Mated To The Alpha Lycan Kings

Mated To The Alpha Lycan Kings

By:  Stephanie Carla  Ongoing
Language: English
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What happens when two worlds collide? Lycan Alpha King Xander Alston and his twin brother Xavier have been searching over a century for their mate. What happens when they find out the the Goddess has paired them with not one but two mates? Royal Mermaid Mates! Can the possessive brothers and their beasts find a way to protect their fearless powerful mates from the impending war that was prophesied long before either one of them were born? "Twins shall be born, separated at birth. Together they are the most powerful the sea has ever seen. When they find their other halves the war will begin, Royal with Royal, Land with Sea, together they become One Entity. Heartache and pain will test them along the way, but Love will win and they shall gain. If they succeed the future will Reign. Their lost and pain will pave the way". Will they be able to save their Kingdoms? To save the supernatural world as they know it? Join Xander, Xavier, Selene, and Naha in book one of The Royal Hybrid Series. An Adventure and Fantasy world of love, passion, truth, and destiny. A story sure to keep you on your feet and on the edge of your seat.

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Stephanie Carla
Love the fast pace!
2023-09-16 10:22:24
9 Chapters
The Princess' of Andora
The Princess’ of Andora“Selene Adira Marin! Wake up, you’re going to be late for the Annual Ball of the Sea!” Next thing Selene knew, her door was being thrown open by her mom Cora. Selene was waiting for the outburst her mom was going to start because she slept in again.“Selene is this anyway the future Queen of Andora should behave? Sleeping in when you still have yet to pack and get ready”.“Mom please stop yelling, I’m up, goddess woman the whole Palace heard you”, she said, the sleep still evident in her voice. Just then her sister Nahla walks in with a big cup of coffee, the aroma instantly had Selene up and out of bed thanking her.“What would you do without me?” Nahla said chuckling. “Probably still getting yelled at by the Queen”, she said playfully rolling her eyes at her mother. “Go shower and get ready, I will pack your bag, oh by the way Nahla since your eighteenth birthday is tomorrow, the King gave in to you. All your pleading and begging worked sweetheart, pack a bag
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Ready For The Ball
Ready for the BallThe girls woke up to the ringing of Nahla’s phone, they knew it was their mother calling to wish Nahla a Happy Birthday. “Good morning Mom”, Nahla says in her sleepy voice.“Happy Birthday baby!” Cora screams. “Thank you mom, the ring is so beautiful, I love it so much”, she smiled as she looked at her Moon ring. “Anything for you baby, now have either of you found your mate yet?” her Mom questioned. “Mom I just turned of age, so no I have not and if I do at the Ball later tonight you will be the first to know”, she promised as she laughed.“We're not getting any younger, we need little guppies running around here soon!” she hears her dad Glan shouting in the background. “You hush and let our daughter enjoy finding him first,” laughed her mom shaking her head at her husband. “I have to get ready now, love you guys, bye,” Nahla said quickly and hung up the phone.Selene looks over and sees her sister blushing, she heard what their dad said with her sonar hearing. She
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Twin Mates?
Twin Mates?The Lycan brothers walked into the Palace and were lead to the ballroom by a servant. As they approached the landing and took in their surroundings they could see the hundred of guests all mingling. The buffet style tables were filled with all kinds of foods and the tables were nicely decorated with light pink throughout, since Bloom Palace was named after the Cherry Blossom Trees that grew only in their faction.As Xander looked at his brother he noticed him sniffing the air and his eyes going pitch black. “MATE”! Kane growled out.Xander sniffed the air and went stiff, the smell of honeysuckles and caramel invading his senses. “Xavier calm your Lycan we will get her”, he said to his brother. When his brothers eyes went back to gray they started descending the extravagant stairs, searching for where that delicious, mouth watering scent was coming from. Their eyes zoomed in to both Princess Selene and Princess Nahla.“Brother which one do you think is our mate”, asked Xavi
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RoguesThe driver opened the limo door, the guys got out each holding a hand out for their mates. The driver had a small smile on his face at seeing the girls come out with swollen lips and flushed cheeks. He is happy for his Alpha’s, they have been waiting a long time for them.The girls looked at the beautiful house and took everything in. The beautiful wrap around porch with a swing on one side, a lovely patio sectional and table in the middle, and a coffee table on the other side, the entire porch was covered with so many beautiful plants all over making it look like a small botanical garden, it was breathtaking and peaceful.“Do you like it?”, asked Xander as he watched his mates. “We designed it for when we found our mate, or in our case mates”, added Xavier with a chuckle. “It’s beautiful, was it really made just for us?”, asked Nahla. “I love it”, added Selene. “Yes just for us”, Xavier and Xander said at the same time. “Our home, I love the sound of that and we'll have our pr
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Bath And Tongue
Bath And Tongue“Party, what party?” asked Xander. “Babe, today is my my eighteenth birthday, and two days ago was Selene’s eighteenth birthday. Our parent’s are throwing me a party”, she smiled at her mate.“Happy birthday Mi Amor”, the brothers said as they grabbed Nahla to nuzzle her at the same time causing both girls to giggle.“We got so caught up in finding the both of you and then this damn fight, that we haven’t even learned the basic things about each other”, Xavier sheepishly said.“Well let’s start”, added Selene walking towards the swing on the porch. Xavier mind links Shane, the packs chef to bring some dinner over to their house. “We will eat and get to know our beautiful mates”, Xavier says smiling to the girls.“What do you want to know”, the girls said at the same time. The sisters looked at each other and giggled. They have always had the same thoughts and even finished each others sentences. “We want to know everything baby”, added Xander.“In that case Mi Amores”,
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Our First TimeXavier stared at Selene, his eyes dark with lust and need. Selene could feel her juices running down her thighs just from his stare. “You smell so good”, Kane growled as he tried to fight for control.“Control yourself Kane, we don’t want our mates first time to be rough you beast.” I scowled at my lycan. “I can’t help it, I need her”, Kane replied, his voice almost feral. “And we will have her, now stop fighting me for control”, Xavier retorted as Kane gave back control.Selene just licked her lips, the anticipation building up, as she pulled her mate by his hair and kissed him ravenously. Xavier fighting her tongue for dominance as his hands roamed her body. He sucked on her neck while playing with her bud. His huge cock twitching with need. He rubbed his member over her slit coating himself in her juices. Her moans driving him crazy. He placed himself at her entrance and inserted his shaft slowly. She was so tight and felt so good it took everything in him not to fil
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The Prophecy
The ProphecyXander and Xavier walked hand in hand with their mates to introduce them to their pack. They arrived at the pack house after a five minute walk down a cute cobblestone path.Selene and Nahla stared in awe at the pack that surrounded them. There were about seven hundred people, some in their wolf form, some in their lycan form, “They are beautiful”, exclaimed Selene."Magnificent", Nahla smiled widely at how magical the pack truly felt. It was like she knew they were home.Xander stepped forward, his brother next to him. “We have called you today for a few announcements”, Xander said loudly in his Alpha voice.“As some of you may have heard, my brother and I found our mates, our Luna’s”, Xavier bellowed.The crowd cheered loudly, happy that their Alphas found their mates and that they have not one but two Luna’s. The guys turned around and reached for the girls. When the crowd saw them they cheered even louder. The excitement causing the girls to tear up. They were truly a
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POV's “Nahla, my baby!” Cora cried as she and Glan went to hug their daughter. They couldn’t believe their baby girl had been with them all this time. Her miracle twins. Selene joined her parent’s, hugging Nahla, she is so happy. Everyone looked at the family, tears in their eyes. Happiness filled the room. They parted after a few minutes, smiling and wiping each others tears away. Cora had thought she lost her baby girl 18 years ago and the motherly pull she felt towards the infant left on their doorstep was as deep rooted as the one she had with Selene. She never knew why, never questioned it but instead thanked the Gods for her Nahla, her miracle. The reason her heart felt whole again. She thanked the Goddess silently as she wiped her tears and sat back down. Thankful to have her girls. “Kade told us that you both were twins, he knew”, Xander said taking both his mates into his arms. “When you told us that you weren’t, we were confused”, Xavier said hugging the girls from behi
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Luna Ceremony
Luna CeremonyXander and Xavier stood on the make shift stage in the middle of their pack grounds, with Elder Solomon. Selene and Nahla, stared at the beautiful trail that would soon lead them to their mates and their people.Solomon was the eldest member of Silver Moon, no one truly knew his real age. It was just him, all of his family returned to the Moon Goddess. The Kings knew though, he was nearing three hundred years of age. Serving his two previous Kings as well, Solomon is the most respected pack member aside from the Kings themselves.The entire Pack was gathered around to witness their Luna’s take their rightful place alongside their Alpha’s. They are all beyond happy, it’s been nearly a century since the pack has had a Luna. This is what they prayed to the Goddess for, for the mother of their Pack. How blessed were they to have been given two, to lead alongside their Alpha Kings.Selene and Nahla walked out of their house and started following the beautiful lanterns that wo
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