Loveliest regrets

Loveliest regrets

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"My heart goes to her, naturally. Without even me knowing it." - Gareth James Wilson. ********* Being a good student, simply devoted to her studies and books, Briar is as pure as the sunshine. With her new, young and gorgeous principal, Gareth, catching her in the most unexpected scenarios, she unwillingly, comes in his notice and unavoidably, starts developing feelings for a man, a lot older than her. Will this unacceptable romance, accompanied by a series of events, shape their life for good or make it the worst nightmare?

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Author's Note
Thank you for giving this story and it's fellow author your precious time and a chance. *************Some points before you start reading:1. English is not my first language.2. If you find any grammatical errors or plot errors, please comment in the comment section.3. Unnecessary hate comments will not be entertained.4. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. You can either comment or feel free to dm the author.5. This is an original piece of writing. If you encounter any plot similarities with some other works you've read, then it's pure coincidence.6. This story has some crazy, stupid, cliché shit, so read at your own risk. ©LUSH Do not copy or republish
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1. The dare
Briar's POVRosé, my friend, shouted from a distance, "Briar, you can do it!"I gulped hard as my throat was dry, took a few steps towards the corridor I turned back and saw five bastards, signalling me to go forward.I was scared and trust me that’s an understatementOf course, who wouldn't be? I was given a dare to steal the student record book from the principal's office. I still don't understand why do they want it? But recalling back our game last night at the dorm, I cursed under my breath for choosing dare.“Fuck you.” I mouthed and saw them giggling at me from a distance.It was cold, yet a stream of sweat ran down my spine and every step felt like dragging a brick by each of my shoes. I was clearly reluctant to move forward, but there’s a fine line between apprehension and achievement. And I was very arrogantly trying to challenge my fear.Tightly holding the door handle of the office, I looked through the key hole, enquiring if someone was in there. Luckily there was nobody.
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2. New principal
Briar's POVI was walking with heavy steps in the corridor. Trying hard not to cry, simultaneously cursing under my breath in every possible way there is. Regretting every taking birth, I was going through a roller coaster of emotions, feeling self-hatred dominating all the others.My legs were weirdly shaking with a trail of shivers running up and down my body. I didn’t enjoy the feeling and was fighting to distract my mind when I heard a hustle as I reached to the main pathway. Many students were moving towards the main hall, I presumed. My attention was grabbed by the assembly bell ringing and I started walking with the students."What’s happening?" A student asked me."Don’t know. I myself just heard the bell.” I said shrugging my shoulders.“Some students were saying that it's for some special announcement.” Another girl behind me said.“Maybe?” I said and kept walking till I reached the hall.I was curious, just like majority of the people around. Hanging my hands lose I was jus
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3. Wanting to be unnoticed
Briar's POVFor the first time in my life, I felt like I shouldn't have been the head-leader."Good morning, students." He said, bending to speak in the mic. I could hear some girls from behind, already falling for him."Due to some very severe reasons Mrs. Wilson is not present amongst us. She may or may not be able to join the school again. As already said by your teacher, we must keep her in our prayers.” He continued.“I look forward for having an amazing time with all of you, because everyone has something new to teach in your life. It depends on you, how you take it. Thank you. Have a great day everyone." He said and smiled, with the claps roaring the hall once more.He stepped down the stage and walked out the door, right in front of me. My breath being uneven, as it had been, a heavy feeling my chest just never left. The drum started playing, indicating the students have to be dispersed. I almost jolted when someone tapped my shoulder as I was deep immersed in the thought of t
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4. Almost kiss
Briar's POV"Get ready quickly, dolly day dream." Ariana said ruffling my hair and Gretchen laughed.I threw my hairclip at her and she ran out the door laughing.“You’ll come by yourself, right?” Gretchen said and I noticed everyone had already left.“Yeah sure.” I said smiling.“Don’t be late.” Gretchen said tapping her wrist watch, walking out the door, closing it.Another reason for us being best friends is because we're roommates. We shifted to the new dorms when we were promoted to high school. And us being six girls, we ended up getting one of the biggest rooms on our floor. Obviously, being together practically all the time, we are more like a family.Suddenly while dressing up my mom's face came in my head. It's been months and I haven't met my mom and dad. Being a single child, I am pampered thoroughly. But the family legacy of sending your children to boarding school has been a part of the family traditions. So, I was admitted to the school by my parents. But originally bel
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5. Library
Briar's POVThe day was amazing, as the first five periods none of the teachers took classes, because of some meeting they had to attend. Not soon after it was almost time to return to the dorms. Our school gets over at three o’clock in the afternoon and according to the rules we have to get to our dorms by six in the evening. We get a three-hour time lapse, to attend extra classes or roam around the campus.Sometimes we get some extra work like cleaning the classrooms or extra lessons by teachers who are behind in completing the syllabus. Though, I usually spend my time reading books, in the garden area or corridor corners. I was reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, not the first time with this masterpiece, but my admiration never fades away.Jane undeniably is one of the most amazing characters I have encountered in a book. Her perseverance in the face of adversity, her strong personality and wisdom always leaves me awe. There was something about her that I felt deeply connected w
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6. Trouble Student
Gareth's POVI was in my office looking for 'Men without women' by Haruki Murakami, the book which mother recommend to me a long time ago. I know very well that she was not trying to mock me about my broken marriage by recommending this book. In fact, she wants me to get married again, but for me, it’s not as easy as it may appear.Three years of devotion and treating her like the goddess of my temple, she didn’t even care to notice the range of my love for her. Our marriage was planned like a business deal between my father’s friend and his company. The careless attempts to make two people close surely didn’t work in our case. While I wholeheartedly abided my mother’s request, her virtue of freedom seemed to be bounded by my presence.My mother still blames herself for the scar she left on my mind, because to her I was simply showing my love for my mother as I allowed another woman to rule over my heart’s territory. I promised to give her everything she desired while that little sill
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7. Ten days
Briar's POVThe heat I felt last night on my cheeks was still fresh and I just cannot erase that incident from my memory. To put in simple words, my fear made me do something I could never imagine. I hugged my principal and not just hug, I JUMPED AND HUGGED Mr. Wilson. It was just amateurishly exasperating. I know how each time I recall that incident an extremely clear image of Mr. Wilson with that teasing smile, comes in my head.I can only imagine how much fun he must've made of me in his brain. And on top of hugging him, I also rambled in front of him. Fuck my anxiety! My situation strangely keeps getting worse in front of him making it purely awkward for me to come in contact with him.My heart beats faster thinking what happened last night, not just with me, but even Rose. I would’ve gotten mad at her as I was unaware of the other side of the story.When I came back the previous night, nobody was in the dorm. To my surprise, even Gretchen was not the room, because she usually sta
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8. Sports class
Briar's POVIt felt like the days had become shorter, taking into consideration how I was so consumed in my book. Though I haven't completed reading it yet, because I was reading it slowly; it's an amazing book. I especially adore the delicacy with which Johnathan takes care of Annika.Are coincidences really shaped so beautifully? Just like the gentleness of the wind as life passes by, do people really remain good even after the sun goes down? Maybe, I was thinking too deep into the novel, but I do understand her fondness into being alone due to the trauma, away from everyone; except that one person.Is love really a drug you shouldn’t take, yet it rules over you and drives you insane and makes you test your limits? Ironically, you are simply the only person to be blamed for it. Just like poison ivy, greedily begging for a potion to be poured out the pot of lust, dominated by the craving for that person’s touch; mentally and physically. Almost like being trapped in their chains, the
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9. Caught
Gareth's POVThe day was almost over and so was my work. I now realize how much work mom did. I mean, it's just a school and still so many responsibilities; though my company makes my workload increase, but still, I’m near my exhaustion phase hitting, again.I wasn't able to get time to read the book. I tried reading further but last night I left my book in the library, because I had to suddenly attend a few business calls. I always prefer reading in my office, but because the entire place is getting renovated, I had to go to the library.Whenever I read in my room, I always end up getting very sleepy and because I don’t have much time to spare on this, I want to finish this book in a week. Obviously, it isn’t easy, taking in account how horribly impactful this entire piece of writing is. Every other story just brings in something painful to encounter. I was impressed by the human dynamics of relationships that are driven by lust or longing can take a much deeper aspect into consi
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