Married to a stripper (BlackBook 1)

Married to a stripper (BlackBook 1)

By:  Zagzahzlau  Completed
Language: English
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"Marley!" He jerked off of his seat, "I forbid you from uttering that name henceforth. I can't believe this!" he grabbed his hair tightly.  "Mar-" "Don't!" he cut her off before flinging the piece of paper toward her which only flew a little distance from him to the carpeted floor.  "Nine weeks?" ****** The night; Liza, a nineteen years old stripper, Sacrifices her school to sponsor her sisters to college, Pays the bills, and wins bread. Things get worse when dean fires her after discovering she bares a customer's offspring. Wealth; Marley Woods, twenty-three with enough to be called a billionaire is the CEO of a known automotive manufacturing company.But a night's misbehavior engulfs him into a brain wrecking dilemma. Love and disaster; Zaphrina and Marley started on a rocky path with the help of his perspective on women. Sparks begin to build up between these two immiscible humans as Zaphrina becomes her worst nightmare's employee and fate being the perfect ribbon-wrapped gift it is, both find themselves in a situation neither can do without the other. Liza shows up just in time to ruin the smooth union with the help of someone who seeks Marley's grief more than she seeks his happiness.

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54 Chapters
Chapter one
This book isn't edited. ~••~ “Where the hell is Liza?” Loud stomps and a rageous voice echoed through the hallway into the dressing room, where the strippers prepared for their show as they giggled and babbled their day's event. “She isn't around yet, Dean." One of them—Zoe—answered as the door revealed a crimson face with thin knitted brows above furious green eyes. That was the third time he came checking up on her. “What?” he unbelievably blurted as he glanced at his watch, “Is she aware it's almost twelve?” The room went dead. Dean fisted his hair in devastating frustration. “Tell her to report to my office upon arrival.” his words seeping through clenched teeth was the last thing heard before the door brutally shut. Dean was a tall muscular fair-skinned man dancing in his mid thirties. He owned one of the town's famous private club; Spyce nightclub, worth thousands to millions per night. A single father of a ten-year-old for as long as five years after losing his wife
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Chapter two
"No way!"He said, for the millionth time in two hours comfortably seated on his black high back PU leather office chair rotating in semi circles.His right hand decorated the chair's arm as he pinched his nose bridge in annoyance."Dude, listen, you need to chill a little...I mean look at you, working your ass out twenty-four, seven and almost three hundred and sixty-five, twelve Sundays exclusive. You are no different from a slave you know."Josh, his childhood best friend recited in one breathe, seated on the other side of the large perfectly polished U-shaped mahogany office desk. He was in a grey suit and his jet black hair in a little mess which kept Marley wondering what he had been up to lately with the receptionist."I totally concur with Josh. You haven't been hanging out with us like before. It's closed to a year. We miss you, man."Kennedy--Ken preferably, butted in. Just like Marley he had coffee brown hair and unlike Marley he
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Chapter three
Lord Huron-- The night we met.Zaphrina stared at her reflection in the giant restroom mirror, eyes focused on a completely different image the mirror reflected of her. What she saw was a depressed and frustrated version. She realized the unwanted masks showed up from the latter event.That wasn't a life she was living anymore, it was more of a hellhole. Her eyes slowly teared up both as a result of an unblinking stare and reminiscence of her life. Zaphrina fought to stop herself from breaking down but her emotions got the best of her and her lips convulsed resulting in a pair of colorless warm liquid run down her chestnut cheeks.She sniffed a couple of times, dabbed the almost dried and cold tears off her face only to give more room to fresh and warmer teardrops.As time elapsed, Zaphrina knew more than just sulk in a restroom all day.What more could make her feel better on an awful Saturday morning but a h
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Chapter four
Zaphrina did the everyday routine; Walked straight to the kitchen after a sleepless night, where her mum secondarily resided considering that time of the day. She hung her purse on a chair next to the one she plopped on. "Good morning mama."The mid-thirty coal-black haired gentlewoman who was backing her at the moment pivoted her head to her daughter with a smile. "How was work?"Usually, the question won't bother her as it was usual for her to just give it a casual answer but this time the question to her sounded like intolerable screeches into the ears as a flash of awful images came jogging in and out of her mind.A cup of hot coffee was deposited in front of her followed by a plate consisting of two slices of peanut butter sandwich."Are you ok?" her mum questioned again this time pulling a chair adjacent to her."Yeah, I'm good, work was fine," she said as she sipped into her cup of hot coffee. "How's your leg by the way?" she as
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Chapter five
He had been there, not once, not twice but no sign of this mystery lady. He questioned those he thought might help unfortunately they claimed not to know her, those who manage to, won't tell him a thing. Use what you got to get what you want. That certainly didn't cross his senses all that time. But was this lady some sort of illusion? No, she wasn't, she couldn't be, for he felt her that night; every tender part of her body against his. He felt those soft and juicy lips of hers against his where he thought they belonged, her big brown eyes so charming yet stained with a worrying flicker of sorrow and a pain that had him persistently intrigued. He returned to reality at the sound of his office door creaking revealing to him a slender lady in her late forties who adorned a beige designer satin dress on a pair of black three inches stiletto. A thick white vintage designer fur coat over her shoulders complimented her elegant togetherness. To crown it all were a pair of sapphire earrin
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Chapter six
Zaphrina was getting all comfortable with the silent ride so far until the barfly sitting next to her peforatated her inner peace with, "What's...your name?" He managed to ask despite his too far from sober state. His breath diffused in the car and stunk of a smooth amalgamated mixture of alcohol and puke. For crying out loud is the name really necessary right there and then? She shot a glance at his limp body on the passenger's seat before returning her full attention to the road. He hadn't even strength to break open his eye lids. What a mess of a man. "Zaphrina." She quickly answered praying it will be the first and last question of the ride but boy, she was wrong. "That's a nice name for a boorish lady." The fuck! That spoil button he just broke got her legs abruptly landing on the breaks, almost causing him to fly through the windscreen. "Holy crap!!!" he exclaimed, bracing himself against the dashboard. His sights partly washed off of half his somnolence. "What did yo
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Chapter seven
Twenty more minutes. Just twenty little minutes and I'm out of here. Liza thought as her body twisted in different acrobatic styles. It certainly wasn't helping her stomach the least bit especially after her encounter with Dean. He threatened to fire her yet again when next she went awry.  Now, the population in the room had suddenly doubled from a couple of minutes ago, she knew too well that it wasn't as a result of more customers filing in--well if at all more really did come in what about the double tables and drinks, did they come in too?  Liza's belly gurgled more and louder with time as a huge lump slowly began to build up to her buccal cavity. Her throat lurched, ready to empty it's suffocating contents but she managed to out smart it by posing into an erect pole stance. Delightfulness tickled her lips but that was just for as short a while as she could remember because nature could really not be cheated. Damn it
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Chapter eight
"God's a wonderful man, All of you will agree with me this God of ours doesn't take something good without something better in return," he beamed one of those contagious smiles he ever owned, "he is the way, the truth and the light. He keeps not a record of our sins. Can somebody say a big Amen to that?" "Amen," Came the congregational chorus. "You know, he knows the moves you have taken and the ones yet to come. He is waiting on you with arms wide open saying 'come onto me and have rest', he doesn't care about your past; abortions, fornications, drug abuse, just to name a few. Whatever it is, repentance is your key to him. God..." he trailed and closed his eyes for a moment. "Jesus! This man is just wonderful," Pastor Jones he was called. The altar was his home and the Bible he fed on. Zaphrina looked up at him with admiration and a little guilt blending as his words sipped into her soul; for a moment, she felt like he was referring to her all through.
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Chapter nine
"Mira called yesterday, she said she'd been trying to reach you all day to no avail," Kate said, keeping some leftover food into the refrigerator. "I told her you were probably too busy to pick up." "Yeah, I was. Messaged her immediately I saw her missed calls," she confirmed, wiping the last plate in hand. Mirabelle was the closest relative she was in touch with all the way from her paternal home town--Cameroon. Unlike her, Mira as she was preferably called, was married with two kids. A girl who was just a year older than she was.  Zaphrina was just nine years old when her parents took her there. Immediately, she and Mira became inseparable. The only problem she had was communication. She knew nothing about french back then same was Mira with English, but as children are; quick to learn, eight months three weeks spent was more than enough to know every secret of the french language. The doorbell rang just in time, Zaphrina wiped her hands on a k
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Chapter ten
'Earliest hours of Monday' were his exact words to his dad on Saturday, so there he was in his private jet to France as early as seven. France wasn't much of a distance, But the approximated seven hours flight was enough to think about his encounter with this merging company. He hoped and rehoped his absent-mindedness wouldn't lead to a bigger mess in his company. The Renault company was one of the most reliable and strongest French car brand and working in partnership with them wasn't much of a bad idea though this case couldn't have idea classified under it but rather mistake.  He turned to his P.A who had been standing beside him for the past eight minutes since he called him. "I'll be in France for just a couple of days, say two or three. I want my home tidy before my arrival, you know, butler, maids and all those. A maximum of sixteen maids will do. Do not recruit any from my parents home be it former or present neither should you let my mum chose t
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