Chapter 3

Lily!! I saw her sitting on the couch watching sponge bob

Welcome home Emily , how was work? She asked as she hugged me.

I'll tell you about work when I'm done with my bath.

I had my bath and changed inti my pyjamas and went downstairs to meet lily,she had a bowl of popcorn with her that i took from her.

Hey thats mine, popcorn stealer she glared at me. I laughed and stuffed my mouth with popcorn.

Lily I would be traveling with my boss to London,I should get back soon but till then you will stay at Susan's place i said

Oh okay, I'll pack a few clothes and stuff and go to her's after school tomorrow, but don't forget to get something for me from London.

Yes I won't forget, now if you will excuse me i have some packing to do i kissed her forehead as i walked back upstairs to pack my clothes and sleep.

     I woke up the next morning and headed to work, lily is going to Susan's place after school.

Good morning George i greeted the security.

Good morning Ms Cole.

I took the elevator to my office i glanced over at Mr Richardson's office but he wasn't there yet. I got settled to pack a few things i might need for the meeting.

I saw him walk by my office and went into his, i went to the kitchen to prepare his coffee.

*knock knock*

I went in after getting a Come in, 

good morning sir, here is your coffee i said as i placed the coffee on his desk.

Good morning Ms Cole,i hope you're ready for our journey, I'll call you when we are about to leave and again send flowers to Angela Newman, you can go.

I walked out of his office to arrange the flowers for " Angela Newman" i finished making the order and i saw someone walking towards Me Richardson's office.

Hello sir, are you here to see Mr


The man looks at me with a deep smile that shows of his dimples and said

I'm here to see him but i can see you instead.

Yuck i said in my mind, only if his words were as good as he looks, i looked at the man with his perfect chocolate skin and short black hair, dimples and his stunning smile that shows his perfect white dentition.but he still isn't as fine as Damien I thought to myself.

Wait, why am I comparing them

I snapped back to reality when i heard his voice.

Nate stop flirting with my employee's ,

Ms Cole you can go back to work he said

I turned back and went into my office.

Time went by

 I got a call from the intercom and went into his office 

I see his friend sitting down pressing his phone.

Yes sir i said facing Mr Richardson.

Ms Cole, we are leaving now then he turns and says

Nate get your lazy ass and go to your company.

I left his office and went into mine to pick my things, as i came out of the building, i meet Mr Richardson there. His driver collects my bag and puts it in the boot, once I'm in the car we started moving.

The ride to the airport was quiet, we arrived at the airport and got into his private jet, it was a 7hour flight with Mr Richardson alone,well not that i care though.

I sat down and he did the same although he was focused on work.

I looked him as he was staring at his laptop i watched as his locks fell on his face and how he pushed it back how his eyes were so focused on the screen as his ran his hands through his silky hair. Then he looks up and catches me checking him out. My cheeks flushed from embarrassment.

         I stood up to use the restroom 

god Emily, what was that about 

I splashed water on my face and came back to sit down, i saw that he was on a call, i sat down and went through my social media accounts and also sent a message to Lily i put my phone away as i slowly drifted into sleep.

Ms Cole, Ms Cole i heard someone calling my name, i stir  and rubbed my hands on my face oblivious of the person calling my name.

Ms Cole we are landing now, please buckle well and sit well.

Y-es sir, i sat up straight and checked my phone, Lily was asking if i had gotten there and I replied her.

We landed and got out to see a black Audi

2019 waiting for us. The driver drove us to the hotel we would stay and also where the meeting was being held.

Mr Richardson speaks to the receptionist, i can see her shamelessly flirting with him how she showed more cleavage than she should and her annoyingly sweet voice how she battered her eyelashes 

I rolled my eyes at the sight, he hands my my keys and we walk to the elevator

We would be on the same floor so if you need anything my room is the fourth he said as we stepped out of the elevator 

Get some rest Ms Cole he says as he walks away

I opened my door and went into my room

Wow I exclaimed, the view was amazing 

I pulled off my clothes and went into the bathroom, had my bath wore my pyjamas and slept off

The next day was for the meeting, i had my bath and took out a skirt and shirt wore my heels and let my hair down, put a little eyeliner and mascara with lipgloss, i took my iPad and a note. I left my room and met Mr Richardson on the hallway.

Good morning sir, i greeted him

Good morning Ms Cole, i hope you're ready he says as we walked towards the elevator and went in.

We got to the floor where the meeting was being held. As we walked into the meeting room Mr Richardson exchanged pleasantries with some of the men there, while i stood beside him.

This is Emily Cole my assistant he said as he introduced me to a man.

Good morning sir, nice to meet you sir i said to the man.

I sat beside Mr Richardson as the meeting began, i took note of everything that was said and after the meeting was done, I followed Mr Richardson out.

Ms Cole i hope you took note of everything, now that the meeting is done we would leave tomorrow

Yes sir, i took note of everything. I'll prepare for our departure for tomorrow, but i would like to go out and buy somethings for my sister.

Okay Emily, I'll see you later he said

Good bye sir, i said as i walked back into the elevator. I got into my room to change my clothes. I changed my clothes to a little white dress with nude heels

I grabbed my purse and ordered uber


Hey guys, thank you for reading 

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