where you come from. I just want you, here, with me. Please don't go." Jenny -- a beautiful woman who married with Kevin -- a tempramental man. Kevin beats Jenny everyday. He didn't care even if Jenny was pregnant his baby. Until one day Jack came. Jack -- a supranatural being who came from nowhere. Jack's presence changes Jenny's life. Jenny is happy when she is with Jack.

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Semangat Kak, lanjut ...
2022-01-01 15:49:30
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udah aku masukin rak baca. nanti aku baca waktu senggang.
2022-01-01 15:11:18
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Ikke NVS
Kasih bintang 5 sambil belajar ...
2021-12-10 09:24:51
user avatar
Wow!!! This book is amazing, I love it 💕
2021-07-20 20:36:55
user avatar
Waw keren Kak👍👍👍, ditunggu next part nya ya, semangat
2021-07-18 01:55:45
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Waww alurnya bakal bagus ini
2021-07-11 16:09:37
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Ailana Misha
Definitely this novel is so good!! I can't wait for more chapters to come out!! <3
2021-07-11 16:05:02
user avatar
Wow nice story 👍
2021-07-11 15:49:59
user avatar
Punya suami kek Kevin gak tau dah aku gimana. Jenny yang sabar deh ngadepin kevin nanti.
2021-07-11 15:43:02
9 Chapters
After traveling 18 kilometers, we arrived at the slopes of Merapi. Jack parked his motorcycle in front of a shop. Without hesitation, his hand took me, inviting me to enter the shop."Let's eat first, honey," he said.I looked into his eyes. This time, I saw him in a different light than before.I think Jack is fine, not what I thought the other day. He's also gentle, especially in treating me as a woman."Ah, I finally got to ask you out," Jack said, jokingly. I smiled shyly.A waiter came to ask what menu we would order."Beef steak and a glass of lemon tea!" we exclaimed together. We laughed, the servant girl was no exception."Can be compact, yes! That means we are of one heart," said Jack, pinching my nose."Jack, watch yourself! We are not in a closed room where it is possible for us to do anything without anyone knowing.""All right, we'll be there later."My eyes widened. "Where?""You said earlier,
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Part 1 : Meet Jack
At the end of the night, a black shadow loomed from behind the curtains of my room on the second floor. I was shocked and scared. My husband is not at home. As usual, he must still be in the nightclub, hanging out with the prostitutes. My husband will be home in the next few days when his money runs out and I'm the perfect target for him to practice karate. "Who are you?" I asked carefully. My chest was shaking violently. If the shadow belonged to a robber, then he killed me. No answer. I sneakily walked to the window. I held my bulging belly from 16 weeks pregnant. "It's me," whispered a male voice. "Who are you? Why so dare to come here? Can't you see in front of the gate there is a security guard who will swiftly catch you whenever you're off guard?” The shadow slowly entered through the ventilation openings, accompanied by white smoke that rose like cotton. I was so scared. "Please, don't kill me," I begged, my body shaki
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Part 2 : Bad News
Jack laughed. Still and always sweet to me. For a moment he looked here and there to see if there was anyone else in this place. "My husband's gone, Jack," I said understanding his thoughts. “Leaving after tormenting you and asking for your money?” he asked with an angry expression. "How do you know?" “Jenny, oh, did we forget who I am? I can know your husband's thoughts, even all the crimes he has done to you." I got a little goosebumps. “But, why can you go out during the day if you are not human?” Jack snorted. "You forgot again, Jenny. I told you yesterday that I can be seen while disguised as a human.” "Oh, Jack. I do not understand. All I know is, you are in front of me now." Jack walked over to me and cupped my face. We kissed. Long time. My pulse beats faster as his hands touch everything on my body. "You want to make love?" I asked. Jac
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Part 3 : In The Hospital
 I sat glued to the chair. I'm torn between leaving or staying. While Lana was neatly packing, I was still wearing shabby clothes with a dull face with no makeup on. "Not for long, Madam. Mr Kevin might really need you," he advised me. I shook my head. Anger still enters my heart, remembering Kevin's treatment this morning. "Come on, Madam. Mr Kevin is in critical condition. Only Madam he can rely on at this time," Lana coaxed. “Would I be sinning if I let him languish in the hospital?” I asked. “Madam, what are you talking about? It is not good to do evil, let alone repay the crimes of others with the same treatment. There is your future child in your womb, Madam. And that's Mr Kevin's son." I was silent for a long time. It took time for me to forgive Kevin. An apology that doesn't only come out of my lips but is pure from my heart for him. But for what? Kevin will be cruel
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Part 4 : Between Hate and Love
Kevin's body lay on the hospital emergency room bed. The doctors and nurses were busy treating the wounds on his body. The body I once loved so much at the same time I hated so much. “Why don't you just die, loser? So that my life will not be complicated in the future," I said to myself. Every now and then I shudder to see blood everywhere.My stomach is getting nauseous. It was like being stirred in a bowl of fish head soup which smelled unbelievably disgusting, fishy and intense. Immediately I stepped into the green zone of the hospital to just get some fresh air. Lana followed me in a hurry. He seems to be very worried about me. "Madam, what do you need?" She asked slowly.I shook my head. "Go home, Lana. You are also tired and definitely need to rest. Kevin is nothing to you but a lousy master who only knows about hurting." I snorted.Loud enough that Lana refused to open her mouth. It seemed like he wanted to say
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Part 5: Forbidden Love
"Can you be quiet? You'll get weaker when your emotions run high," Jack hissed. Through his piercing eyes, I could tell he was furious. I sighed and looked back at Kevin who was lying in front of me. "How do you feel, Kevin?" I asked, almost expressionless. Kevin tried to squirm but failed. His body seemed to be glued to the bed. “Please, dear Jenny. Get me out of here. My body hurts so bad.” Kevin groaned in pain. I glanced at Jack who was still crouched in the corner of the room, asking for advice on how to serve Kevin. Jack blew cool air into my ears from a few feet away. My chest shook violently. I watched Jack disappear in the gray smoke which of course only I could see. All right, Mr Loser. This time I will treat you as a good wife, I muttered to myself. I fell silent in a sitting posture. Besides being nervous, I was also confused about how to act. Kevin kept groaning. It was possible that the wounds on his body
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Part 6: Why Do I Really Love You?
I'm tired. I want to go home and lie on my soft bed. Although in that place the tragedy of the torture that Kevin did to me often happened, I still miss him. Isn't there a place as comfortable as home? But, that's Kevin's house, isn't it? and I'm just a pebble picked up from the road. The wind blows again and again. Jack always comes when I'm feeling down. At times I feel I am at a crossroads, continue to live life or end it in my own way. "You want to go home?" whispered Jack, as always, suddenly and mysteriously. I let out a short breath. “Yeah, as you know. You really don't need to ask, because your instincts are too sharp to know what's on my mind." Jack laughed, formless. "But sometimes, I want to make sure in person, honey," he said affectionately. “Get me out of here, Jack. Even if it's only five minutes. I want to get away from all my responsibilities as a wif
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Part 7: Kevin's Return
Today the doctor allowed Kevin to go home. I immediately tidied up all the necessities that he used while being treated at the hospital.I also called Lana to ask her to come to the hospital. Yes, I need her help to carry all Kevin's belongings. Doctor Steve, a neurosurgeon, said last night about Kevin's paralysis. For a long time, my husband would rely on a wheelchair to move around.“Why are we taking a taxi? Where's your car?" Kevin asked."I told Lana to sell it," I replied."You are crazy! That's the only luxury I'm proud of and you're just selling it off?”Kevin's voice rose. He didn't even care that his voice was heard in all directions so many people were looking at us."Shut up!" I shouted furiously. "You need to know, Sir. That in order to pay for your maintenance, I must make us lose the car. Humans don't know themselves."“But you know, that car means a lot to me. Without that car I feel&hell
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Part 8: Take Care of Kevin
Come back like a big baby. That's Kevin's reality now. His spinal cord problems caused him to only be able to move a small part of his body.   All day Lana served him meals and shifted from bed to wheelchair. For the needs of bathing and defecating, I act as a waiter.   It's okay, I will do as my destiny to be his wife, if only Kevin's mouth stopped cursing and saying billions of dirty sentences that irritated him.   “B*tch!”   “Idiot!”   “B*stard!”   He had much more to say if Lana and I were judged to have made a mistake.   How I want to run away from this reality. Just thinking about the endless burdens of life was already taking up most of my energy. I want to be free, breathe the fresh air out there. running a messy boutique business during my stay with Kevin in the hospital.   There's no leader like me, I guess.
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