Love Is Around

Love Is Around

By:  Eliza Lawson  Completed
Language: English
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The former movie king had now become a wealthy man’s plaything. Michael Sheng humiliated David Yu in various postures, but his heart was always empty. What he wanted was not his body, but his heart which had broken into pieces.

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42 Chapters
Chapter 01
  When David Yu saw Michael Sheng again, he was drinking and flirting with a man in a private room in a restaurant. Just as the man was about to rip his trousers off, the door of the small room opened.   Michael stood at the door like a handsome god, staring at him as if he was a clown. At that moment, David felt as if his heart had been ripped off. He wished the ground would swallow him up.   \"Mr. Sheng, good to see you!\"   Seeing that Michael was looking at David\'s body, a glimmer flashed across Harold Huang’s face.\"Do you like him?\"   Michael sneered.\"No. He’s disgusting.\"   \"I\'m sorry. Let me get rid of him.\" Mr. Huang said and turned to David.\"Leave us,\" he said with a waving gesture.   The box is claustrophobic to say the least, and no one wanted to leave more than David.   But if he walks out today, his sick grandmother may be carried out of the hospital tomorrow. Saving face was the least of his concerns.   \"M
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Chapter 02
  \"I just want fame. I don\'t want money.\"   This was what he had told Michael when he had first started acting.   Later, when they broke up, David asked him a rhetorical question, \"What would I do without you?”   David then proceeded to answer his own question. “With fame, money will naturally follow! I slept with you. You give me things. You and I just took what we needed. Mikey, don\'t be so naive. Sooner or later you\'ll end up destroying your family!”   After all this time, David had never changed. He loved money, and he was vain.   In recent years, Michael forced himself to forget the humiliation he had felt when they had broken up, but as soon as he saw David, all the resentment he had bottled up inside of him cascaded out, as though a dam had broken.   Michael grabbed David by the collar. Though he was raging, he spoke so that only the two of them heard, \"Don’t you have a heart?\"   David blinked, his face full of innocence.
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Chapter 03
  Michael knew him well enough to hit David where it hurt.   In this world, the person David cared most about was his grandmother. Truth be told, Michael was a close second. In his heart, his first love still occupied a small corner, tucked away from everything else.   David would never openly admit this, and he only kept his feelings to himself. Michael was his well-kept secret. He would rather die than hurt his grandmother, and she would most certainly get hurt if she learns about his sexual preference. She would not be pleased to learn that David likes men.   \"Michael, leave my grandmother out of this!\" He pleaded. \"Don\'t be cruel. Why would you do something like this? What if someone did the same to you?\"   Michael patted David\'s face and said in an almost doting tone.\"Be good, or I\'ll send the video to your old lady!\"   David’s whole body trembled. He clenched his teeth.   The truth was, though humiliating, he had just made a pret
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Chapter 04
  \"Messed up?\" Michael quickly seized David by the collar. \"How am I messed up?\" He\'s been waiting here for nearly an hour, and David’s reaction was exactly what he had hoped for.   \"You don\'t know how messed up you are?\" David glared defiantly at Michael.   He sneered, bent his head, kissed David\'s lips and said, \"Let me show you just how messed up I am.\"   He immediately picked David up and carried him into the bedroom.   Even as he struggled to free himself, David could still see Sam Wen\'s simple gloomy eyes in the living room.   \"Michael, let me go!\"   Even if he has been prostituting himself, he can\'t do it in front of others. What\'s more, he did not like this man, his look-alike, who was sitting outside.   \"Sam has always looked up to you. He admires your acting skills. Today you will let him see how you act in bed!\"   \"Michael, you cannot do this, let me go!\"   When Michael separated his legs, Dav
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Chapter 05
  The audition was in a small, dilapidated building in the east of the city, which had been reconstructed according to the original design. The stairs were steep and narrow. Gloomy light came through the dirty and broken windows. It was dull and depressing.   David has read the screenplay for \"Ferry\" five or six times. He knew it by heart. He has not had a chance to perform such a big scene for a long time, and so he was a little nervous.   Sam Wen had gone home, but Michael still insisted on having rough sex with David every day.   Last night, David\'s legs trembled after Michael had his way with him. Today, this works well for him, since his mood matched that of the character he was playing. The protagonist of the novel was also living a desperate existence.   In order to maintain this mood, he didn\'t speak until the audition. However he didn\'t expect to see Michael Sheng and Sam Wen sitting next to director Warren Ji when he went in for the audition.
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Chapter 06
  When Michael came in, David was choking Sam. He pushed David away and held Sam Wen in his arms. He yelled at David, \"You fucking moron, do you have any idea what you’ve done? Low life scum. Filth like you belong in the gutter. I really shouldn\'t have brought you back.\"   Hearing this, David looked up at Michael.   His anger and disgust could not be disguised, so naked. For a moment, David felt like he had been stripped naked and thrown out to the street.   Low-life scum.   Sam Wen’s words had stung more. \"Maybe your slut of a mother had seduced Mr. Sheng...\"   If it\'s true, then Michael could be his brother. He felt nauseous.   Coughing heavily, Sam Wen pulled Michael closer.\"I\'m fine.\"   \"Your throat is hoarse. Stop talking!\" Michael picked Sam up and said softly, \"I\'ll take you to the hospital.\"   Michael comforted Sam Wen and said to David with a cold face, \"This cannot happen again.\"   \"Fuck you.\"
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Chapter 07
  David was lying on the bathroom floor, looking at the dim light above, thinking about how tired he was of living. But grandma\'s still here. He couldn’t leave her.   Besides, Paul is still alive.   When he went out from the bathroom while leaning on the wall, Annie grabbed him.\"What\'s the matter? Director Ji has just told me that he can\'t pick you. Today\'s audition went so well, everybody agreed that you were the best actor!\"   Annie noticed his injuries. \"What happened to your face?\"   David shook his head.\"It\'s nothing. I fell. It was an accident.\"   Annie He could tell, after seeing Michael holding Sam Wen just now, that something had happened. \"Forget it. If you can\'t get this role, we’ll find you another one.\"   David\'s vision was very blurry now, but he was not uncomfortable. He had gotten used to losing his vision many years ago. David declined Annie’s offer.\"Forget it, I\'m not going to be able to act now!\"   \"
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Chapter 08
  \"You will do anything for money.\"   Sometimes Michael wanted to open David\'s chest to see if he had a heart.\"Haven’t you known that for a long time?\" David smiled indifferently.   Everyday, it cost ten thousand to keep his grandmother in the hospital. The hospital makes three hundred thousand off of her and she doesn’t even make a sound. Last night, the old lady went into the emergency room again, and Mark Lao had lent him two hundred thousand yuan.   \"David, we didn’t have to make an agreement the old-fashioned way. It\'s just that for so many years, you have been the muse in my heart. You’re the reason why I began to think about making movies. I wanted to make movies with you someday.\"   \"What I said that day, just act as if I hadn’t said them. I\'ll lend you the money and you can pay it back when you can. As for the movie, I know you don\'t like it. Forget it.\"   Seeing Mark pretending not to be sad, though he obviously was, David’s hear
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Chapter 09
  Running into them in the hospital was totally unexpected. Knowing him, David knew Michael would definitely use this incident to threaten him.   But his grandmother’s life is on the line.   David squatted on the edge of the flowerbed in the hospital, with a pile of cigarette butts scattered around his feet. He narrowed his eyes, trying to focus on the dim yellow street lamp.   However, David didn\'t expect that Michael wouldn\'t trouble him, but Sam found out for himself.   As soon as he came out of the old lady\'s doctor\'s office, Sam Wen stopped him.   \"David, let\'s talk.\"   Sam Wen is handsome and famous. David didn\'t want to talk, but he was afraid that Sam would lead the reporters to the hospital and so he agreed.   Sam drove them to a very private coffee shop. He had reserved the entire second floor. He was very rich. As soon as they sat down, Sam Wen went straight to the point, \"I\'ll find the best doctor for your old lady
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Chapter 10
  David quickly regained his composure.\"You know I didn’t come to meet you empty handed?\"   David shakes the mobile phone in his hand and grins, \"I’m way past my prime, but you’re at the height of your career. You’re the darling of the media. They only have good things to say about you.\"   \"Are you planning to blackmail me?\"   \"Oh, don’t worry. It’s just a little insurance, to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.\"   Sam\'s face had gone white, then red. He just had to laugh. David turned and walked away.   When he got back to the hospital, the old lady had just woken up.\"David, let\'s go home.\"   \"Grandma.\"   With tears in her eyes, the old lady shivered and stretched out her hand full of pinholes. David held it.    \"David, this hospital is too expensive! Grandma can\'t bear to let you work so hard!\"   \"Grandma, this money is nothing to me. I don’t even work that much, can’t you see? I stay here as much as
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