Hey Little Songbird

Hey Little Songbird

By:  Emjaywrites  Completed
Language: English
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A young woman in love decides to follow the call of a mysterious man to be a canary down in The Mines.She heeds his call, and is thrown headlong into an adventure, finding herself falling in love at sound of the music in The Mines.Will she fall in love with the mysterious man who calls to her? Who runs The Mines?Or will she sell herself for someone else's dreams?

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56 Chapters
hey little songbird
She sat at the bar, drinking somberly. She glanced down at the 25 cent ring on her finger. She took another drink.  I love you. I know I'm not famous yet, but one day, one day I'll sing you a song, and it'll make us rich.
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give me
She stumbled home. She unlocked the door of her apartment, flipping the light switch. Nothing happened. She flipped it again. And again. 
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a song I’m a
She didn't take the ride. She didn't trust him. He told her to come to his office. He texted her an address. She swallowed. She probably going to be trafficked or something. Doing this was ridiculous. But for reason...she thought he wasn't dangerous. At least, not to her phyical well-being.
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busy man and
Ophelia smoothed her hair back. She used the rest of her money on a hotel room and a sandwich. She had zero dollars and zero cents, a broken heart and a mysterious job offer from an even more mysterious man. She smoothed her outfit down. She washed it, but it was embarrassing, wearing the same thing twice.
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i can’t stay
Ophelia looked up at the hotel ceiling. She had her first day tomorrow. She had training with Rena. She wondered if he would train her? Mr. Hades? Would he teach her something? Would he be there?
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Ophelia liked her job. And so far she hadn't been sold, trafficked, forced to dance, strip, or do anything in appropriate.  It was twenty dollars an hour, and she liked it so far. "Now we'll talk about what constitutes sketchy behavior." Rena instructed, while flipping through her magazine.
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I got
Ophelia stood sat at the bar. Rena was singing. It had been two weeks since she'd started working there. It'd been two weeks since she saw him. Two weeks since she'd spoken to Eric. She sipped the drink quietly. Rena asked for the shift, and she was already on her way, so she decided to just...hang.
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Ophelia sat in her bathtub, with a bottle wine, some ramen noodles, and a fork. She was content. Was she beautiful? He thought she was beautiful? She sunk into the empty bathtub, screeching.
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to call
Ophelia stepped on stage, a little shaken by the conversation she'd had with Mr. Hades. The soft light on the Mines glowed just a bit. He stayed. He sat in his spot, but he seemed more invested in his business talks than usual. She grabbed the mic, her dress brushing along the stage. Ophelia sat in the chair, breathing
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I got
Ophelia was on her day off. But she was still at work, having nothing else do. She drank quietly, letting Rena serenade her with her beautiful voice. "Put this on my tab, please Nico," Ophelia said gently. Nico smiled. "Canaries drink and eat free, new rule per the boss," he slid her a jack and coke. 
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