Chapter 4

Nerezza’s Point of View

His room was pristine. Beautiful, even. Everything was doused in white. From the curtains hanging on the right side of the room to his bedsheets. Priamos smiled at me when I entered, fluffed the pillow one last time before standing straight. He gave me a once over. Made sure that I wasn’t going to bolt. I had nowhere to go and as much as I hated relying on his kindness now, I wouldn’t just leave.

It felt nice to be in a temperature-controlled home. To know that no one can just walk in and hurt me. It was nice not having to fend for myself for a second. But my statement held within my heart. We couldn’t be close to each other all the time. Our wolves would go insane from frustration. The mating bond would kick in eventually, driving us to mate before I was ready. Before we knew each other.

“I assume your favorite color is white.” I mused and leaned against the rails. Priamos looked around the room and blushed deeply.

“No. Mine is blue. Like the sky at midday or the ocean on a stormy one.” He confessed. I smiled and let my arms fall to my sides. The push and pull between us were undeniable. The feeling of love that came with looking at him, was overwhelming. I broke eye contact first.

Clearing my throat after a pregnant pause, I leveled my gaze on his bed. “Then where did all the white come from?” I asked and walked to the bed. Sitting down, I nearly sunk in completely.

“My mother loved the color. Thought it was pure. So, being in construction and surrounded by dirt all day, I wanted my home to reflect cleanliness as well.” He admitted.

“It must be a bitch to clean.” I joked. Priamos chuckled and sat down at the opposite end beside me. I lifted my eyes to his. Took in that warm brown of his. Lost myself in his essence. That calming effect he had on me lingered close. I smiled.

“It is, but my housekeeper manages. She comes in twice a week, so you never have to worry about dishes and such.” Priamos informed me. I lifted a brow but remained silent. “Well, I am going to leave you to it. The sun is almost behind the horizon and I can only assume you haven’t slept well in a long time. Take a nap. I’ll wake you when the food is ready.”

“Thank you,” I whispered and scooted to the top of the bed. Priamos smiled, his canines long and sharp. He was battling his wolf. As was I.

Awkwardly, he stood and nodded toward me. “Have a nice nap, then.” He murmured and trudged down the stairs.

I waited for a second longer before climbing beneath the sheets. They were soft against my exposed legs. Cool. Soothing. When had been the last time I felt like this? Almost like I could be at home. I wiggled deeper under the blanket and closed my eyes. Darkness found me soon enough. After being alone so long, I was exhausted from staying awake at night.

I don’t know how much time had passed. How long I had slept. There was a presence beside me. Warm and safe. Cuddling into it, I let my eyes open lazily. My body was well-rested. My soul was somehow lighter. I cuddled in deeper and heard a groan beside me. My eyes opened fully.

For a second, I had no idea where I was. Who was beside me. Everything slammed into me all at once when my wolf howled to take him. To mate with him. Become one in the most intimate ways. I yelped loudly and threw myself away from him. Nearly rolled off the other side of his bed when a hand shot out.

Priamos caught me. Rolled me back towards him. Those brown eyes of his glared at me fiercely and I bit back my scream. To yell at him. Berate him for getting into the bed beside me. I Ripped from his grasp, keeping the glare on my face. Priamos rolled his eyes and sat up.

“You were having a nightmare right after I finished dinner. I didn’t know what to do, so I climbed into the bed, hoping you would calm down. You did.” He smirked at the last part and I tugged the blanket to just beneath my chin. A hand reached towards me, pushing a strand of hair out of my face. I swatted the hand away. Priamos chuckled.

“You are a fickle one, aren’t you?” He mused. I rolled my eyes and tried to climb out of the bed.

“Let’s go eat then,” I grumbled. Just as my foot hit the tiles, Priamos grabbed my wrist. Pulled me back. I crashed into his hard chest. Let go of my small gasp. Sparks took me hostage. Danced up and down my spine as if they were at a party. Warmth wrapped around me.

Priamos lowered his mouth to my ear. “You aren’t going anywhere,” He whispered. His hot breath ignited a dangerous part inside my body. Goosebumps broke out across my skin. “I have waited too long for this. For you. I know you can feel it as well.” I arched my back into him, my body reacting on its own. The feeling of those calloused hands stroking up my arm was enough to bring me over the edge.

“I’m a virgin.” I rushed out. The hand on my arm stopped for a second. Priamos pulled back his lips and I felt the tension cord in the arm around me. He had let go of my wrist. I could bolt if I wanted to. But my wild side was overriding my logic. Clouding it.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to press.” He said and stirred behind me. I turned my head to look at him. Take in every inch of his face.

“You are my mate. I can’t believe I found you.” I whispered, butterflies swirling in my stomach. Priamos lifted a hand to my cheek. Stroked my skin softly. I leaned into his touch. Savored it.

Giving in to his this once wouldn’t hurt me. Having him this time would put the rest of my hormones in their place. “You are the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.” He whispered back. His thumb stopped at my lips. Swiped over it once. The goosebumps grew larger. More prominent.

“Once. I will allow this once. No mating. No marking. Have me as you please, this once. After that, we can build on this. Get to know the most intimate parts of each other.” I whispered. Something lit up in Priamos’ eyes. Dark and light at the same time.

He leaned in and kissed me gently. Our lips moved together. But the urge inside me grew. Blew me up until I was on top of him. Cradled him and drew him closer. With impatient fingers, I dragged his shirt over his head. Kissed him from ear to collarbone. Priamos groaned beneath me, tugging his shirt over my head as well.

For a moment, we parted. Looked at each other with what I could only describe as unrelenting desire. We closed the gap. And I knew my virginity would be fucked moments later. But it was him. My mate. The man I would love for the rest of my life.

What could go wrong?

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