Love Shot

Love Shot

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“Be my slut, I'll protect and provide for you,” Zayn said to her while pinning her against his father's door.****Notoriously known for his involvement as the leader of the school's bad gang and his cruelness, Elsa Jameson has made it her life mission to avoid Zayn Black at all cost but when she started making friends with the daughter of a legendary basketball player, she knew she was losing it, especially when Zayn turns out to be her friend's brother and he has picked interest in her.

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Rosemary Obegu
I love this book though I haven't finished it yet,every page is just intriguing.
2023-02-18 00:06:32
33 Chapters
"Please tell me that slut ain't sleeping with my man." I heard a student say beside me.Bitch what man are you talking about? Everyone in Eastwood High is a boy or a girl. No fúcking man involves.I slammed my locker closed after bringing out my essential English textbook. The annoying noise suddenly quieted down and only a few students still murmured and I knew why.Stephanie Black must be making an entrance.When I turned around to look, it was just like I thought. I shook my head as I watch her flip her hair while cat-walking toward me."It's almost time for class, friend. What the fuck are you still doing here?" She asked me, I chuckled and intertwined my fingers with hers.I've been schooling in Eastwood High for years now and ever since I started I've been trying to stay out of trouble, it worked for the first few years but last year Stephanie took an interest in me."I was just grabbing my textbook for Mr. Hillary's class," I responded as we walk down the hallway, all eyes on u
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"Elsa, bring out the oranges I brought back last night," Mom says to me, I get up from the chair and walk to the kitchen to bring the oranges. "These oranges look supper fresh today, Mom," I say on my way from the kitchen, I stop in front of her and drop the orange on the small table. I flip back my brown hair and grab an orange from the bowl. I'm still thinking of what to tell her before I can go out. Earlier in school, Stephanie insisted on me being at her house tonight, I have been there before, several times. Her parents know me, they are kind people, but her brother doesn't like me. He can't stand me. He always tries to undermine me, to show me that I don't belong with them. I don't want the disrespect that will come with going over to their house but there's absolutely nothing I can do, I have to fulfill my promise to my best friend. "Mom, I have to finish up a project with Stephanie tonight," I say and she raised her eyes to look at me, she pushes her curls from her fac
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3 Zayn's POV: Her piercing brown eyes widen and she gulps loudly while glancing around her and then back to me. She looks cute. "Wha... What are you talking about, Zayn." She questions. I have been secretly watching her, the way she stole glances at me didn't escape my notice. I noticed her beautiful shape ass as she tried to hide them with those baggy jeans and trousers she normally wears, I notice how flustered she gets when I come near her, for years I have been watching her and waiting for the right time to claim her. She is my girl even without knowing it. "What are you doing, let me go." She whispers and I shake my head. I have been waiting for so long. I raise my hand to her face and slowly caress her face. She is a beauty. Being a biracial girl she has the beauty of both races in her. Her brown locks were taken from her father's race and it suits her perfectly, she is beautiful with them. From the corner of my eyes, I can see Stephanie walking towards us with her boyf
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Elsa I don't think I heard him well. I'm not sure if I hear him at all. But the way he is looking at me as if he is waiting for my response makes my head dizzy. "Be mine," he repeated himself. Should I cry or laugh? Nothing like that comes to mind as I stare at him. Zayn Black, my best friend's brother wants me to be his slut. As in, his whore. I feel shame wash over me. Is that all he sees me as? Some girl he can have to satisfy his sex craves? I blink my eyes and glare at him. "I am not a slut, Zayn. I'm your sister's best friend." He stares at me as if I am speaking a foreign language. He chuckles as he drags the back of his hand leisurely down my left cheek. "Why? You are not anybody's slut but mine. You don't have a choice, Elsa Jameson." He smiles and rubs the pad of his thumb on my bottom lip. "I want you." He slips his finger inside my mouth and I do well by closing my teeth on it. His face contorts and I fear that he will also me but he didn't instead his grin wi
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Elsa "What are you doing?" This is the question that he asks me. Well dude I'm drinking milk. I raise the glass in my hand for him to see and he nods his head. He walks past me to the fridge as well and grabs a bottle of water. "Are you dating Zayn?" He asks. Why is everyone talking about Zayn? I just want them to stop bringing up his name to me. It is disturbing. "We're not,” I utter and gulp down the milk then rinse off the remaining in the washing basin. I place back the cup from where I got it and start walking out of the kitchen. "Stay away from him," Mace says all of a sudden. I stop walking and wait for a minute, trying to let his word sink in. What does he mean by that? I start walking again without stopping. I've gotten enough. I'm tired of everyone trying to warn me as if I don't know. I know what this is. I know what I'm getting into and that is why I'm trying to stop this as soon as I can. I know this. Even his friend is warning me about him. Zayn is dangerou
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Elsa Jameson:"When can I begin working, then?" I ask him a question as he works on preparing beverages for guests.I want to get to work right away. I need to be able to earn some money before the month is out because I don't have time."You just arrived, and since you'll only be working part-time, we haven't even discussed your remuneration yet." He says as he gives me two drinks in glasses. I take the glasses and walk over to the table, where I place the drink before returning to Carl."So, how much will you be paying me? I'll start working right now, so we must arrange everything." I answered. Carl sighed and set his palms on the table while maintaining a straight face."So, how much will you be paying me? I'll start working right now, so we must arrange everything." I answered. Carl sighed, put his hands on the table, and fixed his gaze on mine.Wow, what a handsome guy.He was almost the same height as Zayn at 6'3". His intensely blue eyes stared right into mine."Since there ar
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I went to the pub after the Sunday service and got to work as needed. Carl has been kind to me; he taught me how to do things that I'm still unsure how to do, and he has answered all of my inquiries about the various drink brands. He was the nicest employer."Elsa, come over here." From behind the counter, he said to me. I approached him from behind the counter and gave him a nod.He handed me a drink and said, "Take this.""Why are you giving me booze to drink?" I asked as I looked up at him."It's not alcohol, I want you to be the first person to taste a new flavor that I'm attempting." I raised an eyebrow in response as I looked up at him.I took the glass from him and took a few moments to contemplate the milk-like beverage because I wasn't sure if he was testing me or not."Are you certain that this isn't alcohol? Is this a test for me? You must stop if this is a practical joke." I scowled as he flung back his head and burst out laughing.He grasped both of my shoulders, shocking
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I was stunned, confused, and helpless. Everyone was staring at me waiting to see what I'll do next. I couldn't just leave your class so I stayed by first the board and try to keep myself calm.Just then the door was pushed open, and Zayn and his friends walk in."Don't react, don't say anything," Stephanie muttered.I wasn't planning on saying anything to him at the moment.Our history teacher walked in and I quickly brought out my book from my backpack."Hello students and good morning, today we are going to talk about the incident that shook up the United States of America and beyond, the 9/11 incident." She said.Oh, s***. How many times am I going to hear about this over and over again?It is lunch break and Stephanie already left with her boyfriend, I grabbed my bag and made my way to the door. It was just me in the class."What is wrong with you? did you see the picture?" A voice asked me. I screamed and jumped back in fright only to see Zayn sitting down leisurely on a chair,
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Zayn's POV:I walk inside my gaming room and see Max and Jace sitting on the couch with their PS5 controller in their hands.I slouch beside Max and groan. I'm so fucking tired.Max glanced at me and threw my PS5 controller toward me. "What was that all about in school? Are you fucking Elsa?" He asks and I raise my eyebrows at him."What is that supposed to mean?" I question him."Nothing, just want to know if she's now part of the gang."Jace glanced at me as well, waiting for my response."She's just another girl that I want, nothing special," I mumble. I don't want them to think of anything else or even get ahead of themselves."So basically, you just want to fuck her?" Max inquires and I nod my head."And also keep her around for a while."I'm interested to see how it goes with her. Elsa is not like every other girl that I know. She is nothing like Jemima. The way she talks, act, and dress are completely different.I've never gone out with a middle-class girl like her before and I
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Elsa Jameson:His smile scares me. The way he quietly stared at me. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked him. He smirked and arched his eyebrow."How am I looking at you?" He questioned mockingly.I don't even know what to say to him. Zayn was built differently.A guy that can smile in a second and also frown in the next."It is late, why are you calling me by now?" I asked him. He shrugged casually, propping himself on one hand while staring at me. The soft glow from his nightstand lamp makes his face soften a bit.As I look at him I have a lot to say to him. A lot of things to ask him but I wasn't sure if I should go ahead with it."Say whatever you are thinking." He said to me, catching me off guard. I blushed and relaxed my head on my pillow."You can't sleep?" I asked him."Why can't I sleep?" He inquired. I don't know.I knew that his upcoming game is very important and I felt like he must be nervous about it. But at the end of the day, he is Shane Black's son. I've
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