Glimpse of FERAL

Glimpse of FERAL

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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A cold chill spread through his body. He was called the most powerful, lethal weapon. A mere girl had the power to distract him. He should have been careful as she was going to live here. He couldn't ignore what was his, " You'll be mine, soon. It's your right the day you are born. ' he whispered and left her alone, thinking over it. ' She's raised as a human. She's human. She won't fall for a beast. '

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Ceejay Ramirez
The storyline is good however the pacing is kinda rush and there’s a lot of missing information… It was not explained why she kept on being attacked and who’s behind those attacks and what exactly is her curse about and why she was cursed in the first place and who cursed her… Please improve it
2022-01-29 03:07:39
34 Chapters
Air was feeling fresher. Suddenly, a strange scent tickled his nostrils. He pulled over his car and looked at the mansion. He had passed through it thousands of times, but never felt this strange before. That place always seemed quiet to him and dark whenever he passed through this way. He pulled over and got off of his car. He stared at the mansion, his eyes were as amber as the burning sun. He could feel her, she was around.                       Mine!     He took firm steps toward the huge iron gate, careful not to make any mistake. He stopped abruptly as his eyes fell on the camera. He couldn't permit it to capture him. He took a measuring step back. He launched himself at the twelve feet high wall of the mansion, and with a jump, he landed on the other side of the house smoothly, on his feet, fingers spread on the grass ground. He looked at the dark door with a victory wry g
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Chapter One
She gripped the handle of her luggage and slowly budged it on the cream marble floor. It was heavy. She wanted to pull it harshly and broke it. Locks of hair were brushing her pink cheeks. Her face was impassive. The Ends of her locks were pinching on her soft skin. She left the luggage. It fell with a thud on the floor. She tucked her hair behind her ears and gathered them in one hand while combing it with the fingers of her second hand. She gathered them in a loose bun. She exhaled in irritation. She turned towards the mahogany door and open it.       She inclined down and grabbed it again. Shoving it near the Queen size bed, she kicked out her black heels. Her lips twisted in a small when her body realized the cool floor beneath her feet. She whirled toward the main door and collected another two heavy bags and hauled them inside her room.       She got the luggage in her new room. She was thankful to her Kami (Caretaker) wh
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Chapter Two
  She shifted on her feet and slipped again. She was going to fall but a strong hand held her wrist, "Are you okay, Cara mia? "He asked in a beloved voice.       It went noiseless around them. She could listen to her heartbeat loud. To her stupefaction, she could hear his heartbeat as well as running with the same speed. Everything seemed still to her. Their sight was locked.        "Brother, "She heard from one of the other two men and she slowly blinked. She stared down at her hand. He was still holding her hand. She instantly pulled back. She couldn't deny that his touch made her feel more alive.        "We should go, "Kami said, taking steps ahead.        "No! You need to bring her clothes or I can call my sister. She's the same as your age. Her clothes
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Chapter Three
      It was a cloudy day in the Northwest territories. it was clear, no fog. She frowned at the weather as it was clear yesterday. She couldn't anticipate the weather. She wanted to see him under sunlight.       She quickly finished her breakfast and her mixed fruit juice. She was glancing at her wrist again and again.       Dylan was bringing his sister with him. She didn't want Dylan to wait. She didn't want to miss the chance to see him either. She was in her best clothes, grey jeans and white puffy sleeve blouse.       She slung her backpack on her shoulder and walked out of the house. Her bodyguard was already waiting for her, "Good morning, "She smiled.      "Good morning ma'am. "She beckoned him to say put as she wasn't planning to take him with her.       "I'm not going far. Stay home. I'm going out with my new friends an
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Chapter Four
  She could feel the tension in the air. His fingers were tight around her hand. If she would be with someone else, she must have run away from him. But she didn't know him, still trusting him. It hadn't been full twenty-four hours and she was out with him in his territory. He could do what he wanted, "Dylan, "She whispered slowly.     He loosened her hand, "Hi, Jas. We were waiting for you. "Victor smirked, leaning against the Jeep.    "Jasmine, "He almost ordered Victor.    "Hey, Victor. I'll prefer Jas. "She smiled, "You're also a prince. Just simply tell me. These regal things flow over my head. I understand, prince, princess, king and queen. I didn't hear about it. I should start reading newspapers. "She anxiously said.      "No need. I can be your newspaper if you don't mind. "Vict
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Chapter Five
    She didn't wish for her mind to occupy him. To keep herself away, she got ready after her breakfast, "Kami! Tell Omen. I want to go shopping. It relies on you, you wanna join me or wanna rest. '' She told her.        "I'll go with you. I need to go to the grocery store. "Kami said, cleaning the counter.        "You need a maid. "She told her again.        "I'm not doing this for the first time. "Kami whispered.       "Alright, ask Omen to find one if you can't handle the house chores alone. "She glanced down at her phone as it pinged. She froze for a second as his name flashed on the screen. She touched it to open.        ' Good morning, Cara Mia. Do you have
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Chapter Six
          Her eyelids were feeling heavy to her. She forced her eyes to open fully taking time to adjust her sight. It was a cream white ceiling. She peeked around and found the room empty. She felt her head heavy. There was a silky sheet beneath her and a soft blanket covering her.     She sat up and confused that it wasn't her room. Scanning her surroundings warily, her lips parted in astonishment of the luxury of the room. She shivered when the door slowly opened. She blew out the air from her mouth as a familiar face came in view, "Tessa! "     "Hey! You wake. "Her voice was soft with a smile.      "Yeah! Where am I? "Her voice seemed strange to her. She held her head in both hands and tried to remember. She jerked her eyes open, "Dylan
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Chapter Seven
   She gradually moved her body as she fluttered her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the room. She felt a strong hand caressing her hand, " Hye! How are you feeling now? " She gazed at the source of the sound.       She smiled looking at him, " Dylan! Am I having a dream? " She whispered slowly.       He shook his head with a smile and inclined down. He slipped his hand under her neck and helped her to straighten, " I was passing through and thought to say hello. You were lying unconscious on the floor. How are you feeling now? " He asked her.        She felt a slight pain in her head as she put pressure on her mind, " Yes, I remember I walked back in my room. When..... " She bit her lips, feeling embarrassed, remembering herself
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Chapter Eight
She raked her sight and liked the dress on her. She preferred jeans, but she wanted to bend in. She was eager to see him. She ignored him, still, he was nice to her.      " Jasmine, come out." Tessa slapped her hand on the door. Her voice was impatient.     She hurried her bare steps and grabbed the for knob tightly, " I know, you'll look beautiful in it. " Tessa checked her out turning her.      She didn't even know what she was going to do when she'd go in front of him. He must have sensed it that she was ignoring him. Shouldn't she deny going to the party? She hated to make him wait. She quickly slipped her feet in silver high heels.      Gripping the purse tighter to her chest, she walked behind Tessa and Kami. Normally, she revelled in his presence, but she was still guilty over the lie she had told him. She couldn't take his worried face out of her mind. Her hands tremble
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Chapter Nine
He tugged her with him. She glanced back at his family. Ronnie, Victor and Johnny joined them. Victor said something and all laughed at once, " You have a beautiful family. I thought for a second that your father is your elder brother and your mom is his girlfriend. " She smiled, " Don't mind." She added quickly.     " They like you. " He smiled.      " But I messed up everything." She was disappointed.     " No, you didn't." He passed his assuring smile.     " Why?" She asked. She knew the answer but wanted to hear from him. He puckered his eyebrows as he looked at her, " I met your parents. " She shrugged her one shoulder.     He didn't open his mouth to reply to her. She glanced at his dark pink lips. She blinked and gazed up in his eyes, " Dylan, baby. " A blond hair girl hugged him tightly.      She shouldn't feel something. But a strong
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