Gamble With My Heart

Gamble With My Heart

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Completed
Language: English
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Damon Chase, CEO of Chase Enterprises and a typical bad boy is challenged to find a girl to fall in love with him. He only has a month to find this girl or he will lose the bet. Skye Davis becomes Damon's victim, she is stubborn and not easily taken by Damon's advances. Damon is determined to win this bet and will place a bet on a bet in order to do so. What Damon does not know is that Skye has her own little secret and he is in for more than he bargained for. Will Damon get what he wants, or will he become the victim? Will Damon learn that if you bet on love, then you gamble with your heart?

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Good read. some really funny one liners
2023-07-08 03:08:17
44 Chapters
A Bet On Love
Dear ReaderThank you for reading the first chapter of the book called, Gamble With My Heart. Gamble With My Heart was originally written as an Interactive Story Game. I am in the process of adapting it into a novel form. The original version contains a great deal of dialogue to fit the platform for which it was intended. Though you can enjoy the story in its interactive format too as currently published. (eg when Damon speaks, the format will be as this: Damon ~ "It was not Ava; it was Amé.") Full adaptation is dependent on the popularity of the Interactive Story. Let me know what you think, of Gamble With My Heart. Happy reading, Tatum Whispers PS. Gamble With My Heart was a winner in the Chapters Interactive Stories' Writing Contest in 2020.   ********************   I open my eyes one by one trying to avoid the bright light that is streaming through the windows
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First Failed Attempt
I rush through my meeting, not really concentrating at all. I need to close this deal, but I know it will really close itself. I am the best at what I do, I could have done this with a conference call from my office, but I felt like showing face. As with these things, they bring you countless amounts of coffee just to keep you awake. All I can think about is going past Crazy Beans to get real coffee on my way to the office and, of course, to see the owner again.I leave my meeting at noon and make my way back to the coffee shop. I decide against asking Mason to come over; I know he would be teasing me for being here. I myself don't know why I am here. But if I want to get this girl, I should start doing it now.And then there is that part that does not want to look stupid in front of his friends when she turns me down.I sit at my usual table. I take my phone and run through my emails and also send a message to my assistant that I would be in a bit later. Finall
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Betting On A Bet
What have I learned? Do not give your business card to a girl you are trying to ask out. I mean, really, what was I thinking? Who the does shit like that anyway. I am officially the worst potential date ever.I need to get expert advice on this. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and getting this advice; I am going to need to bribe her. I quickly stop at one of the cafes on the corner before making my way into the office.
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A Game Of Hard To Get
This is by far going to be the most exciting but most torturing challenge yet. That is, if I can even get past the first week of it, how do you even play hard to get in a damn coffee shop. Sometimes I really do wonder about the advice that Tajsa gives.But I need not wonder too long cause that is when I see her. She is standing across the room at a small round table with whom I guess is Jo and some other friend. She is dressed in a tight mini red dress with knee-high stiletto boots. Eve
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One Wrong Spill
This morning when I wake up, I am alone. Yes, no perky blond or hot brunette either. Just me spread across my entire bed, totally alone.Even though not many parts of my body agree, I am feeling great. My dreams were somewhat filled with images of her gorgeous smile and those hot legs in those stilettos. Oh, how I want them wrapped around my waist. All these empty spots should be filled by that sweet ass of hers.Imagining her in my bed is so not what I should be doing now. I rather drag my ass to the shower and get ready for the day. I am hoping I'd see her now when I meet the boys down at the coffee shop.I go for one of my best hot but professional looks and make my way out the front door.I take the short walk over to Crazy Beans in the cool crisp morning air. That part that was feeling great is feeling very much nervous at the moment. As soon as I enter the coffee shop, my eyes scan for her, but she is not here."Man, you making it look obviou
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A Plan To Fix A Bet
I make the fifteen-minute walk in over half an hour. I need to clear my head; I was so looking forward to seeing her, definitely not for this disaster to happen. Who brings coffee from home to a coffee shop anyway!At the office, Tajsa is sitting clearly waiting for me."Morning, Mr. Chase.""Morning Tajsa.""I hope that is not her coffee that she threw all over you?""Yes, it is but not the way you think.""What did you do?""I walked into her; she messed her coffee on us both.""How do you walk into her?""I was rushing out of the shop.""Okay, what did they do?""That idiot brother of mine took her friend home.""Oh my god, the man is an idiot, does she know?""The ass says that she doesn't.""Why did you not stop him last night?""I left early because I thought she had left, but obviously, she didn't.""You what?""Yes, yes, make a joke now; I left the club earl
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Making It To First Base
I quickly rush into the bathroom and fix my hair and splash some water on my face. I slip into a clean shirt and put a new jacket on, a few gargles of mouth wash, and I'd say I am as good as new to go.I buzz the front desk again."Tajsa, you can send him in.""I will send her in, Mr. Chase.""Tajsa, what have you done?"But she does not answer; instead, there is a gentle knock on the door."Mr. Chase.""Skye!"I nearly fall back over; there is, and I am most definitely visibly is the biggest smile on my face ever. I don't know if it is the whiskey, but I feel warm all over.I show her into the office to come to sit down at the table"I am glad to see you have changed into something with less of a coffee aroma." she chuckles as she points to my shirt."And I see you finally got out of that shirt."She takes a seat next to me on the couches and places a bag in front of me on the table. I can clearly s
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Changing The Stakes
She turns and leaves the building, making her way down the road. What I fail to notice as I make my way back upstairs is that my shirt is all scrunched up still, my hair is a total mess, and I have the dumbest ass smile on my face. This is surely going to cause a stir around the building.Back upstairs, Tajsa is already waiting for me in my office."Why did I not hear any screaming?""Maybe because we were talking.""Don't bullshit me, Damon, you and a beautiful woman alone in a room?""Okay, I might have kissed her.""Just kissed her?""Yes, a damn lot of kissing her. I have not kissed so much since senior year. I feel like a stupid schoolboy.""So my plan worked?""Yes, and since when do I send flowers?""Since today and it worked out quite fine, didn't it. I was not expecting her to come at all.""Now, what do I do next? I am not sending flowers every day and do just kissing. I mean, it is hot and all, b
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Given The Cold Shoulder
As I lay spread across my bed, I suddenly feel a stir. Wait! Something is wrong. I cannot remember coming home with her. I feel her move again. My body stiffens, and I panic. Damn, this is so not how I wanted it to happen. I would have hoped our first time would have been one I would have at least remembered. Then she moves again. I might as well face the moment. I slowly open my one eye, bracing myself for the worst.“What the fuck are you doing here? How did you get in? Bella?”I was making myself ready for the worst morning after ever, trying to explain how much I drank and that I did not mean to forget, but instead, I find this.Bella“How did you get into the house?”“I let her in.”“What the fuck are you doing here?”“I drove your drunk ass home. And now that I see you okay, I am going home. I will see you at the office later.”“Thanks, is there anything ba
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A Dirty Little Secret
 I am standing at the Reception of Hamilton Enterprises with a beautiful woman in front of me; she seems very familiar. I do hope that I have not met her at Myst before, or even worse than that, I have slept with her and never phoned her back. Luckily as she mentions her name, I can for sure say that her number has never been on my phone.“Call me, Amber.”“Amber, it is so nice to meet you.”“Do you want to follow me to my office? Is there anything that I can get for you?”“Just a glass of water.”“A bit of a late night?”“I guess you can say it was.”We get to her office, where I am seated in front of her by her table. She looks at me intensely as we wait for her assistant to bring her coffee and my water.“You sure you don't want any coffee?”“I just had some over at Crazy Beans, thank
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