Love Beyond Death

Love Beyond Death

By:  Annabel Raven  Completed
Language: English
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"I will always find you no matter where you are! There's no escape, Alizandra.” I turned her to face me and the terror stamped on her beautiful face made me weep inside. She looked at me just like the devil I was, and that didn't sit well with my heart, but I got so angry at that moment and so confused. Anger, pain, grief, fear, and God knew what else assaulted me at that moment. I didn't think of anything else, but to teach her a lesson for being disobedient, for abandoning me. So I showed her the monster I was. I didn't hide from her. I knew my eyes were glowing, and I exposed my fangs."What are you?”she said in a whisper, then her eyes changed, and what I saw in those lavenders took me by surprise.There was compassion for a troubled soul like mine, even though she feared me. But those lavenders didn't lie. She always had the power to see my darkened soul. The world around me ceased to exist when her fingertips roamed over my face like she was seeing the real me, like a veil had lifted from her eyes after all those endless years. I leaned on her hand, feeling the warmth of her palm, but I didn't take my eyes from hers, not even for a second. I had to see the emotions playing on her face."Why so lonely and tormented eyes? Who are you?” "I'm the devil who loved you for centuries.”

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82 Chapters
“Help!” Only a thread from afar, making its way through the haziness on my slumber. “God, it’s too much!” A whisper, barely there, anguished, tormented, then pain. Horrible and excruciating pain ripping through my insides, tearing everything in its path.There was only one time I felt this kind of pain, and it was when Liz died in my arms. I was so consumed by guilt and hatred, the devil in me rose to the surface and I spared nothing or anyone on my path.I snapped my eyes opened as one more jolt of electricity coursed through me, frying my flesh. I bared my fangs and hissed as my body heated to a searing point and convulsed. What was wrong with me? Late punishment for my evil deeds?“Please… Stop!” The yell was stronger this time, and another wave washed over my skin. Each of my muscles cramped in such a terrible way I swore they were being reaped open or something, the agony too much! When I thought death would welcome me, my body relaxed, leaving me painting and gasping for air. “Yo
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Chapter One
Dark Ages, 1457. Wallachia, Romania.We had just left Bucharest towards the north, my contingent of about five hundred men and I, and Târgovişte was up ahead, so it should be one of our resting stops. My enemies were all around me, and every single day I had to fight to be alive. I forced myself to build my reputation as a ruthless, cold-blooded bastard, because one thing my short existence taught me, it’s much better for you to be feared than to be loved, and believe me everyone feared me to the core, but that, didn’t stop my blood-thirsty enemies to hunt me down and try to overpower me, yet I was not about to let my beloved land and my people fall into their hands. I didn’t come through this route for pleasure; I had a purpose in mind, and some people would regret being alive. My foes had assassinated my eldest brother Mircea, and according to my informants, the boyars of Târgovişte were the ones to account for such a crime against my family. I didn’t want to believe in such treas
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Chapter Two
Dark Ages, 1457. Town of Târgovişte, Wallachia.I felt so warm and protected; I didn’t want to wake up and try to see my bearings, but something wasn’t quite right, my head hurt so much it made me nauseous and the smell of blood mingled with sweat made it worse, besides I could feel I was with someone on a horse. My heart-rate escalated. Maybe those two got their way with me. I didn’t remember and dread filled my soul, but I couldn’t pretend to sleep forever. Slowly, I opened my eyes to meet two beautiful forest green ones staring down at me. Without thinking, I flinched and recoiled in his embrace. Who was he?“Don’t fear me,” he said, his voice strong and rough, but somehow soothing. “I’m Vladislav Draculea.”“The dragon…” My breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened. He noticed I tensed in his arms.“Or the devil, as I’m known by everyone.” He gave a light, husky chuckle.He may think he didn’t mind what people thought of him, but his eyes said otherwise. I’ve heard horrendous
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Chapter Three
Dark Ages 1457.Her eyes widened and darkened, making those beautiful lavenders almost gone. I knew she feared me, but those men deserved the punishment they’ve got, and I would never let it pass. “Why did you say such a blasphemy? Everybody deserves salvation!” God, she made things difficult. She had hit her head and needed rest. I tried my best to contain myself, but if she kept saying those things and looked at me like I also deserve salvation, I wouldn’t respond to my actions. I had already lost my soul, I wouldn’t think twice to force myself and have my way with her, but she was different. She made me feel protective of her and other things I was not used to, and these things went to places I didn’t dare to talk about, and I knew she meant well about me and those miscreants. “Alizandra…” She had such pale and beautiful skin, my fingers burned to slide on it and feel its softness. My scrutiny was so obvious that she blushed and averted her eyes quite a few times, and every time,
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Chapter Four
Dark Ages, 1457. My blood boiled, and my heart went out to them. How could he behave like that and not show a stitch of remorse? “You can’t do that to human beings! What have they done to deserve such a fate?” “I don’t need to explain myself, nor my attitudes to you or anybody, but since you insist, they helped to betray my father and kill my brother, as for those I have sentenced them to slavery.”He boasted to me in the most merciless bitter tone I’ve heard in my life and with no room for arguments. Was all this for vengeance? Although he told me I wasn’t a slave, I worried about my safety, who knew my fate once we got to our destination. I may not be a slave in his eyes, but he held me hostage. What was the difference? None in my point of view, I didn’t know which would have been the worst of fates, ended up in the hands of those two perverts or the devil himself. “Will it be worth losing your soul, so you can carry on with a vengeance?” I couldn’t shut up, I was too astonished
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Chapter Five
Dark Ages, 1457.Three months, three months of the hardest self-control I put myself into, and I lost it, right there, as soon as I got close to her, not only because I didn’t find a fragment of fear in her eyes, but also I saw the defiance in her face. She affronted me! I went for the kill; I wanted to snap that long sinful neck like a twig under my fingers. How dared she questioned my actions and how I treated my opponents? I was a ruler; I had a country to build and enemies to banish away by any means possible, and she would have to come to terms with that.Everything I used against them, every means of torture, every piece of strategy I learned from the best teachers, my foes! And they were no less cruel than me, and knowing your opponents well is the only chance you had to outsmart them, and I fought hard every day, so we didn’t fall under their power again. Yet, my walls crumbled to the ground, getting closer to her body, inhaling her sweet floral perfume, and unable to resist he
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Chapter Six
Dark Ages, 1457.Everything was so perfect. Why did he stop? I didn’t want him to stop! My skin caught on fire, I needed his touch, his hands were rough but did miracles to my burning body.“Chase my demons away, Liz,” he whispered to me, cupping my face. It was such a raw, desperate request. How could I ignore his plea if it made my soul cry for him? I had to do what he asked me to. The hurt and loneliness in his kiss was heart-wrenching. I kissed him back, pouring all my passion before he met me with his own savage fire. I’ve felt nothing like the sensations he was awakening in me, and the sweet agony he was putting me through. He was desperate for branding me his, but trying so hard to control himself and be gentle in his ways.“I will,” I said to him, staring into those tormented eyes. “Just let them loose…” I didn’t say more, and all his control evaporated. He threw me in bed with him, holding my hands above my head, giving an almost full view of my naked body. He peppered kisses
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Chapter Seven
Dark Ages, 1457.Traitors surrounded me! How dared this feeble little bastard raised an army of his own and instigated a revolt against me? Didn’t he cherish his dear life enough? It was then Anton and three more of my guards came to me in the courtyard with two hostages.“Sire, these two belong to his army. We caught them lurking around and talking to the peasants.” Anton threw one of them on his knees by my feet. I was so enraged I grabbed him by the hair, pulling his head up to face me, making him yelp in pain, and I didn’t get the frightened look I was expecting, what it made me even more ravenous for blood.“What did your pitiful master plan against me?” I yelled at him, pulling harder on his hair, almost ripping out of his skull. “I don’t care what you do to me, I’m already dead. Do whatever you want, because you’re getting nothing out of me,” he spitted every word in defiance, and I had to control myself not to break his neck right there.“Maybe you’ll think twice when sliding
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Chapter Eight
Dark Ages, 1457. The movement in and out of the castle in the next few days had been harsh. Vlad didn’t stop for one minute and his men came and went at all times. I spent my days alone if it wasn’t for Liana. He would join me for dinner, and our nights were full of passion until the morning came, and I’d wake up alone. And he didn’t let me in fully into his world. He put me in some sort of limbo and it was maddening.“Vlad? What’s going on?” I had to ask one night while we were having our dinner. “You seemed to prepare for a war.” I was already growing to know his ways, and when he got himself in a heavy silence he was pondering on what to say to me and I wouldn’t get the whole truth out of him. “Your left eye is twitching…” I said, my eyes in slits. “Watch it, Vlad. I want the truth!”“Liz, I rebuilt this castle because as you can see, it’s not big and it’s on top of this precipice almost impossible to suffer an attack.” He stood up and extended his hand to me. “Come, I want to show
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Chapter Nine
Dark Ages, 1457.The following week was the hardest, and I’ve learned one more of his traits, stubbornness! The wound on his rib cage got infected, and we had to deal with his excessive-high fever. The wounds were healing, but barely closed. When pain beat at him he had to rest, but nothing, and no one could hold him in bed. The cut on his ribs bled a lot. It was a complicated place. Liana and I waited for him to settle for a nap, and we strapped him to bed. I didn’t know what else to do to keep this man quiet for some time, and all hell broke loose when he woke up and realized what I had done.“What do you mean by this, Alizandra?” His glaring could roast me on the spot such it was the anger there. I wasn’t sure anymore, if what I had done was the best approach for the situation. “Untie me, woman or…” I didn’t let him finish, as my words came out before I thought of them.“Or what? You don’t listen to me. You can’t keep moving around, you won’t heal, Vlad!” And it was right there, tha
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