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In the Midst of her love, a love she only reserved for the ones that had her heart, she found him. He had no intention to leave her because it didn't feel right but to her, they should have never crossed paths from the beginning.

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To witness love and to experience love, is quite different.I played the role of a witness while my mother experienced love, one received from my father. He was simply a man in love, not with the idea of love, but with the woman who introduced him to love. I recall the days of admiring how beautiful and easy, they made everything seem. Everything felt right with them and I, a few times so, desired to be the one to experience such love. In unfortunate turn of events, tragedy decided to knock at our door. It claimed the life of my father, separating us and leaving us in the cold. My mother seemed lost without her other half.The desire to better relate to her pain had overwhelmed me, so much so, because all I wanted was to offer more support and be a reliable source of comfort for her. The unhealthy mindset I had then, in the early days of fresh and raw pain while mourning, was strong, I admit to this. What amazed me through it all, was the way my mother noticed where where I was ment
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Moments come and moments go, which leave a person in their most vulnerable period. That was me, months passed.It hadn't been long since the passing of my father, when my mother fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. I felt alone, I was alone and everything seemed to be thrown at me.I've never felt so vulnerable and confused, being unable to take control of a situation. I felt small against a big mountain, that needed me to dig down deep within and search for strength. No matter what, I never gave up. I never wanted to because giving up at that time, meant that everything would be over.Unfortunately, while I had battles to conquer, there was a witness. I don't know how, but William Myers became a witness and that alone became dangerous. The danger was not with him witnessing everything but with him involving himself in my life, when I clearly asked hikm to stay away.Now things have gotten complicated.Till today, I wish he was never present in that period of my life.Now I'm s
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~ Flashback~~' I want you to stay away from Will.' I blink at her, not sure if I heard right.' Mam?' ' I want you to stay away from my son, Milla. This, whatever it is that is between you two, it must end, today.' ' I don't understand.' I shake my head.' Okay.' She breathes out, before continuing, ' Look, my Will is a good boy, with good manners and is very friendly with everyone, but it doesn't mean that everyone must grow too familiar with him now. ' All I can do is silently look at her as I try to understand what she is trying to say here. Does she have a problem with me and Will hanging out?Or is she implying that I am a bad influence in his life?' This friendship, if you'd like to call it that, needs to end today. I wish to not see you around my home anymore.' ' Did I do something wrong, mam?' I ask, feeling really bad now.I am pretty sure that I never bothered the family, I've never asked for anything and rarely set my foot at the Myer household. Will and I have see
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To make a statement by simply dressing up is one thing, but to make such a bold announcement by actions, is a bigger step.The will power comes, and it comes so strongly, I am finally able to look away. Thankfully that's not the only thing I seem to be able to do but to turn back around, and walk away.I am leaving and not coming back.It was a big mistake to come here." Milla!" The call is loud and clear, capturing the attention of those around and certainly pulling me to a stop.It would have been better to not know who called me, this way I would have continued to run away. Damn my ears for recognising that voice too well. It hasn't even been a full on 24 hours since his return, and already he has crossed the line.' This is what happens when there is lack of communication.' My consciousness hits me with its two cents, at the wrong time." Milla?" I hear my name being called again, but it's a female voice now.This relieves me a bit.I turn around to see who has called me.Ner
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" Will you finally talk to your husband?"The audacity to say that.I'm on my feet now." You are no one to me." I say, turning around to face him." Are you sure about that?" He steps closer, decreasing the gap between us." Fine, we share a past. " I give in. " No, there's nothing there, only broken promises and betrayal." I continue on before picking up my glass and walking past him." You were my friend and you still remain my friend." I feel a tug on my arm, forcing me to face him yet again." Liam stop----" " Atleast you still call me the same." He comments.There's silence, there's eye contact, alot of eye contact that it feels almost impossible to look away now.His golden brown eyes are more golden, under the night sky, despite the lights around us. It's a little overwheming to define myself in this position yet again, where I'm at the receiving end of his stare.His gaze can be quite intense, the longer it lingers on you." You should have never came back." I pull my arm o
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What?Did I hear correctly?" You did." He answers.'I spoke out loud didn't I?'"Yes you did." 'I should stop, seriously.'"Don't, it let's me know what you're thinking." " You don't want to know what I think about you right now." I say, narrowing my eyes at him." I do actually." He responds, taking a step forward while I take one back.He's now standing in the doorway, completely blocking my view." Get out of my way." " No." " What are you doing right now, huh? Is this a new William Myers thing you've adopted? Forcing women to ------" "You know I would never force --------" " Don't act like we know each other that well. Years have passed and ------" " Memories have a way of sticking with you no matter what. " He finishes, even though this is far from what I was going to say." Well, I don't know what memories you're keeping with you, but all I know is that mine aren't pleasant. I remember one thing and that's how much I've been hurt by you." Guilt flashes through his eyes,
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" Mom?!" I literally shove the hospital curtain aside, feeling impatient about seeing my mother.I sigh out in relief when I finally see her. The sight of her in a better condition than the last time she was here, eases me more. I look her over and am able to conclude that she only had hurt her foot. I can't fathom what I would have done, had she experienced sever damage due to the fall. No heavy injuries means that she can come home soon.She carried way too many things down the stairs and missed a step, causing the fall. I've always said to let me handle all that but with her stubbornness, it isn't easy to get my way.Had I been there, she wouldn't have had to do all that work alone." Milla, how are you here?" She asks in surprise, while receiving my embrace." I'm the one who called her, aunt, " Lia explains for me." Neil offered to bring me here." I also add, stepping aside so she can see him. It's been years, so I can understand the moments of silence she takes to just look a
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' You should have stayed away.' I mumble to myself , tapping my foot on the ground. I've been standing in the same spot for some time now, contemplating whether I should go into his hospital room or not. The wait is torturous but that's all I can do in this moment, to simply wait.Tears prick at the corners of my eyes when the image of an unconscious Liam comes to mind. That image has been haunting me on the way to the hospital, and it seems like it's not done with me yet.I wish I could have done more to warn him. Why did he have to be so stubborn?' Why Liam, why did you have to be so stubborn?' I feel guilty and sorry. I wish I could tell him right now but I doubt I would be allowed to.'Ah!' I let out a gasp when I'm suddenly jerked around by arm, and I come face to face with Mrs Myers.' How could you let him risk his life like that Milla? I almost lost my son because of you!'I wake up with a start, sweating and all. It takes my heart quite a bit of time to calm down and tha
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" Milla...." " Tell me! He's here isn't he?" He better repeat what he said, so that I can confirm that both my ears heard right.He sighs before nodding. " Yes. Well, he's close and that alone is dangerous." " How do you know that is true?" I question, ignoring the dangerous part he mentioned." I just do, okay?" He sighs. " I have sources okay." " Are you making up stories to cover up for the fact that you had no other reason, for breaking your promise to me?" " Milla!" He nearly shouts, sounding offended. " I wouldn't lie about this." All I do is to stare at him. I don't know if I should believe all of this right now. What if he is making up ------" I was just talking to your dad, I didn't even know you were standing behind me and eavesdropping on my conversation by the way." " Hey, I didn't want to be rude and I wasn't eavesdropping!" I'm offended, though I shouldn't be.' You can't deny that is the truth.' My consciousness hits me with its two cents." I've always respecte
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We stand facing each other like two people waiting for the other to make the first move. I've caught up to him and now instead of something being said, we've let silence between us be the voice. He's standing by his car, his hand resting on the top of the opened door and I, well I'm watching him, still trying to recover from the whiplash I experienced when he started acting crazy. ' Or more like confuse me even more.' " What are you doing right now?" " Waiting for you to get in the car." " Why? " Isn't it obvious that I want to take you somewhere?" He gives me a 'duh' look. " I'm not going anywhere with you." I say, folding my arms. " Okay then." He nods, before he says, " I want to take out my wife for lunch, then she'll accompany me to get a gift for my mother in law and lastly, I'll drop her home. " " Can you stop saying all of that. This whole 'wife' and 'in law' thing is creeping me out. " I shudder, shaking my head. " Need I remind you that we are actually marrried." He
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