Chapter 2 Take a Good Look at Who I Am

Looking at his malnourished and scrawny daughter, Tyr felt a hint of resentment surface inside his mind.

“You… what is your name?” After he had confirmed that this little girl was his daughter, Tyr started to feel anxious and was unsure of how he should face her.

“Uncle, my name is Blair Zea.”

Tyr carried Blair up in his arms and asked, “Uncle will take you out for a meal, okay?”

Blair nodded apprehensively. Although she was still a little afraid of this strange uncle, she was just too hungry.

“After we’re done eating, Uncle will take you to look for Mama.”

Tyr found the nearest McDonald’s and bought Little Blair a ton of food. As he watched Blair devour the food, he felt his heart tingle. She must have been really hungry to be looking so battered. “Eat slowly. If it’s not enough, Uncle will buy you some more.”

When Blair was finally full, thinking that Tyr might not notice, she quietly stuffed a chicken drumstick into her pocket.

“Blair, what are you doing?” Tyr was startled.

Blair panicked a little as she looked fearfully at Tyr. “Uncle, Blair isn’t trying to steal anything. I just want to take this drumstick back for Mama…”

For… Mama… Tyr’s heart wrenched painfully. Winifred had left this child to fend for herself while she was out messing around with other men. How could this child still think of her?

“Blair, your mother is so awful to you, why do you still…”

However, before Tyr could finish speaking, Blair’s expression suddenly changed as she stared grumpily at him, evidently angered. “My Mama is the best Mama in the world. Everyone bullies Blair, but only Mama protects Blair!”

“Uncle is a bad person. Whoever talks bad about Mama are all bad people!” As she spoke, Blair started to wail out loud. She turned around and was ready to run outside.

Tyr had never expected that his daughter would have such a huge reaction. He quickly hugged Blair and said, “Blair, I’m sorry. Uncle didn’t do it on purpose. Let me apologize to you.” Tyr Summers, who had never once frowned when it was raining bullets on the battlefield, was now flustered in front of his daughter.

“Uncle will get a drumstick takeout for Mama, okay? Please don’t be angry at Uncle.” Tyr had to coax Blair for the longest time before the little girl finally calmed down. After that, he ordered a bucket of drumsticks for Blair to take to her mother.

Tyr did not understand. Winifred neglecting Blair to mess around with other men was definitely not the behavior a good mother should have.

So why was Blair still standing up for her mother? Could the fat lady have been telling him nonsense? Or perhaps there was some misunderstanding in between them. Tyr’s enraged heart calmed down at last. It had been so many years, but he still could not get rid of his habit of being rash.

That fat lady had said that Winifred was having an affair in Golden Jade Court, so Tyr started up his navigation application and took Blair to Golden Jade Court.

Just then, in a private room within Golden Jade Court, a beautiful young woman with an attractive figure and defined features in a stunning dress sat beside a middle-aged man as she kept him company at dinner.

This middle-aged man was tanned and overweight. A huge golden chain hung around his neck, and his fingers were adorned with golden rings. His mouth was filled with black teeth. It was easy to tell that he was a man of the underground society.

This gorgeous young woman was none other than Winifred Zea, and the man beside her was Steve Hudson, the regional mafia boss of Khanh City.

Steve poured a full glass of wine and handed it to Winifred, smiling as he said, “Miss Zea, I’m delighted that you could come and keep me company. Come, let’s drink.”

Winifred felt troubled, and she looked uncomfortable. “Mr. Hudson, I… I don’t know how to drink.”

“That’s okay. You’ll know how to once you drink some more!” Having said, Steven pushed the glass toward Winifred, not allowing any room for rejection.

When Winifred received the drink, Steve took this opportunity to place his hand on Winifred’s thigh.

Winifred quivered at this and the contents of the glass spilled out. However, Steve was smiling widely as he looked at Winifred, his gaze filled with malicious intent.

“Sit over here.” Steve patted his thigh.

Winifred’s delicate face turned pale. “Mr. Hudson, this…”

“I told you to sit over here. Or do you not need my help anymore?” There was a hint of threat in Steve’s tone. Winifred hesitated for a bit before meekly sitting down on Steve’s lap.

“Hehe, Miss Zea, as long as you behave and I’m happy, I can care of anything for you.” Steve had a sinister look on his face and was about to make a move on her. Although Winifred was repulsed by it, she did not dare to fight back.

Just then, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open.

“Mama…” Blair’s voice struck Winifred like lightning.

Winifred jumped away from Steve’s lap out of reflex, feeling flustered. “Blair, why are you here?”

Before Blair could answer, Steve had pulled Winifred back in a fit of rage. “Winifred Zea, is this your idea of showing sincerity?

“Why did you call your daughter over and even bring a man along? You’re upsetting me.” Having said that, Steve started touching Winifred, ignoring everyone else in the room.

If Blair had not been here, Winifred might have gritted her teeth and just endured it. But how could she let herself be humiliated right in front of her daughter?

Slap! Out of desperation, Winifred slapped Steve. “Mr. Hudson, please show some respect!”

Steve was dumbstruck. One second later, he burst into anger. “Winifred Zea, you must have a death wish! How dare you hit me? Just wait and see how I’ll take care of you…” Steve stood up abruptly and pushed Winifred down onto the sofa beside.

Blair started crying immediately from the shock. She screamed, “Let go of my Mama!”

Just then, a figure rushed over. Tyr lifted Steve up and threw a punch across the man’s face.

At the first punch, the skin at the corner of Steve’s eye cracked.

At the second punch, his nose shattered.

At the third, his mouth was bloodied as his teeth fell out.

At last, Steve let out a horrible shriek before falling into a pool of blood.

Even if Tyr was confused by Winifred’s actions, he was even a little disappointed by her, but when he saw her being bullied by another man, the fire in his chest started flaring up again.

“Let’s go.” Tyr did not spare Steve, who was now unconscious on the floor, another glance. He carried Blair up in his arm and dragged Winifred out of the room.

Winifred’s chaotic mind was filled with confusion. That was because she could not recognize Tyr. “Who are you?”

Tyr turned around to expose his face completely before Winifred. His voice sounded dark and a little agitated as he said, “Winifred Zea, take a good look at who I am!”

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