Chapter 5

Nerezza’s Point of View

Two months later.

I had become spoiled. Had my own cupboard filled with clothes he bought me. Received breakfast in bed every morning before he went off to work. Watched movies the entire day away. Sometimes I read, other times I played on the piano he had bought me on our one-month anniversary. We were dating. Not mated. Our sex life had also been stalled until further notice.

Not once has he pressured me to please him. He also never came home with another female’s scent on him. My father would have been overjoyed to see me now. To see how well Priamos treated me. Every day was a new adventure together. We had yet to speak of my parents. Or his old pack. Those were the only topics we avoided.

The love we shared grew stronger each day. Made me realize the prospects life had to offer. I had asked him numerous times if I had to go get a job. Not that I had any experience but because I wanted to help him. Provide for both of us. His only wish was for me to remain home. Live out happily and never know hardship again. I appreciated it.

In all honesty, working was overrated. Not that I could say that to any of his friends or any female in general. Being a housewife was something I aspired to be. He understood this. Loved spoiling me. I had gotten truly lucky with this one. Every day he proved over and over again that he was indeed my knight in shining armor.

Priamos also paid for piano lessons, after I had told him how it was my childhood dream to play an instrument. On cold nights, he would sit on the couch in the living room and just listen to me play until he fell asleep. My mate was thoroughly impressed at my quick progress on the instrument. Told me I had a natural talent for it. I never believed him but lived for the praise.

Priamos was downstairs cooking breakfast whilst I still lazed in bed. It was still dark outside,e thanks to the fast-approaching winter. Everything was frosted outside. Cold and white. This was just the first snow of the season. I had bought him a rather large coat just a week ago, making sure he never froze.

“I’m coming up! Hope you are hungry!” Priamos called. With a broad smile on my face, I sat up. Waited as I heard his footsteps on the stairs. Finally, his head got out from the floor and I took in my mate.

He was handsome beyond belief. His button-up shirt was tight against his skin. The sleeves rolled up to his elbow. Shortly after we had met, he had gotten a promotion. More income. Better hours. I loved having him home more often. Those brown eyes danced when he took me in. I was wearing his favorite blue satin nightgown.

“What did you make today?” I chirped. Priamos’ smile broadened when he noticed my excitement. I lived for food now. Enjoyed every meal I had. Especially when he cooked it. As of late, he was teaching me some things in the kitchen. Sometimes I burnt the water.

“Eggs benedict, your favorite.” He mused and set the tray on the edge of the bed.  I smiled at him and took in a deep breath.

The smell of the eggs benedict hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach turned. Twisted. I felt the bile rise in my throat. Gasping for breath, I flung my hand over my mouth. Priamos frowned at my action. I swallowed. Swallowed again. But the nausea wouldn’t go away. Persisted as I let my feet fall out of the bed.

Cool tiles gripped the bottom of my feet. I dashed for the stairs. Gripped the rail with my free hand and took them two at a time. Priamos was hot on my heels. I felt the bile rise higher and higher and I prayed that I would get to the bathroom in time. Before I had to clean up a mess I wouldn’t be able to stand.

Getting to the bathroom, I slammed the door shut behind me. Lurching to the bowl, I made it just in time. Yellow bile came spilling out of my mouth. My nose. Tears burned my eyes and I wretched again. The sting of the acidic bile reached my mind and more tears stung. I threw up one last time, feeling my chest constrict.

“Nerezza, are you alright?” Priamos asked from the door. I flushed the toilet and let my head rest against the side. Inhaled deeply. Felt the sting become a burn. I thought back to the eggs benedict and felt my body react once more. It wanted to throw up again. I steadied my breathing and focussed on something else.

“I am fine,” I whispered back. Priamos tried the lock but it had closed from the inside. Another safety feature that he had installed. In case someone breaks in and he wasn’t around. “Just give me a moment,” I called again and forced myself to my feet. I wobbled once before catching myself on the sink.

My eyes were red from the tears. My stomach still swirled around. But it was much better than before. I unlocked the door and opened it. Priamos’ worried face came into view. His brows were furrowed. Lost in his own world of devastation. I gave him the best smile I could muster. He shook his head.

“Are you alright, my love?” He asked and I nodded. “It didn’t fucking sound like it. Can I take you to the doctor before work?”

“If it would make you feel any better but it might just be a stomach bug.”

So, we went. Priamos wouldn’t risk my health. Besides, it was also time for a checkup on my health, anyway. Or so Priamos had said. We drove in silence until we reached his doctor. The man was friendly enough. Old but wise. I enjoyed his warm smile when he lead us into the examination room. His soft-spoken nature and wide glasses. He looked every bit the family doctor that he was.

“Mrs. Torrez, is there anything out of the ordinary that has you upset?” The doctor asked. I clamped my hand over Priamos’ and smiled.

“Please. Call me Nerezza. We aren’t married yet.” I corrected him.

“Alright, Nerezza. When was the last time you had your period?” The doctor asked, checking the sheet I had filled in before we came inside. The color must have drained from my face because Priamos watched me with intense eyes. I cleared my throat and thought hard.

“Two, maybe three months ago,” I admitted. Priamos looked like he was about to faint. Fall dead on the floor beside me. I knew how he felt. Hadn’t thought this possible. We had slept together only once. Once. Now, look where we were.

“Ah. Let us do an ultrasound, just in case, but I have a sneaking suspicion I know the bug you have caught, given all your symptoms.” The doctor murmured, his eyes bright when he looked at Priamos. The humor in his voice nearly caught on. Nearly.

A few minutes later, I was on the ultrasound bed. My belly was open to Priamos and the doctor. My mate barely looked at me as the doctor slid the ultrasound machine over my stomach. Refused to look at the screen. Instead, he was lost in his own world. Gone from this one.

“There you go. Meet your little stomach bug. Looks like you are about two months along. Congratulations.” He beamed. I felt my heart constrict.

Priamos simply fell over backward, fainting on the spot. What the fuck were we going to do?

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