Leading My Family to Glory
Leading My Family to Glory
Author: Stay-at-home Scholar

Chapter 1 The Emperor Returns

“Boss, are you really going back?”

On a huge island in the middle of the ocean, sat a majestic palace. This place belonged to the most extensive foreign organization, The Regal Palace.

At that moment, the five kings and all eighteen generals were assembled at the hall as they focused on the young man before them. The young man’s name was Tyr Summers, the true owner of The Regal Palace.

“Yes,” Tyr said firmly. “Six years ago, I was chased out of the Summer Manor, left to wander the streets of Khanh City, drugged by someone, and ended up having an affair with her.

“After that, I met a savior, who has brought me here, and with these hands, I’ve built the Regal Palace. Although I now have the highest authority in this world, together with riches and status, I’ve promised her that I would take responsibility for her and go back to marry her.” Tyr looked at a photo in his hand as his gaze softened.

The girl in the photo was in her early twenties. Her eyes were like a painting, her nose pointed, and her lips soft and full. She was extremely beautiful. He wondered how she had been all these years.

“After I’m gone, the palace will temporarily be in your care.” Tyr regained his composure and said to a well-built man.

The man’s name was Clifford Hann, the leader of the five kings.

“Alright,” Clifford answered helplessly. “Since you’re adamant about going back, we won’t stop you. I’ve already taken care of the situation in Celestial Empire’s Khanh City for you. I’ve bought an International Trade Center in the middle of the city, and the wealthiest man in Khanh City, Drake Tucker, was once a follower of mine. Once you get there, he’ll be at your service.”

“Clifford, I’m going back to find my wife to live happily ever after. Why did you buy a trade center for?” Tyr felt annoyed as his tone was laced with a hint of anger.

Clifford gave him a sly smirk. “Boss, you’ve said so yourself that you wanted the Regal Palace to return to its roots and go back to Celestial Empire. Now that you’re going back, wouldn’t it be convenient to set up the palace’s foundation while you’re there?”

“F*ck!” Tyr kicked Clifford. So, he was just using the boss for hard labor.

“I’m leaving, don’t miss me too much, kids!”

Behind him, the five kings and eighteen generals saluted Tyr in unison with tears in their eyes as they watched the jeep gradually disappear into the distance.

The next day, in Khanh City of Celestial Empire.

“This is it.” Tyr stood in front of the gates of the Zea family’s mansion as he lamented. After that night, Tyr had told the girl that once he had made it in the world, he would definitely come back for her hand.

“Winifred, I’ve come back for you.” Tyr took a deep breath, feeling unexpectedly nervous.

While he was pondering how he should enter the mansion, the gates suddenly opened. A fat lady looking to be around her forties came out with a tray of bread that she was about to throw into the food waste bin outside the door. This must be the Zea family’s nanny.

Following behind her was a young girl of about six years old. The little girl looked pale and skinny, clearly malnourished. However, her features were very well defined, especially for her big watery eyes that shone like stars. Although she was only a child, she had the makings of a beautiful woman.

“Grand… grandma Collins, can you give Blair one bread? Blair… is hungry.” The little girl was staring at the bread in the fat lady’s hand. Perhaps due to extreme hunger, the little girl kept swallowing her saliva. She looked very pitiful.

The fat lady smiled widely, but a hint of cunning flashed across her face. ”Does Little Blair want to eat some bread?”

“Yeah.” The little girl nodded firmly with anticipation in her eyes.

“Plain bread isn’t tasty, so why don’t I add a little something for you?” The fat lady tore a piece of bread, went over to the food waste bin, and wiped a piece of bread inside the bin before handing it to the little girl. “Here, Blair, this bread is for you. It’s delicious.”

Upon seeing this, Tyr frowned hard as rage grew within him. How could there be such a vile person who would do such a disgusting thing to a mere five-year-old little girl?

The little girl stared at the bread in the fat lady’s hand, looking a little lost. She knew that the piece of bread was dirty, but she was starving. Her hand subconsciously reached out to take the piece of bread.

“Eat it quickly. If that’s not enough, I have more here.” The fat lady smiled at the little girl as she dumped the whole tray of bread into the food waste bin before picking another piece of bread up again.

“Don’t eat it, that’s too dirty!” Seeing as the little girl was about to take a bite of the bread, Tyr dashed over and tossed the bread in her hand away.

“But, Blair is hungry…” The little girl’s eyes sparkled, her voice sounding aggrieved.

For an instant, Tyr felt like a needle had just stabbed into his chest. He turned to look at that wicked woman and said in a deep voice, “Are you a beast?”

“Who are you? Mind your own business!” The fat lady frowned at Tyr, the disdain apparent in her voice. “That’s just the Zea family’s little b*stard. I can do as I please with her.”

“The Zea family’s b*stard?” Tyr was stunned. “Whose child?”

The fat lady snorted. “The Zea family’s third young miss and a beggar’s child. They’ve shamed the whole Zea family back then.”

A buzzing noise exploded in Tyr’s mind. He subconsciously turned to the little girl and felt a wave of familiarity invade him. Those defined features instantly seemed to be imprinted by his and Winifred’s shadow. Could this be his and Winifred’s daughter?

Tyr felt like he had just been struck by lightning.

“What is the name of the Zea family’s third young miss?”

The fat lady pouted. “Who else? It’s Winifred Zea.”

So this was his and Winifred’s daughter. A surge of fury instantly filled his chest. Tyr could not imagine just how this mother and daughter pair had been living all these years. Even a random maid in the house would dare to humiliate his daughter.

“I will see for myself today just how vicious the people of the Zea family are. How dare they treat my daughter this way.” At that moment, Tyr’s face was dark like an enraged beast, ready to lash out. He carried the little girl up in his arms and kicked the Zea Manor’s door open.

“Your… your daughter?” The fat lady’s jaw dropped. “Could you be that beggar from back then?”

However, the girl spoke up softly, saying, “Uncle, I’m… I’m hungry! I want to go outside and look for Mama.”

“Is Mama not inside?” Tyr was stunned.

The fat lady subconsciously mocked, “Winifred Zea is now at Golden Jade Court having a great time with wild men. How would she have any time to mind her daughter? Here I am, being a saint and giving her daughter bread to eat. Or else, she would have died from starvation!

“I say, you’re really…”

Slap! Before the fat lady could finish speaking, Tyr had lifted a hand and gave her a hard slap. In an instant, five streaks of bloody marks were imprinted on the fat lady’s face. It was a frightening sight to see.

“You… How dare you…”

Thump! Tyr then lifted the hundred and sixty-five pound lady with one arm and tossed the upper half of her body headfirst into the food waste bin.

Tyr felt chaotic on the inside. Not only because he had come back to see his daughter eating bread from a food waste bin, but also because the woman he had missed dearly for the past six years had actually left her daughter to fend for herself. Was she really out having fun with random men? Could he have misjudged her for who she was six years ago?
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