AXEL: A Titan Kings MC Novel ONE

AXEL: A Titan Kings MC Novel ONE

By:  R L Dickinson  Completed
Language: English
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When journalist, Bella Sinclair, was invited to a friends birthday celebration in the local bar, she imagined there would be drinking, dancing, and letting her hair down. What she didn't imagine- being sexual assaulted.Biker Alex 'Axel' Warner wasn't happy. He was supposed to be back in his clubhouse for the weekly party held by the club. He was supposed to be drunk, with the clubwhores begging for his c***. Instead, he was serving alcohol to a bunch of drunken adults, some behaving like children. That is until he spots the beautiful redhead dancing with her friends. What will happen when the two meet?Will Axel be able to protect Bella?Will he be able to protect her from herself?

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AXEL A Titan Kings MC Novel ONE by R L Dickinson is a sweet romantic tale with a rating of five stars. Bella Sinclair was expecting to have a night of fun. Her friend is throwing a birthday party at a local bar. Axel Warner works at the bar and notices things are getting unruly. Unfortunately, Bella gets sexually assaulted, and Axel helps her. Their link should have ended when Bella expressed her gratitude. But it seems it was only the beginning. Alex is starting to dread the feelings churning inside him. Can he keep it together or be another danger for Bella?

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36 Chapters
Prologue and Chapter 1- Bella
PrologueBellaEverything was dark. I could hear cars driving past. Where was I? My head was so foggy, I couldn’t remember why I was outside. I was in the bushes, the floor was a little bit damp, even though it hadn’t rained in weeks. Why was I sleeping in a bush? I noticed a shooting pain in my legs, my face was starting to hurt too. I felt like I had been hit by a train. Ok, try to remember… I was with Nic. It was her cousin Georges birthday party at the local bar. I wasn’t a big drinker; I had only had three glasses. I’ve never been drunk before but this isn’t what I’m feeling is it? Why would people do this to themselves? I was aching all over now. I reached up and flinched as my hand brushed against my swollen cheek. What the hell happened? Nathan. I saw Nathan. Why does his name bring a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach? God, I think I’m going to vomit. My brain feels like it
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Chapter 2- Bella
Chapter 2Bella “How have you been Bella? I’ve not seen you in a while. You grew up good.” He looked down at my dress, the way he was looking at me made me feel a bit uneasy. “Erm, yeah I’ve been ok thanks.” I answered gingerly.“Are you still living on Delta?”“Yeah, still with my mom.”“Are you guys doing ok, you know… since Ryan?”“yeah we’re fine.” I replied sharply. I didn’t like to talk about my brother, not with someone I didn’t really know.“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have bought him up.”“It’s Ok, honestly. I know he was your friend too.”“Yeah he was when we were younger. We kind of drifted apart at middle school. Still, it hurt when he died though.”“Yeah, I know how that feels.” I agreed
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Chapter 3- Axel
Chapter 3AxelI was just finishing up in the bar. I had kicked the last few lads out of the bar at closing time. I was cleaning the counter and wiping the tables. We did have cleaners that did the cleaning, but I found it therapeutic. I was wiping the bar down when I heard a loud noise outside. I could hear men arguing. That’s all I need. I opened the doors and saw two men fighting. I ran over to them and grabbed both of them by their collars and dragged them apart. “What the fuck is going on? Get out of here before I call the cops.” I was a big fuck. I’m tall, well over 6 feet. I was built, I spent an hour in the gym every day, like I said, I’m a big fuck. I was intimidating. And a member of the Titan Kings MC Club. Both men turned and walked away in opposite directions. “Fucking drunks. Need to fuck off away from my bar.” I mumbled to myself as I headed back inside. I headed to the bar and p
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Chapter 4- Bella
Chapter 4BellaI’d been raped. He hit me, forced me down and raped me. I can’t believe this happened. I can’t breathe. I feel like the whole world is spinning around so fast and I can’t move. I feel sick. My life is over, nobody will want me now. He took it, he took my virginity. Why is everything spinning? I could hear someone calling my name, it sounded faded, like a ghost. How can a ghost be calling my name? Am I dead? “Bella!” I heard them call again. Who is calling me? Why does it sound so far away? I can hear engines, lots of them. Not car engines, motorbike engines. I don’t know anyone with a bike. Do I? I’m confused. Lots of lights flashing around me now. It’s dark outside and now I can hear more people talking. I don’t recognize their voices though. My eyes are closed, I can’t open them to see who is talking. “Bella!!!” Mom? That’s my mom! Mom
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Chapter 5- Bella
Chapter 5BellaI sat in the cubicle waiting for the tests to start. They wanted me to have a CT scan because I passed out. I hadn’t looked in a mirror, but I knew I looked a mess. I could feel my swollen face and couldn’t open my left eye properly. I also had dried blood on my hands. I didn’t know where that had come from. A nurse opened the curtain and walked in. “Hi Bella, my name is Jenny, I am one of the nurses here. I’ve come to help you get ready. We need to get your clothes off and put this gown on. We’ll put your clothes in an evidence bag that Detective Holgate will need. Then we will start with taking some swabs of the inside of your mouth, underneath your nails and then the doctor will come in and do the rape kit. After that, we will get you down to radiology for your scan. I’m going to stay with you though, ok?” She smiled kindly, but I saw the hint of sympathy in her eyes. &
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Chapter 6- Bella
Chapter 6BellaI woke up early the next day, it was Sunday morning. I needed to go to the police station and my statement. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but my mom called them and told them I had been sleeping all day. Detective Holgate was fine, he understood, but he needed me to go in before he put a warrant out for his arrest. I left my mom a note and called a cab. I still needed to call the club; I’ll call them later. I didn’t have Axel’s number to call him and ask him myself, I wanted to talk to him though, I kept thinking about him. I was lost in thought when I heard the cab pull up. I grabbed my purse and threw it in my bag and locked up. I ran down to the cab and told him where I needed to go. We drove in silence for the ten minutes it took to get to the police station. It’s not a big town. We can get from one side of town to the other in only 10 minutes, and that’s where the station is. I pa
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Chapter 7- Bella
Chapter 7BellaI woke up on the Monday morning when my alarm went off for work. I got up, jumped in the shower and picked out my work clothes. I chose a pair of black trousers and a pale green shirt. I carefully applied make up, I had to wear it heavier than usual to cover the bruises. Luckily, the swelling had gone down now. I grabbed my laptop, my purse and went downstairs. I brewed a coffee and made some toast. I picked up a phone yesterday on my way home from Nic’s house, so I picked it up, deciding to text Axel. I tried to text him yesterday, but I didn’t know what to say. I started to type “Hi Axel, it’s Bella, thank you for what you did.” I deleted it before I pressed send. I didn’t know what to say. I glanced at the clock. 8:15. Damn it! I should have left five minutes ago. I threw my phone in my bag and ran out the door. I didn’t live too far away from work, and it was a lovely day fo
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Chapter 8- Axel
Chapter 8AxelOh, I don’t think so. She turned to walk away. Did she think she was leaving like that without an explanation? I think not. “Nope, you’re coming with me.” I took her hand and pulled her gently toward me. I took hold of her hand and started to walk toward my bike. “Where are we going?” She asked.“The clubhouse.”“Clubhouse?”“Our clubhouse, I’m in a MC club, remember?”“I remember, I didn’t know you had a clubhouse though.”“Yeah all MC clubs do. Come on.”We got to my bike. Her eyes widened when she realized I expected her to get on. “Erm, can I just call a cab?” I smirked. “You never been on a bike before Pumpkin?”“Pumpkin?” She snarled.“Your hair color reminds me of a pumpkin.”“It’s not o
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Chapter 9- Axel
Chapter 9AxelI didn’t want to get my ass kicked by Tina for interrupting them, so I hung back and waited for them to finish. I was only stood there for seconds when Ink came out and called me into his office. I walked through the open door and sat in the chair opposite his. “Just got word that Fox hasn’t been seen since Friday night. He’s hiding out somewhere. We’re looking into who he has round him with the resources to help him out, but for now, he’s gone.” “Bella said he didn’t live round here, he lived in North Bridge. He was just visiting his mom over on Elm. Have you checked there?” “Yeah we’ve had eyes all over this side of NC. My cousin is an Aces MC, he’s told his Prez and they’re looking out on their end, I’ve also spoke to Dante, Prez of the Bandits. Nothing over there either. Don’t worry, we’ll find him. He’ll slip
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Chapter 10- Bella
Chapter 10BellaI woke up the next morning with Axel’s arm around my waist and his hand on my breast. I heard a buzzing noise coming from my bag. I got up quietly and crept over to my bag. I pulled my phone out just as the ringing stopped. 5 missed calls from mom. Damn. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer. “ISABELLA SINCLAIR! WHERE ARE YOU?!?” She was furious. “Hi mom, I’m really sorry I didn’t come home. I bumped into Axel and I was a little bit drunk. He bought me back to the clubhouse and we fell asleep watching a movie.” “Axel, from last week? And you’ve been with him all night?” She asked. “Yeah, I’m sorry. Nothing happened though. I’ll be leaving soon, and I’ll come straight home.” I promised. She agreed and then we hung up. I turned to see Axel’s eyes on me. “Good morning beautiful.” He said. I walked over to
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