His Rogue Mate

His Rogue Mate

By:  Dancing Pen  Ongoing
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Book 2 of Mated to the Rogue Alpha. After her father’s death, Karina was seen as cursed/ a bastard due to her questionable birth. On her own, she was cornered by several of her pack members and physically and sexually assaulted. Unable to take it anymore, she ran away from her pack. She lives alone, carrying the scars of her assault and has a distrust for traditional packs due to their bigotry and values that harmed her mother and her. After she meets Connor, she spends one night with him irregardless of knowing that and left, assuming that he would hate her for her rogue nature. She conceives a child and goes to another city only to cross paths with Leo and Isabella who invite her to their pack. She agrees and lives with them, adjusting to a pack made out of rogues and making friends along the way. She gives birth to her son and calls him Levi. Everything turns on its head when whilst attending to Isabella's visitors, her long lost mate and the father of her child is among them.

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Great book! Loving it.
2024-01-21 04:59:36
42 Chapters
The grieve.
KarinaI walked cautiously amongst the other pack members, avoiding their eyes and stares. Amongst them, I was an alien.But wasn't that the truth?I was never treated as their own.My palms stung from the places where thorns had once pricked into my skin. I didn't care for it. In the face of my new routine, it was now a new constant in my life. One I embraced wholeheartedly. Roses were my father’s favourite flowers after all. If putting flowers on his grave meant being stung every single day, it was worth it.The news of his death had come the past week, with them explaining it as a rogue attack. Numbness filled me as I heard the news, only gaining enough of my senses to hold my mother as she broke down.He was buried five days ago, given a burial worthy of his position as the Gamma of the pack. He has protected me ever since I was born. With his presence, even though the rest of the pack loathed me, they never openly said so otherwise, only passing disgusted glares my way.He had b
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A new start.
KarinaI turned, stiffening as I saw the group of young men and easily recognizing them. The Alpha’s son, who despised me, along with the Beta’s son. Ryan, the one who was trained as the Gamma in my stead, also stood amongst them, passing me a mocking grin.I wasn’t close to them, always trying to remain unbothered, but they always found a way to torment me. They only did so in secret, whispering veiled insults my way. With my father’s presence, they never dared to do a thing.Now though, I didn't know what to expect.I stood guardedly, watching them. Inside, Germaine, my wolf growled in hostility completely aware that they were up to no good.“What do you want?” I asked cautiously.Unfortunately, that was even the wrong thing to say.“A filthy rogue like you has no right questioning us.” The Alpha’s son snapped instantly, scowling.My free hand curled into fists as I looked at them. It was the memory of my father’s words that calmed me down.“Patience, my love. Sometimes, the best th
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KarinaThe first few months were difficult, but I was nothing if not a survivor.So I adapted, learning about everything I could in the modern human world through observation with the occasional asking. I got jobs and observed more. Learn more.When I had enough money, I changed my location, and slowly but surely the cycle went on.During my earlier times, my heart raced with panic after I realised that I hadn't gotten my period. The thought of being pregnant with any of those scum’s children filled me with continuous anxiety, unable to eat or sleep properly for several days. It wasn’t until the day I finally got my period, that I could finally be relieved of that possibility. I had cried myself to sleep that night.The habit became a part of my life, and in the blink of an eye, seven years had passed.I was a lone wolf, a rogue. At times, I hopped from city to city, always staying near the modern areas. Never breaching any forests.I was aware that there were some packs in the area,
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Welcome to the pack.
Karina“Hey, Katherine, you’re needed here.”“Coming,” I replied in turn, preparing the order.Katherine was the name that I went by in this city, close enough for me to get familiar with it yet farther from my real name. I tried not to think much about the reason why I changed my name, pushing away all thoughts of the idea that Connor was actually looking at me.He was likely in his pack by now, living his life and probably doing what he was born for. It had been almost a year after all.I moved past other people, excusing them as my large baby bump grazed them whilst carrying the ordered food.Discovering that I was pregnant came as a big shock. Only a few weeks after I had travelled I found myself sick. It all clicked together when I used a pregnancy test, confirming my suspicions.My brain had a hard time wrapping around the thought, but in the end, I made the decision to keep it and treat my child with the same unconditional love my parents gave me.So for the first time, I had m
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We meet again.
KarinaI constantly waited for the other shoe to drop. It felt too good to be true.But it didn't. For the first time, I made friends with others, not just temporary connections and I was greeted with a pack that accepted me no matter where I came from. The other young women doted on Levi, helping me out when they could. For the first time in a long time, I found something I hadn't realized I missed. Support. Safety. Family.And now, even though it had only been three months, my wolf and my heart echoed the same thing.The place felt like home.“Isabella’s parents are coming over today.”I turned to Sam, the young woman I had been working with amongst others.It came as a surprise to me as all the others addressed her by her name before even she persuaded me to do the same.Even though people gave her the respect of a Luna, it didn't seem that way. Rather than the ruler I had grown used to, she acted more like a motherly and friendly figure. She was always there to assist me in adju
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Who could it be?
Karina.The air grew more suffocating with every second that passed after. I felt my throat tightening the more I remained in place. My tongue was more like lead, weighing me down through the deafening silence.It was all too much.He seemed to have the same idea, considering how he remained equally speechless, as though dumbstruck. Yet he never stopped staring. His green eyes pierced me, judgemental even through the shock.The same eyes that Levi bore.My mind raced with no solutions. What was I supposed to do? I drifted to Isabella who looked awestruck to Leo and the other two older people.I didn’t want to figure it out.During all my years as a traveler, there was one thing that saved me even in the most dire of situations, even in the earliest days when my stealth hadn't grown. It was the instinct I'd learned to hone, the one that allowed me to leave unnoticed whenever there was no other way. It was my flight response, the urge to run away before things got more dangerous. Be
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A new trouble for Karina.
Karina.My world froze as I stared warily at the door.‘You're overthinking it.' ‘Its okay.’ By all the gods and goddesses, I didn't want to face this. Face him.“Kiara?”Instantly, I relaxed at the familiar voice. It was just Isabella. I sighed to assure myself.My relief came to a halt the moment I remembered the recent events. How I had indirectly caused a scene in her reunion. Most of all, Connor.He must have told her everything. I even lied and gave her a false name.My heart raced with all the possibilities, but at the sound of knocking, I startled up.I was never one to escape confrontation. Sucking in my breath, I stood up, moving to open the door.Isabella stood on the other side, her pale hair in a side braid that rested on her chest. Her gaze relaxed at seeing me, a smile crossing her lips.Shock ran through me at the sight. I expected her to be angry. Why didn't she look angry? “Aren’t you going to let me in?” She broke me out of my thoughts, raising an eyebrow.I s
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Running away from the truth.
Karina.‘'You're beautiful."I smiled at his words. He seemed to notice as he smiled in turn.Despite everything in me rebelling, it wasn't fake nor forced. It was real.Suddenly, like a switch his face fell, growing angrier and more hateful. Even though I didn't know why, the fear struck me to the bone.He was going to say something. I didn't want to hear it. Didn't want to taint the one good memory I had.No!I gasped out for air, pulling myself up.‘It was all a dream.’ I let out a breath, trying to relax.It was dawn. The first orange hues of the sunlight stretched across the room.Stretching, I looked down at Levi, who slept beside me peacefully.Reaching out, I stroked his cheek gently. “You're alright,” I muttered. Germaine purred within me once I leant down and kissed his forehead.Looking around, I processed the reality, including the remainder of the day before.Two weeks at least. Connor was going to stay for that long and considering their closeness, it was no doubt going
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I can do this!
Karina. He was looking in my direction. No. ‘No, no, no, no, no, no.'I ducked away before I could think, racing out of the field.When I finally stopped, my heart was racing.‘Did he see me?’ I silently swallowed.I didn't know how to feel if he did. It would only be proof that I was actually avoiding him.I let out a sigh. Whether or not he actually did, that was a close call. Especially just on the second.I walked slowly, yet watchful.It was okay, I assured myself. I had hidden in plenty of towns and cities with packs without being noticed. Surely avoiding a single person in a large pack like this wouldn't be too hard.Right?My thoughts halted when I bumped into a body. Immediately, my thoughts took a turn for the worst and I whipped my head in defense mode to see who it was.“Calm down there, tiger." Sam chuckled, even then I noticed how her arms were raised. She had thought the same thing.Immediately I backed away, relaxing while she did the same.It was in our instincts. Y
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We have plenty to talk about.
Karina.Stepping into my home, my search immediately took me to the closet. I rifled through the clothes quickly.‘Nothing too flashy. Too long. Nothing too bland. Not my style anymore.’ I muttered as I pulled away clothing after clothing that didn't fit my aim.I had to fit in perfectly, like a viper to the grass. Using clothing as a guide or even better, as a shield was one of the ways I had survived through the years.That was why I had to be picky. Only then could I be avoided.Not to mention that the majority of the clothes that fit me in the past didn't anymore. I had just given birth after all, and even though I had bounced back in no time, it wasn't the same.I huffed out in displeasure, shutting my eyes to calm down.The sooner I did this and came there, the sooner I could leave.I finally settled in on a teal cotton dress I got half a year ago while I was going through the earlier stages. It was able to hide any signs of my pregnancy whilst being good enough to not be overly
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