Chapter 4 I Am The Queen

At midnight, inside a luxurious mansion within Khanh City, a woman in her forties with a bandage over her right eye was dressed in elegant and expensive clothing as she sat on a genuine leather couch. In her hand was a photograph—a photograph of Blair Zea.

The little girl inside the photo was extremely beautiful. She was even prettier than child actors. Especially that pair of big eyes, they were just too gorgeous, shining like the stars in a milky way. There would never again be another pair of eyes like these no matter how hard a person searched.

“Beautiful, just too beautiful.” This woman was Shannon Louise. Her finger gently caressed Blair’s eyes in the photo as she stared at it longingly.

“Sister, what you want is her cornea, not her pupils, so there’s no point in being so fond of her eyes. What’s more, your eyes are already very beautiful.” From next to her came the voice of a man with a thick nasal sound and a lisp in his speech.

“Her cornea is just as endearing.” Shannon lifted her head to look at the man whose head was covered in bandages. Shannon frowned. “What happened to you?”

This man was Steve Hudson. Steve was currently furious as he said, “I had wanted to take this opportunity to toy with Winifred Zea. After all, her daughter would still have to give you her cornea anyway. But out of nowhere, some guy jumped out and spoiled my plans. He even beat me up.

“Sis, after your surgery is done, I want to tear that family into shreds.”

Shannon asked, coldly, “I thought Winifred didn’t have a man. Who was he?”

“I don’t know either,” Steve answered hatefully. “I’ve never seen that brat before, but he looks quite… quite…” Steve suddenly stammered. Those eyes that were surrounded by bandages subconsciously showed a hint of fright. The scene of how Tyr had beaten him up that day started filling his mind.

“You… Why are you here? Guards!”

“Stop shouting. Those few people outside are useless, and they’re all down.” Tyr stepped into the room like a devil in the dark night. Tyr did not answer Steve but walked directly over to Shannon and sized her up. “You’re Shannon Louise?”

Shannon looked at Tyr arrogantly. “That’s right. I’m Shannon Louise. Are you the one who beat my godbrother up?”

“That’s right. I did it.” Tyr did not beat around the bush. “Do you know why I came here to look for you?”

“For that little b*stard child?”

Tyr said, “She’s not a b*stard child, she has a name. Blair Zea, and she’s my daughter.”

“Hah…” Shannon snorted. “So that bastard child’s father came back. So what? I’ve taken a liking to your daughter’s eyes. It’s a compliment to her that I want her eyes. She should feel honored, and you should feel happy about it.”

Honored? Just how twisted was this woman for her to be able to say something like that? She wanted to take away someone’s vision and want them to feel thankful to her for it?

Shannon’s whole being was exuding an overbearing aura. “Seeing as you’re that little b*stard’s father, you can just break one of your arms and get out of my house, or else, it’ll be too late for regrets.” As she spoke, Shannon only got more arrogant.

Tyr massaged his temples. In the olden days, humans were divided by class, and the upper society had always treated the lower class like mere animals. However, they now lived in a society where humans were all equal.

The veins on Tyr’s forehead were popping up one by one. How could the owner of a KTV establishment in one of the lowest-ranked in Celestial Empire say such a thing? How could she be so out of control? There was no longer any justice or law to speak of!

“So, if my daughter gives you her cornea and goes blind, you think it’s given?”

“What does her going blind have anything to do with me? After all, with her eyes, I can see the world’s scenery from a better and higher place. Also, I’ll be giving her money. One hundred thousand, or maybe two…”

Bam! Tyr threw an enraged fist at Shannon and sent her flying. Steve, who had been standing nearby, stumbled back in fright and yelled for guards!

Shannon had never anticipated that Tyr would lay a hand on her. Her expression was now filled with fury and ferociousness. “How dare a lowly scum like you…”

Thud! With another punch, her cheekbones were now shattered by Tyr.

When she saw how her face had sunken in the mirror beside her, Shannon went mad. What mattered to her most was her face, so when her eye was damaged, she had frantically searched for a pair of beautiful eyes. And now, as she stared at her deformed face in the mirror, Shannon was shrieking hysterically like a mad ghoul. “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!!!”

Tyr stepped on Shannon’s chest. “You speak of killing someone so easily. Are human lives so insignificant in your eyes? Are you really so lawless?”

“Haha… Hahaha…” Shannon cackled. “In this Khanh City, I am the law! Almost half of the entertainment establishments in this city are all mine. Over here, if I, Shannon Louise, say so, no one would dare to say otherwise. I am the queen of this city! So how dare a reckless fool like you hit me? You’ll be dead meat, and not just you, even your daughter will have to die! And that Winifred Zea, her whole family has to die too!”

Shannon Louise was just insane. Even when she was being stepped on by Tyr, she still maintained that arrogant attitude like only she mattered in the whole world.

Tyr took a deep breath and retracted his foot from Shannon’s chest.

“Are you scared now? Weren’t you really cocky just now? Do you finally feel afraid?” Shannon stood up with Steve’s support. “But even if you get scared now, it’s too late. I, Shannon Louise, am a woman of principle. If I said I want your whole family dead, your whole family has to die!”

Yet, Tyr only mumbled, “Since you love killing families so much, tonight, your whole family will go to hell.”

Shannon thought she had just heard the biggest joke in her life. “Hahaha! What nonsense are you saying? Do you want to send my whole family to hell? Who do you think you are to speak to me that way?”

Soon after she spoke, an angry voice sounded from outside the door.

“Shannon Louise, who do you think YOU are to threaten Brother Tyr that way?”

A large group of people walked in through the door. Leading them was a middle-aged man dressed in traditional Chinese clothing, seeming to be in his forties.

The moment they saw this man, Shannon and Steve’s eyes contracted. “Mr… Mr. Tucker.”

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