Noah’s Epilogue: The Wedding

It was supposed to be a beautiful wedding night. The moon shone brightly, the paper lanterns around the wedding venue were placed neatly. The LOL had tangled it around the trees and it gave vibrant colors in the pitch-black of the night. The romantic ambiance even brought tears to the most unromantic man and Larry Garcia couldn’t help but notice.

The omega teen tapped Hudson Davis on his shoulder and asked, “Hudson, are you crying?”

The big burly Beta quickly wiped his face and blurted, “no!” he then went far away from the 14-years old-boy and chose to play his guitar.

Larry smirked over Hudson’s denial, “sure, you are…” he chuckled while his gaze was following the beta.

“Of course he’s crying, look how fabulous it is,” Olga suddenly approached Larry while holding her cell phone, snapping away few pictures here and


A/N: Hello there, I will upload one more chapter and then this book will continue on it's sequel.

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Katherine Portalatin Quiñones
why the abrupt ending when it was getting good

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