All of me

All of me

By:  ORJI  Ongoing
Language: English
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"since you can't pay me back what you stole from me, I own your life, all of you," London Malik whispered with a deep smirk at the corner of his lips as he pinned Kimberly to the wall. It was then that her innocent life took a different turn.

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32 Chapters
Her first private dance
"Kim?"Kimberly quickly wiped off her tears on hearing her brother's voice behind.She had stood there lost for minutes staring at her sick mother. Shortly after their father's death, her mom was diagnosed of diabetes, and ever since then, Kimberly has been the one pushing hard for their survival."Common Kim, You can't be doing this everyday, give yourself a break," Josh her younger brother retorted walking closer to her."Hey kiddo, I thought you left for school already? What are you still doing here," she asked."I don't think I want to go to school anymore," he mumbled."What?""It kills me to see you bear the pain of carrying the family's burden on your shoulders alone, I want to help out in any little way I can, maybe I can get a job or something," he said.Kimberly let out a heavy sigh trying her possible best to hold back the tears threatening to roll out of her eyes."Josh please, we've talked about this, you can't drop out like me, you've got a whole bright future ahead of
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Stealing from him
"My girl," Mrs peterson smiled as Kim stood in her office. "I knew it, I knew you would make a great fortune for me.""What's going on Mrs Peterson? Kim asked timidly."Oh you just landed your first private dance, it took my girls weeks to do what you just did in few hours," she replied."I'm really impressed, this is good, for me and for you as well.""I'm sorry Mrs Peterson but I can't do it, this isn't part of the deal," Kim stuttered."Of course it is Kimberly, you don't expect me to pay you my hard earned money for just dancing on the stage, this is where the money comes from massively," Mrs Peterson said."But I...""No buts Kimberly, it's either you do it or you leave this minute without any pay," she snapped."What if he tries to have sex with me?" A soft laughter rolled out of Mrs Peterson's mouth."You worry too much Kim, this is a safe environment, he won't try anything funny with you, if he wants such service, he will request for it and it will be up to you to decide on t
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Don't think of running
Kimberly walked into Josh's room beaming all smiles."Geez Kim, ever heard of knocking?" Josh snapped holding tightly onto the towel wrapped around his waist."Really? What are you hiding? Aren't you my little boy anymore?" She teased."I stopped being your little boy years ago, I'm a grown young man now so please, knock before you enter my room," he replied. "What are you doing here anyway?"Kim chuckled and walked closer towards him."Are you saying I can't check on my brother anymore?" She teased."Kim what do you want for goodness sake?" Josh breathed out in frustration. "Wait! You said you had a something for me."Kim finally pulled out her hand from her back, and dropped a bundle of money on his bed.Josh gasped in shock. "Holy shit,""This is gonna be enough to clear up your bills both at school and around," Kimberly said."First off, where did you see such amount of money from? Kimberly what did you do?" Josh scolded.Sometimes he acts like the older brother, and he calls her
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The contract
Kimberly stood in front of his room door with her heart beating in her chest.The same room that landed her in the situation she was at the moment, she wondered what it held for her this time."The more you waste his time, the more trouble you cause for yourself," one of his men said to her.She slowly pushed the door open and sauntered in.There he was sitting on the couch per usual, clad in an all white outfit."Nice decision," he muttered as he noticed her walk in. He picked a menu like paper and dropped it on the center table."In there is a detailed description of how you will pay back my money, go ahead and sign it." He said.Go ahead and sign it? Wasn't she allowed to accept or reject the offer? Kim pondered staring nervously at the paper.As if he heard her thoughts, his next words sent her almost crawling on her knees."You don't have a say on it, only your signature is needed for legal validation." "It's over for you Kimberly," she cried inwardly.Without reading it, she a
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The SQUAD academy
Kimberly opened her eyes blearily and found herself lying on a bed in a strange room.She groaned and struggled to sit up as the memories of the events of the past few days came rushing back to her head in a heavy rush.She had remembered meeting up with Mr grumpy after leaving her family at the hospital, she also remembered falling asleep halfway through the journey.With her head banging heavily, she slightly looked up and discovered she was in what felt like a hospital room.Almost immediately, the door opened and a strict looking lady walked in.Kimberly quickly sprang up on her feet ignoring the headache threatening to pull her head apart "Hey, where am I? She asked impatiently but the lady ignored and approached her with a syringe."You are at the "SQUAD ACADEMY," she said simply as she came up to Kimberly with the loaded syringe in her hand."What... What are you doing? Don't you dare touch me," Kimberly growled moving away from her.She rolled her eyes and sighed in obvious f
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Room 8
After walking through the passage for a long time, they finally got out to the open space and kimberly's hands unconsciously flew to her mouth on sighting the buildings in front of her.It was more like she had entered a different world as soon as they stepped out of the passage because the sight in front of her, she couldn't describe.She could only see Paradise right before her.Ranging from the massively large environment to the tall glass buildings, there was a big fountain fall in the center of the building, bringing out sparkles as it flowed.Kimberly spotted lots of boys and girls walking all over in groups, those of her age and those older than her."Common Kimberly, I don't have all day," the lady's voice snapped her out of her fancy trance.Kimberly realized that she has been standing lost on a spot, staring around timidly, she quickly hastened her steps towards him.As they journeyed, Kimberly couldn't help but wonder how she was going to cope in such a strange place alone.
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Kimberly flinched back in fear, turning around swiftly to find out who it was.She breathed out deeply on seeing the girl that bumped into her earlier."Woah, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," she apologized."Oh no, It's fine," Kimberly replied.She nodded and turned around to leave."Hey, Uhm, about earlier, I'm really sorry," Kim said."Common now, it's in the past, we are good," she replied.Kim nodded with a small smile."So... Your family huh?" She retorted."Yeah, my mom and kid brother, you know it's only being few hours but it feels like decades already, I miss them so much," Kimberly replied."You are lucky to have that, not everyone is opportune to have a family you know.""Okay? I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that, everyone has a family, I mean no one fell from the sky," Kim teased."You'd be surprised," she retorted.Kim noticed the small frown visible on her face." "No one ever cares," why did you say that?" Kim asked."Sorry if I'm being a little bit extra,
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Kimberly stirred in her sleep and nearly cursed out as she felt a hand repeatedly slapping her cheeks.Slowly opening her eyes, she discovered it was her sassy roommate standing over her bed poking her cheeks."Sorry, do you need anything from me?" Kimberly asked and she chuckled."What can I possibly need from you huh!" She snapped."Then why are you waking me up from sleep?" Kim snapped back.This time, she laughed out loud."You know what? Pardon me for thinking you are dumb, now I know you are truly dumb, aren't you one of the new intakes? Have you forgotten that your orientation is today? Matter of fact, it's in the next 30 minutes and here you are, sleeping like a duck," she said."Oh shit!" Kim cursed rushing out of the bed and ran all the way to the bathroom almost missing her step.She suddenly poked her head out of the bathroom door."Hey, Uhm, as much as I appreciate the kind gesture, it will be best if you slowed down with the name calling, I find it really offensive," she
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How is the Academy peaceful?
"Shoot me," Kim muttered under her breath as she stared blankly at him addressing the students.Maybe she was hallucinating, she raised her finger to her skin and pinched herself hard in an attempt to snap out of her trance, but he was still standing right there in his glory, his plump pinky lips moving perfectly like it's being automated by a system or something.Never have she seen someone that complete before, he had the look of a fallen. angel.Kim could hear the other students gasping and gushing over his magnificence. "There's no way he's a human breathing in air like me,""I can't believe the rumors are true,""I could stare at him all day,""I wish he would notice me,""I would give everything to be with him,""Please notice me sir!""I wonder if he has a girlfriend, he better not cause I'm the one for him," Kim couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips as she heard the students behind her murmuring to themselves.She turned towards Claire who was also busy just like the
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Kim encounters Rebecca
"Please, whoever it is, just leave me alone," Kimberly whined pouting in her sleep and turned around to the other side of the bed.Next thing, a heavy spank on her butt sent her sprawling to the floor with a loud thud."What the fuck is wrong with you huh? I was just going to sleep for more ten seconds before preparing for training, I don't plan on being late," Kimberly growled angrily getting up from the floor."Whatever, If you want me to stop waking you up in the sweetest ways ever, then you'd learn to stop postponing it to every ten seconds, I have zero tolerance for attitudes like yours," her sassy roommate retorted and walked towards the door fully prepared for her own class."Zoey, I'm pleading in Gods name, stop waking me up from sleep alright? I can handle myself, and besides you are not the one getting punished for being late," Zoey snapped.Her sassy roommate who she later found out her name's Zoey has totally became a torn in her flesh, she took it upon herself to wake kim
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