Chapter 5 Making You Disappear

The newcomer was Khanh City’s wealthiest man, Drake Tucker. Beside him was a large group of people.

“The king of Khanh City’s new media, Henry Walker.”

“The queen of Khanh City’s jewelry, Jade Laurell.”

“The leader of Khanh City’s high-end residence development, Donald Lewis…”

Each of these people was elites of Khanh City, that with a mere stomp of their feet, they could make the whole city quake. Either one of them could easily turn Shannon into a paste. And now, these dignitaries with Drake Tucker, the wealthiest man in the city, as their leader had all come forth. Just what was going on?

In an instant, that arrogant air Shannon carried disappeared without a trace. A thick sense of fear now took its place.

“Shannon Louise, you’re really something. Did you just crown yourself as the queen of Khanh City? That if you say so, no one will dare say otherwise?” Drake’s tone was filled with sarcasm. Even the richest man in the city like himself would never dare to say something like that.

Shannon’s scalp went numb in fright. Steve, who was standing nearby, felt his body go cold. What was going on? Who was this man, Tyr Summers, and how did he manage to summon all these prominent figures with Drake Tucker as their leader?

“Brother Tyr.”

“Brother Tyr… Brother Tyr…”

Greetings successively rang in the room. Everyone was humble and respectful as they bowed to Tyr.

Upon seeing this, Shannon felt her body go weak. What kind of elite figure had she provoked? Following a loud thud, Shannon fell to her knees. “I’m sorry, Brother Tyr, I’m sorry. I didn’t know Blair Zea was your daughter. Please forgive me, please spare my life. I’m sorry.” Shannon submitted almost immediately, kneeling as she begged.

However, Tyr only found it amusing. The woman was now repenting only because Blair was his daughter. What if the little girl she had targeted was someone else? If that little girl had no powerful family background or support, would her family have been destroyed by this woman? And that family would have had to feel honored and thank this woman instead.

“Preposterous!” Tyr snorted. “Before the sun rises, I don’t want to see this woman ever again, or anything related to her.”

“Yes, Brother Tyr!”

Outside the mansion, within an extended Lincoln, Tyr was sitting in the back seat as he played Sokoban on his phone.

Drake was sitting beside him as he said humbly, “Brother Tyr, my name is Drake Tucker. It was Big Brother Clifford who told me to come looking for you. From today on, in Khanh City, I will follow your lead. To be able to serve you would be my honor.”

“Yeah.” Tyr only nodded a little as he continued with his game.

Drake added, “Brother Tyr, the city center is now under your name. It has a cluster of hotels, jewelry stores, boutiques, and various luxurious brands all in one elite trading center. In the future, we plan to bring in famous brands from all around the world. Now that Brother Tyr has returned, we can start looking for overseas partners to collaborate with this effort.”

Tyr was quiet for a brief moment before he nodded. “The city center will be under your care. If there’s nothing special, don’t bother me with it.”

“Yes, Brother Tyr. But the city center will soon be hosting a merchant investment event. As the owner of the place, would you like to attend this event personally?”

Tyr’s face fell. “Drake, do you not understand human language?”

Drake shuddered and quickly replied, “I understand, Brother Tyr.”


Early the next day, Winifred had gotten up very early. By the time Tyr woke up, Winifred had already prepared breakfast, and Blair had already freshened up and was waiting at the dining table.

“I’m sorry, I went to bed late last night, so I woke up late.” Tyr had slept around three in the morning, so he had woken up late this morning. “Does Blair have to go to kindergarten today? I’ll take her,” said Tyr as he walked over to Blair.

However, before he had gotten close, Blair looked up at Tyr with a frightened expression and started wailing out loud.

“Blair, what’s wrong?” Tyr was startled and confused.

When Winifred turned to look at Tyr, she, too, was horrified. “Tyr… You…”

“What’s wrong?” Tyr rushed into the bathroom. Through the mirror, other than his eyes appearing a little more bloodshot, nothing else seemed different. Only his murderous aura was too heavy.

“It must be that edge that I’ve been leaking that startled Blair.” Tyr mumbled to himself, “This is Celestial Empire, not the foreign lands. I need to keep this murderous aura in check.


“Stay calm.


Tyr stared in the mirror and smiled brightly.

After some time, Tyr came back out from the bathroom. That murderous aura he had earlier was completely concealed. Blair did not cry this time. It was true that she had been frightened by his aura earlier.

After having breakfast, Tyr and Winifred sent Blair to kindergarten together. When they got back, Tyr looked at Winifred and said, “You seem to be in a good mood today. Is it because I’ve come back?”

“Don’t be so full of yourself.” Winifred said, “Didn’t you see the news? Last night, something huge happened in Shannon’s home.”


“Shannon Louise is dead, and that Steve Hudson, too, is dead. All her assets have been seized. It was said that someone had taken revenge on her. That woman had done so much evil when she was alive. Finally, someone had taken care of her. This is great news. Now she wouldn’t be able to do anything to Blair anymore.”

Winifred was completely relaxed now. Before this, she had almost been forced into a corner, but now, Blair was safe.

A faint smile appeared on Tyr’s lips. “I’ve said it before. I would protect both of you.”

Winifred was stunned. She stared incredulously at Tyr. “Could Shannon have fallen because…”

“That’s right…”

Tyr had only said two words when Winifred glared furiously at him. “Stop joking around, Tyr. Just where have you been all these years?” Winifred did not believe that it was Tyr who had caused Shannon’s downfall.

Tyr had wanted to come clean with Winifred about his identity and background, but after some thought, he felt that it was too sudden. Even if he told her, Winifred would not believe him. If he forcefully explained himself, Winifred might dislike him and think that he was a liar instead. “I went overseas and worked there for a few years. Now that I have some savings, I’ve come back for you.”

“Okay.” Winifred did not ask anything else.

After that, she led Tyr to a supermarket and bought some nourishment for seniors. “Grandpa gave me a call this morning. He knew that you've returned, so he asked me to bring you over to meet him. Later if Grandpa and everyone else start sounding hostile, try to endure it and avoid disputes. They’re our elders, after all!”

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