Chapter 2058 The Ragnarok Formation

In the towering crystal tower located in the Arctic, there was a layer of purple light that wrapped all over Apophis’s body, which seemed to be forged by the Amethyst.

Under the leadership of the Dark Pope and Dark Priest, many of GPE’s top executives knelt on the ground and worship Apophis.

An enormous vortex had formed in the sky. It was formed with the convergence of the reiki in the entire Arctic. Apophis flew into the air. He opened his mouth and sucked the reiki in the vortex ferociously. Soon, he sucked the entire massive vortex into his body.

Roar! With a loud roar, the thunderclouds in his surroundings scrambled all over. After a while, Apophis’ back began to crack, and golden wings began to burst out from his back.

Two wings, four wings, six wings… In the end, a total of sixteen wings appeared on his back. He appeared incredibly majestic and terrifying.

When Dark Pope and others saw this scene, they were very excited.

Apophis was suspended high in the sky. He fluttered
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